That Time I Spent 3 Months in the Hospital

Guess what, gals? Mama is out of the hospital! (Holla!)

Can you tell by my face that I'm excited? We were exhausted but elated to be "free" women...finally! I will say, I have a pretty long road ahead of me recovery-wise, but just to be out of a hospital setting is both a miracle and a gift.

My mom and I will be staying in Kansas City for a week for outpatient appointments, but I'll be back to my hubs and my babies by next Wednesday. I mean, I spent 90+ days in the hospital, which includes time spent in both Arkansas and here in KC. Can y'all believe that?

The thing about enduring a long stay in a hospital is that it makes you appreciate the little things, (being able to take a shower with no IV pole), so much more. You realize that your problems pale in comparison to what some people are going through...and then you kind of want to slap yourself for ever complaining about the trivial things.

I was Facetiming Stephen and the girls the other night and he apologized for the messiness of our living room. And I smiled because that, my friends, is exactly what I look forward to again.

The toys strewn everywhere. The spilled orange juice. The barking dogs.


Thank you all again for your prayers, emails, comments, support and good vibes you sent our way. My family and I appreciate it so much and feel lucky to be surrounded by so much love.



Life Update + Other Musings

Well, hello! So, I am finally feeling up to blogging again and  hoping there are still some of y'all out there who will stop in and read : ) I wanted to provide a little update on everything, but I promise every day won't be filled with posts about my health, ha! (Seriously, I cannot wait to get back to fashion + beauty writing + other razzmatazz.)

Where we are now:
I'm still in the hospital...whomp, whomp...


I'm feeling a lot better. I still get worn out after a lot of walking, (like more than an hour or two), but I'm getting stronger every day. I'm feeling and doing so well that there have been talks of me going home very soon! We still don't have a definite date, but we are sooooo close.

Hopefully I'll be writing from my comfy couch in Northwest AR soon instead of the 5th floor cardiac unit ; )

Also, my roots are atrocious and I need a salon day like nobody's biz, and if that isn't reason enough to warrant getting discharged, I don't know what is.

The babies are perfect and thriving, and my sweet husband and MIL are keeping things together back home. My mom is here with me the majority of the time, but Stephen works for a really flexible company that allows him to travel up here nearly every week for a few days.

And that's that.

Stay tuned next week and hopefully I'll have good news to share!


One of my dear friends sent me this lip balm and I have become obsessed. It has just the perfect amount of color, right in time for summer. Love it.

Fresh brand Sugar Rose Extreme Lip Treatment with SPF 15

Who's ready for Pitch Perfect 2?! I hope I can get out of here while it's still in theaters. Bring on the harmonization!
Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

Anyone out there have a Fitbit? Do you love it? Are you lukewarm about it? I'd like to hear your reviews because I'd love to get one to track my activity once I get home.

And so what if discovering this Tory Burch Fitbit cover is my main motivation for wearing one? (Kidding, kidding...except...not.)


Now, get off your cute fannies and enjoy your Friday evening. Have a great weekend, chickadees.