Trend Watch Wednesday: {Initially}

...plus link-up info!

Today's TWW is all about India Hicks and her purtty jewelry line. Her initial collection definitely caught my eye on Shop Style the other day and immediately, I wanted a necklace of my own.

These are very different from the monogram necklaces (which I also lurve and still very much desire) by Max & Chloe. Hicks' initials are very artsy, unique and different, which is exactly what you'd want your jewelry to be, no?

I especially love the "S" collection...and why wouldn't I? : )

I have a birthday coming up this Saturday, December 3rd, so if any of you would like to send one of these beauties my way, my address is 6783 West.....kidding.

Kind of.

Anywho, you can find the Initials Collection by India Hicks here.

Ok, moving on to information for the Confessional link-up for this Friday! For reference, here are a few of my previous Confessional posts: here and here . Basically, this is the perfect time to tell all the things you think during the week, but are too polite to say out loud. It's actually kind of theraputic.


1. Content must pertain to Confessional stuff only.
2. Keep it clean and lighthearted. Please don't confess affairs, hit & runs or strange fantasies you've had about the UPS guy. No ma'am.

That's it! Oh, and here's the cute little banner to put up within your post! Simply right click on the graphic and save it to your computer!

Be blessed, lovelies-

A Blonde Wedding: {Our Photos - The Reception}

Good morning, Blonde Ambitioners! Today is Tuesday, which means you officially survived Monday. Today, we'll look at photos of our wedding reception. There were quite a few, so I'm dividing this into two.

Arrangements of hydrageas, lily of the valley, ronoculous and english garden roses...all in ivory : )

Bridal portrait upon entering the cake room....Yes, our cake had its own room, haha!

Springdale Country Club Grand Ballroom

Kissing balls made of hydrageas or english garden roses in ivory hung above the tables.

Our toasting flutes by Kate Spade

Stephen's groom's table was comprised of various Hog cupcakes, as well as a series of cheesecakes done by our favorite local restaurant. Coincidentally, the cake we served our guests was an exact replica of what we ate on our first date : )

A quiet kiss before making our grand entrance

First dance : ) Our first dance was to "To Make You Feel My Love" by Adele.

Ok...Many of you probably don't know that my husband is a GREAT dancer. Like, really, really good. Let's just say he broke it down on the dancefloor for the bridal party dance ; )

My husband is so shy, HA!

This dance ended with me "spanking" him in front of the entire room...the southern grandmas didn't know what to think, haha!

Be blessed, lovelies-


A Little of This, A Little of That

It's Monday! Grab a big Starbucks coffee and a sexy fur vest and let's rock this.

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving Day holiday! I hope y'all enjoyed yours as much as Stephen and I enjoyed ours. Our first hosting gig went really well and at the end of Thursday night, everyone had full tummies and were talking about next year. A success? YES!

I feel like we needed to just catch up today, so here are some items for thought today:

1. Nope, the Hogs didn't win against LSU, but BOY it was a fun game to watch! We are still just over the moon that we made it that far! Petrino has completely reformed the Razorbacks and seasons like this make us Hog fans pretty excited for the future of Arkansas football.

2. It was very cool of LSU to offer a moment of silence before the game for Garrett Uekman, #88, who passed away last week. Thanks for that, Tigers!

3. We put up our trees last night! I must admit, decorating a roomy house with tall ceilings is WAY more fun that decorating my teeny apartment last year : ) I'll be debuting all the pretty Yuletide decor later this week.

4. Mark your calendars, girls! I've gotten emails from a few of you asking that I make the Confessionals posts a link-up. So....this Friday, The Confessional will be a link-up. Like, with a button and everything. For those who haven't read one of the Confessional posts yet, some examples are here, here and here.

I'll post official rules later in the week, along with instructions for linking up, just in case you haven't ever done a link-up before. Exciting, no?!

5. My husband (also a certified personal trainer and nat'l account manager for a very large nutrition company) is designing a Jumpstart to the New Year exercise and eating plan for the two of us. Hopefully, it will help us keep the bad eating to a minimum and help us stay moving despite the busy holiday schedule. I'll post it here and we can do some sort of challenge or link-up if any of y'all think you might want to participate. Thoughts??

6. e.Style deals and regular styling session deals are still going on! Tell your significant other that you want to get Styled by Leslie for Christmas : )

7. Have a great day! No, really. Go out and tell Monday where to stick it. Good days can happen on Mondays. Make one happen today.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Red and White Friday (With Accents of Black)

Before I tell y'all about my favorite sales today, let's all bow our heads in a collective word of prayer for the Arkansas Razorbacks today. Lord willing, we'll defeat LSU this afternoon and keep "The Boot" in Arkansas! WOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!

Alright, on to the shopping! Below are a list of my favorite sales going on today in honor of Black Friday. Don't forget that tomorrow is Support Your Small Business Saturday, so go out and get some of that Christmas shopping accomplished locally...it's good for the economy and often times you end up finding much more unique items!

Maude Boutique

Rebecca Minkoff

Major Black Friday sale with exclusive discount codes just for following RM's Facebook and Twitter page!

J. Crew

25% OFF plus Free Shipping on all orders over $150! Great sales, too!


40% off EVERYTHING in-store and online. Yep, you read that correctly. Just be sure to stop by before noon today!

blinc Cosmetics - For Your Eyes Only Collection! Save 20% Today! Shop Now!

My all-time FAVORITE mascara! I was lucky enough to have received a free sample for a review a while back and I fell in love with this stuff. It made my lashes so long, I literally had a girl ask me at the Chick-Fil-A drive thru if my lashes were real, haha! Get a FREE Holiday Eyeshadow AND Eyeshadow primer with every $50 purchase!! Also enjoy Free Shipping at blincInc.com - Shop Now!

APY60- Created by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Yoga Instructor

I by NO means have the perfect body, but I will say, since doing APY 60, I've had much better tone in my legs and waist - love it! Torch those holiday calories and get FREE SHIPPING on APY60 with code: freeship

Loft by Ann Taylor

Click here to visit Ann Taylor and get 40% off EVERYTHING by using promo code SHOP40 at online checkout!

French Connection

French Connection (US)

Enjoy 30% off any purchase plus free shipping on orders over $150. Offer valid 11.23 through 11.28. Use code FCBLKFRI.

Have fun shopping, watching football or just relaxing today! See y'all on Monday!

Be blessed, lovelies-