Tailgating with CoraLee

Despite an upsetting loss to A&M over the weekend, I am so proud of our Arkansas Razorbacks for nearly pulling out a victory against a really great opponent. No one expected us to do that well and it was a sight to see. Fun game to watch, indeed!

Also? We sat at the same table as some A&M fans at the hotel restaurant while we watched the game, and the six of us had a ball. Later, some Mizzou fans joined us since the restaurant was short on tables and we had some extra chairs. A bunch of fellow SEC-ers sharing a table...it was beautiful. Like a Pepsi commercial or something ; )

Okay, so tailgating. For any football fan, the proper tailgate party almost as important as the game itself.

My least favorite part of tailgating, though? Lugging a bunch of stuff to the tailgating spot. With lawn chairs, 15 bags of random food items, plus (now) baby stuff, it's enough to make me cringe.

My friend Courtney L. from CoraLee Boutique emailed me a couple of weeks ago to see if I'd be willing to try out one of her collapsible Market Totes for our next tailgate or potluck gathering. Best part? They can be personalized with your initials or name...holla!

They hold a lot of stuff, you guys. I mean, a lot. I was even able to get my 9 x 13 casserole dish down into the bottom of it pretty easily.

I gotta say, for any of you out there who enjoy tailgate parties or just potluck dinners in general, I think it's a great thing to have on hand. The tote collapses completely and stores flat. When you're ready to use it, simply pop it into place, put up the handles and fill it to your heart's content. And since we're in the thick of fall wedding season, I plan on getting a couple of these for engagement/wedding gifts for some of our couple friends.

A quick pic before work this morning. More coming on this shift dress I'm wearing on Thursday.
Courtney also sent along this Scarlett Strand Necklace (only $17!) since she knew I had a thing for Razorback red ; ) Naturally, I loved it. Courtney has tons of other adorable necklaces, bracelets, rings and more available on her boutique's website.

Now, I cannot talk tailgating without talking about food, too. I wanted to pass along a couple of dip recipes, which have made it into my circulation twice already this football season.

Mexican Corn Dip

1- 11 oz. can of Mexicorn
1- 11 oz. can of regular corn
1/2 block cream cheese
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 tsp. onion powder
1 Tbsp. tabasco sauce
1 cup Mexican blend shredded cheese
1 appointment with your cardiologist for a cholesterol check after you consume this. Kidding. But maybe...

Drain both cans of corn. In a slow cooker, (I use my smaller slow cooker for this recipe), combine both cans of corn, cheese, cream cheese, mayo, tabasco and onion powder. Cook on high for an hour, then flip it to low and continue cooking and stirring occasionally until it's nice and bubbly. Serve with some sort of chippage.(I prefer tortilla chips, but it's your world.)

Cajun Spinach and Artichoke Dip

2 (8 oz.) packages of cream cheese
1/2 cup mayo
1/4 cup jalapeño peppers, chopped finely
1 tsp. cajun blend seasoning, (we like Tony Chachere's)
1 (12 oz.) jar of artichoke hearts, drained and chopped well
1 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 (10 oz.) package of frozen spinach, thawed and drained

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Mix your cream cheese, mayo, peppers and cajun seasoning in a bowl until nice and smooth. Add in your spinach, artichoke hearts and parmesan cheese. Dump it all into a baking dish. Bake in oven for 35-45 minutes, or until it's nice and bubbly.

Enjoy with pita chips (our personal favorite, with this recipe), crackers or bagel chips. Heck, enjoy it with wood chips...it'd probably still be tasty.

Gameday Market Totes, cute necklaces and dip. As my girl Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing."


Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

It's Friday, gals. And around here, this day is reserved for good 'ol confession sessions. So let's get to it!

1.    I confess that I had to laugh yesterday, (and hard), about the following exchange I had with an Old Navy employee: So, I’m talking to a very sweet, very young girl as she rang up my purchases, (ahem, this amazing flannel), as well as some adorable little outfits for Caroline and some newborn gowns for Ainsley.

We were making small talk and she asked me when this baby was due. I told her our little princess was due in December and she congratulated me and said, “Oh, little girls’ clothing is SO fun!”

So naturally, as people do when making small talk involving the topic of children, I asked her, “Do you have kids?”

“No.”, she says, “But, I do have a dog!”

It was as matter-of-fact as I’ve ever heard. Apples to apples, Coke and Dr. Pepper, children and canines.

“Oh”, I deadpanned. “Yes. Just like a kid.” 

Poor thing is in for quite the awakening one of these days when she learns it isn’t typically a childcare best practice to crate train one’s toddler. But, man...that was funny.

(To be fair, I probably would have said something like that before kids, not thinking about it. It was hilarious and she was a doll, though.)

2.    I confess that you know your baby bump is getting big when you can feel your stomach resting on your thighs when you lean forward to type. (‘Tis as sexy as it sounds, my friends. Rawr.)

3.    I confess that I am downright giddy about the upcoming weekend’s festivities.

You’re dying to know more, aren't you? (Okay, well, just indulge me for a second. I don't get out much.)

We’re going to an Avett Brothers concert tonight and then, bright and early tomorrow morning, heading out for an overnight stay at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, a cool little town about 45 minutes from where we live. 

My husband, he is wise. He knows that it may be a good decade before we ever do anything alone again, (I kid…sort of), so he had the wherewithal to book us a fun babymoon weekend. Like, didn’t even tell me about the hotel thing until he’d already arranged and paid for it. (That’s a super edgy move for non-risk-takers like us.)

4.    I confess that we’re also going antiquing while we’re in Eureka and this makes me GIDDY. Stephen? Well, he’s a good sport and feigned enthusiasm when I chose that as my “activity”. He elected a beer tasting at a local brewery, which I will completely support, albeit Coca-Cola in hand. (Our rule is that each person gets to choose one activity that's totally something they want to do and the other person must go along with it.)

He gets six steins of beer; I get a nightstand that smells like a moth ball factory. Everybody wins.


And you? 


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28 Week Bumpdate: {Baby GIRL #2}

Weeks: 28 

Official Due Date: They adjusted it very slightly to December 17 based on her size, (she was measuring consistently smaller than the estimated original due date, indicating they may have overshot her gestational age just a bit.) Our delivery date will probably happen closer to December 10 or so though, as we'll be having another C-section and they don't want to chance me going into labor when my OB isn't on call. 

Trimester: Third and final, folks!

Gender: GIRL! (Woohoooooo!!)

Name: Ainsley Catherine

Baby's Size: According to the What to Expect website, Ainsley should weigh almost 2.4 pounds and be approximately 14.8 inches long. 

One of the outtakes from yesterday's post...

Cravings: Spinach and artichoke dip. And queso. And roasted red pepper hummus. And really anything else that you could put a tortilla or pita chip in. Also? Bananas. And though sweets never sound that appealing when I'm pregnant, I'm enjoying the mess out of the occasional grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, (non-fat, hold-the-whip, dash of cinnamon, if you feel inclined to bring me one.) 

How I'm Feeling: I'm feeling like I've arrived at the third trimester, which, as any second-time momma can tell you, is best summed up in one word: blerrrrghhh. I had a lot more energy at this point with Caroline, but I have a feeling that's because I wasn't chasing a very busy baby around then. (The obvious. I love to state it.) 

I also feel very, um, large. The bump popped much faster, though it seems to have finally tapered off in growth, kind of like it did with Caroline around this point. (I expect it'll get more gigantic by the week around 34 weeks...mark my words.) And the boobs? They have exploded in size. (There. I said it. I'm wearing a letter of the alphabet that I never thought I would. And good gosh, they hurt.)

Lots and lots and LOTS of contractions. Most have been Braxton Hicks, but a few have been pretty painful. Nothing crazy that's resulted in a quick trip to Labor & Delivery though, so I'm not too worried. 

Heartburn. Woah. I had it with Caroline, but never, ever this badly. I'm up every night until at least 1 a.m. with searing, unrelenting heartburn. Zantac has stopped working, so my OB is calling in something today to see if we can remedy this. (My doctor is amazing, though. He's messaged me every day to check and see if I've gotten any relief. If you live in NWA and are in need of a top-notch OB, I'd love to refer you. He kicks tail.)

No swelling at all and I haven't had to pop a Zofran, (something they give to combat nausea and vomiting), in weeks, so I'm a happy camper.

I go in two weeks to take the Glucose Tolerance Test (SO FUN!), so let's all say a prayer I don't puke. The last time, it took a lot of gulping and chugging to get that mess down. It's just so much sugar at one time! Thankfully, I held it in and passed the test.  I also have to get my Rhogam shot (and am electing to get my flu shot) that day, so it'll be a boatload of fun.

Movement: All the time, but especially from about 10:00 p.m. to 2 a.m. She twists and turns, and does lots of cool dance moves in there. It's fun to feel it, and even more fun to see from the outside! (Ever watched your own stomach move up and down and side-to-side on its own while you lie completely still? Then you really haven't lived.)

Momma thoughts: I am in awe that we're sitting here at the third trimester. I'm even more in awe that I haven't done anything with the nursery yet. I'm such a planner that, by this point, Caroline's nursery was nearly finished. With the move and unpacking, poor Ainsley's room has taken a backseat. Thankfully, the house is now unpacked, so I plan to zero in on getting her space decorated. 

I love, love, love the room she'll be in, though. Big windows and tall ceilings - both things I wish I'd had in our old house when we did Caroline's room. (Speaking of which, I should share some pics of C's new room. I love it!)

For starters, we'll need a crib. We got the Sleigh Fixed Gate Crib for Caroline from Pottery Barn and I have loved it so much. They don't make that particular model anymore, but I think we'll be ordering this one, the Taryn Crib:

I'm really unsure of what I want to do for the bedding or color scheme, but if I can find one statement piece and build around it, I think the rest will fall into place.

Now that things have slowed down around here, it's starting to hit me that we'll be welcoming our newest girl in just 11 weeks, (at the most!) I really cannot wait to see what she looks like, get a feel for her personality and learn her likes and dislikes. To me, that is one of the most fun parts of having a wee one - the little discoveries you make about the person who's been living inside you.

She may not have been exactly in our plans for this year, but my gosh - I'm so glad Someone Else saw fit to send her our way ; ) Family of four sounds pretty darn good to me...

Until sometime next month, friends --


Plaid Clad: {Outfit Pics}

So many possible dorky titles for this post...Clad in Plaid, Glad for Plaid, Plaid is Rad...really, I could go on all day. But, I won't. (Your welcome.)

From top to bottom, the outfit details:
By the Books Jacket (c/o Riffraff)
Tassel necklace from Evereve last year, similar here
Fade to Blue Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans from Destination Maternity (Tip: they're having a Buy One Get One 50% Off Sale right now!)
Shoes from H&M last fall, very similar here and here

I will, however, go on about this jacket. And my general addiction to plaid this fall.

Plaid in itself is a cinch to style, but here are a couple things to remember:

  • Keep it girly. For example, if you're wearing a voluminous jacket, keep the pants or skirt on the fitted side. (I freaking adore a tight pencil skirt with blousy plaid button down.) Love an oversize plaid shirt? Me, too. Just remember that there IS a difference in the way manufacturers construct men's and women's shirts. A chick's shirt, even if it is considered "oversize", will always, always have a more contoured seam than a guy's. So please buy from the women's section. 
  • Lumberjacks are awesome. You just don't want to be mistaken for one. Ballet flats, stiletto heels, riding boots and wedge booties are the perfect footwear choices for a plaid ensemble. Avoid clunky shoes though, unless you're cool with being the Brawny paper towel guy. 

Oh, and before I leave you, I wanted to let all you ladies that live in the Dallas area know about Friday's grand opening of Riffraff Dallas! Join my friends in the Big D for some major fashionable fun from 2 p.m.-9 p.m. at their new second home, located at 4009 NW Parkway. 

Follow them on Instagram (username @riffraffdallas) and don't forget to tag your pics with #riffrafftakesdallas if you do attend! (I know the Riffraff team would love to see them!)

Oh, and my friend and fellow blogger Ashley (of Fancy Ashley) will be at the event from 5-6 p.m. to offering her personal styling advice! She's such sweet person and really does have amazing style, so go see her and get'cha shop on. 


Alrighty, I'll see you in the a.m. for a riveting 28-week bumpdate, in all its third trimester glory. So pop a Zofran, grab your sexiest maternity jeans and meet me back here tomorrow.  


Locks as Vibrant as the Leaves: {Fall Hair Trends}

I'm definitely one of those people that likes to change things up dramatically with my hair each season. I mean, I've been blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde, baby blonde...long layers, no layers, face-framing layers...

Okay, so maybe I'm not the biggest risk-taker when it comes to my hurrrrr, but I don't think you really have to go crazy to play with change. Sometimes the subtle differences are just as fun, don't you think? Here are a few of my very favorite subtle hair trends for fall 2014. Maybe one of these will inspire you, too!


LOVE my new color by Suzannah! (Photo via Crown Beauty Bar.

Sombré, or subtle ombre, is a fun and soft way to play with color and dimension without the commitment of constant upkeep. In fact, it requires less upkeep than typical at-the-root highlights, which for busy ladies like ourselves, is a good thing. My hairstylist Suzannah did an ash blonde sombre effect on my hair last week that I'm loving! It's subtle, soft and will grow out nicely in the coming weeks.

Cutie Kirsten, owner of Riffraff, rocks her sombre by stylist Kelly. (Photo via Crown Beauty Bar)

Photo via Crown Beauty Bar

Photo via US Weekly

Want to know more about sombre so you can tell your stylist? This article from Elle sums it up nicely and provides some good examples.

Red Infusion

Photo via Crown Beauty Bar

Maybe you aren't ready to dye your whole head the color of a fire truck...understandable. Doesn't mean you can't infuse the fiery tones into your hair in a more subtle way. I've seen a lot of ladies heading to the salons for a little red injection and I think it's gorgeous. My favorite combo is the brunette + red highlights. Sexy.

A more vibrant option if you dare...I kind of love it!  (via Vogue from NYFW Fall 2014)

Via Entertainment Tonight


We kind of saw a more intense version of this back in the spring, but this fall's version of "bronde", (read: blondish-brown), is much more subtle. Best example? Beyonce. Her color is kind of amazing. But then again, so is she.

Photo via Harper's Bazaar

Photo via Crown Beauty Bar Instagram

Photo via Elle Magazine online

Any hair color techniques you've seen that you'll try this fall? Or maybe you already have?


Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Friday's here and you know what that means: time to confess! Let's get to it.

1) I confess that I plan to enjoy as many pumpkin spice lattes as I can this fall, (okay maybe, like, one every couple weeks), despite that dumb infographic circulating on Facebook. Newsflash: I don't drink them for my health. But really, what kind of folks take enjoyment in crushing the spirits of the fall-beverage-loving Starbucks fans out there? The Debbie Downers of the world, that's who. (Probably don't believe in Santa either.) Starbucks, I'll take your artificially-flavored pumpkin awesomeness any day of the week.

2) I confess that each fall, I have the urge to purchase every scarf from here to Timbuktu. It's still hanging out the mid-70s here in Arkansas, but that doesn't mean this girl can't cart every single plaid, woven, cable-knit, leopard print and cashmere scarf or snood, this side of the Mississippi. This week, I'm enjoying (read: I bought) these:
Plaid Blanket Scarf from Heart and Home Collection

Thick Knit Snood from Zara in Light Grey

3) I confess that Stephen is sitting here with me while I write this and he wanted to provide a confession of his own. In his words:

I confess that I wore a pair of jeans to the airport (for a work trip to Minneapolis) this week and discovered, just before my connecting flight, that they had a glaringly obvious hole in the crotch. (Though clearly not obvious enough.) 

I would like to note that I did not wear them to my business meetings the next day, but instead a pair of Gap dress trousers, and that said jeans were only worn for comfort during my flight. (I would also like the ladies of this fine blogging establishment to know that I do, in fact, own "nice" jeans; jeans my wife picked out. But, they are too stiff and uncomfortable for long flights.) My most sincere apologies to anyone out there who may have witnessed my wardrobe malfunction in the Chicago O'Hare airport. 

How can I possibly follow that? Not even going to try.

Your turn.


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Happy Anniversary: {Celebrating Three Years}

I had a lot of words to say, but none of them really felt right being shared on such a public forum. Instead, I wrote them down for the love of my life in a card this morning.

What I will say is that I never really understood the concept of unconditional, selfless, whole love until I met and married Stephen.

In three years, he has shown me more love, more laughter, more adventures, more sparks, more everything than I'd seen in all the previous without him.

Him. That man. That six foot tall man with the brown hair and piercing blue eyes that came to my doorstep on July 30, 2010 and made off with my heart like a bandit.

And I thank God every day for letting me do life with this guy.


I've Never Loved TOMS...Until Now

Here's what I've got today. Shoes galore. Lots of booties. (Not to be confused with "lots of booty". That would be my pregnant backside, which is expanding at an alarming rate.)

I know these certainly aren't new to the shoe scene, (many had them last year), but I decided this year might be the year to purchase. I'm on top of the latest trends like that, you see... 


However, yesterday, I finally put my foot down (ba-dum-bum!!) and ordered a pair. And I want them to come to my mailbox YESTERDAY. 

If you're oh-so-current with trends like me (cough, cough) and were also living under a rock when these became popular last year, you should buy yourself a pair, too!

This is the pair that I bought yesterday. The TOMS Desert Wedge Bootie in cheetah. (I bought from Nordstrom and got free shipping, just FYI, if you want to save a little moolah.)

If you aren't a fan of prints, it comes in the taupe color and is just beautiful. My mom has these and loves 'em.

These are freaking chic. I mean, if TOMS were ever considered sleek, these would be the shoe that earned them that title. TOMS 'Desert' Wedge High Bootie in Black.

I also love this one with the snakeskin sides...very cool.

Here's a medium brown version. These will probably be the next pair I purchase. I think they'd get more wear than a riding boot (for me), since a bootie can be transitioned a bit more easily into spring.

The Herringbone patterned pair has me in fits. LOVE.


That's all she wrote, folks. Stay tuned tomorrow for a very touching and not-gag-inducing-at-all wedding anniversary post.

Bring your tissues, (or your air sickness bags), ladies.


Caroline Rose: {11 Months}

Caroline turned 11 months old today, which can only mean one thing: we're having a birthday next month, folks!

Weight/Length: 18 lbs., 12 oz. and 27 inches tall 

Hair: Hair is blondish-brown now and really thick and long. She still loves to wear her bows and ribbons, my sweet girly girl!

Diapers: Size 3 Pampers Swaddlers. Her tiny hiney has remained, well, quite tiny : )

Clothing: 12 month clothing across the board.

Favorite Things: Her Humpty Dumpty piggy bank, (which she uses as a drum…go figure), remote controls of any variety, her musical activity table, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls her Nana got her, vacuum cleaners – ha!

Likes: Right now, our petite princess loves: following Ruby around the house, petting Ruby and Ari, “helping” me clean out the dishwasher, emptying the dish towels out of the bottom kitchen drawers, feeding herself, Facetiming her grandparents, digging through mommy’s jewelry and purse drawers in the closet, going to the grocery store, being rowdy with daddy – she thinks he’s hilarious!

Dislikes: Getting her diaper changed, (girlfriend has no time for that nonsense), being separated from mommy, (and it’s getting worse every month), and having to get her face and hands wiped after mealtime.

Favorite Foods: Her favorite of all favorites is green beans. The kiddo would eat an entire plateful, if we let her. She also loves roasted butternut squash, pears, berries, peaches, tomatoes, avocado, yellow squash, hummus, artichoke hearts (so random and strange), turkey and roast beef with carrots and mashed potatoes. We have yet to find anything she won’t eat or doesn’t like.

I’m so glad we’ve stuck with preparing all of her food ourselves. We’ve saved a fortune by doing so and I like knowing exactly what she's getting. 

Milestones/Funny Things: She cruises using anything and everything to balance herself, can stand by herself for a few seconds at a time, can jump up and down with both feet in her crib, can keep a beat if she drums on something after watching us, (she’ll copy our rhythm – it’s so cool to watch), waves, sympathy coughs if she hears someone else do it.

Words: Mama, dada, bye-bye, nana (my mom), bah-bah (bottle), uh-oh, yum (!)

Mama Thoughts: 
Well, it’s finally here. The last month that she’ll be less than a year old. It’s bittersweet for me, to be honest. For so many reasons, I’m elated. She’s healthy and thriving and it isn’t something we take lightly. We are very grateful for the gift of celebrating a year with this amazing little girl. It has also been incredible to see her grow and change so tremendously over the past year.

On the other hand, a part of me aches that time has passed so quickly. It seems like only yesterday they were wheeling me into the OR to deliver Caroline. That first moment I saw her and breathed in her sweet smell. A mass of raven-colored hair and creamy, rosy skin. My own flesh and blood. 

I love her so much it really does hurt sometimes. 

Her laugh and smile have become the two things I look forward to most every day. Her name couldn't fit her more perfectly; she really is Sweet Caroline. 

And I'll tell you what, friends; I don't care if I do anything else well in this lifetime, as long as I'm a great mother to her. 

My daughter. 

My child that is half me and half him. The vessel that will carry my heart around forever because it no longer belongs to me; it is all hers.

Until month 12...

Rhea Lana's of Northwest Arkansas

Friends, I wanted to pop in really quickly and let you know that Rhea Lana's consignment event is going on right now until September 20 here in Northwest Arkansas!

I had the privilege of being able to shop the preview on Friday night and let me tell you - AMAZING. 

I scored several really cute things for Caroline, including the most darling Giggle Moon outfit, a Molly and Millie pants suit, a pair of Persnickety pants, a fur vest, a Rare Editions Thanksgiving outfit, and found a couple of really beautiful gowns for Ainsley, including a (genuine) Paty gown, which I'm going to have monogrammed, naturally ; )

Here's the thing about spending a fortune on designer labels for kiddos...it's silly. Now, I might splurge once and a while for special occasions or family photos, but I refuse to drop $90 on a Persnickety dress for everyday wear. It's just not practical, you know?

But a Persnickety dress for $15? Um, done and done.

That's what you can expect at Rhea Lana's. It's like a garage sale on steroids and with a far more pleasant shopping experience, (and better brands!)

Owner Ashley found this new-with-tags genuine Burberry coat (originally $450) in the pile. Sold at Rhea Lana's for only $20!

Some new and very gently worn toddlers' and kids' Northface jackets hanging on the racks at Rhea Lana's of NWA.

Rhea Lana's has everything you need for your babes including clothing, gently used toys and furniture, shoes and more - all at prices you won't believe. For instance, a genuine Paty gown runs about $30 online. I got Ainsley's on Friday for $3! True story, folks.

That's all. Go forth and shop Rhea Lana's of NWA if you're in the area between now and September 20. 

Find them on Facebook here, or if you're a "Grammer", on Instagram at @rhealanasofnwa

See y'all tomorrow right back here.


Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Hey, girls! Friday is upon us once again and I, for one, am not sad about that. Let's get to confessing.

1. I confess that...you need to snag one of these cool buttons for yourself to use on this weekly link-up! Just right click, save to your computer and embed on your blog's side navigation, (if you have a blog.) You can also use it as the opening photo for your weekly Confessional post, if you so desire. The more folks that join this link up, the better and more fun it will be.

2. I confess that Stephen and I are obsessed with The Knick, a brand new show on Cinemax about a New York hospital in 1900. (See a graphic, but awesome preview here.) I'd tell you more, but all you really need to know is that it stars the ever-so-lovely Clive Owen.

(See? Your interest in piqued, isn't it?)

3. I confess that there are few things that make my skin crawl quite like someone I barely know putting their hands allllllll over the baby bump. I know some women may be okay with this, but I do not fall into that category. The only thing more awkward is when they stand there and rub it, as if trying to coax a freaking' genie out of a bottle.

I also love when they will look at it, push around on it and say things like, "Come on little one, give me a kick!"

4. I confess that I'm also a super awkward hugger. Like, I never know whether to full-out hug, side hug or just stand there and fiddle with my hands??

5. I confess that we have lived in our home for six weeks now and have not ONE thing on the walls. Wedding pics, baby photos of Caroline, shelves that were previously on her nursery walls…nada. Zilch. My goal, which I stated out loud to my husband, was to have everything decorated to perfection by the time her party rolled around in October. 

Um, yeah. 

Apparently, I had also lost my ever loving mind when I made that statement. 

I should have specified which October. I’m thinking October 2018? That seems reasonable.

6. I confess that I made white chicken chili on Wednesday night and, between Stephen and me, we ate the entire Crockpot within two days. If you’re hankering for some comfort food during these cooler temps, here is my recipe.

7. I confess that I think I have more fun doing outfit posts when I have a bump. I've very much enjoyed dressing my maternity body this go'round! I'm really going to miss it after Ainsley makes her debut. (But I'm pretty darn excited to meet her!!)

8. I confess that I have completely taken advantage of the unbelievable sale that LOFT is having this weekend, (in store and online.) Get this...everything is 40%, including shoes, maternity...you get the picture. Additionally, you get TWO $25 cash cards for every $50 you spend. Yes, go ahead and process that info. It's no joke. 

I scored the following last night and I'm pumped to see it all arrive in my mail box:

Loft Ankle Strap Pumps - Regular $89.50, On Sale Now for $53.70

Loft Floral Romper (for after the baby, obviously)- Regular $79.50, On Sale Now for $47.70

Intense Burgundy Windowpane Sweater- Regular $79.50, On Sale Now for $47.70
(Style tip: pair with this utility blouse for a layered look or if you're pregnant to give the bump coverage- works amazingly well on a maternity body or on longer torsos because I tried it myself last night in store before I bought! Nice coverage over the booty, too, if you're like me and prefer to cover yours.)


Your turn. Annnnnnnd, GO.