Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

'Tis again that time of the week: Confessional Friday. Let me hear you confess what's on your mind this week!

1) I confess that I've been playing with the middle part lately and I'm loving it. It's fun to change things up now and then, don't ya think?

Color and cut last week by Suzannah Files at Crown Beauty Bar

2) I confess that I sent Caroline to daycare in her pajamas yesterday. Poor thing had been up with her teeth hurting all night and she was so exhausted once 7:00 a.m. rolled around. I just changed her diaper quickly and let her stay in her jammies in hopes she'd go back to sleep once she got there, (fat chance!)

3) I confess that I'm ready to tear my hair out if I hear that song Rude again. I loved it when I first heard it, but in true iTunes radio fashion, they played the mess out of it. Now, every time it comes on, I have the incredible urge to hit something - usually the "skip" button.

4) I confess that I'm probably going to explode if I don't find a hooded leather moto jacket for fall. Okay, so I probably won't actually burst into pieces, but I'd really like to find one. I saw some posted online the other day, but good lord, those suckers were $650-$2k! Something like this, but cheaper. A whole lot cheaper.

I didn't bother linking it because this one is $659....and I refuse to spend that much. And you should, too.

5) I confess that I'm tired of hearing folks overuse the word literally. Peeps, unless something ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN that way and without exaggeration, please don't use it. Poor literally is tired; he needs a stiff drink and a nap.

6) I confess that I laughed out loud when someone asked me if I wanted to run a 5k with them...in November. The day after Thanksgiving. "Yes! At 34 weeks pregnant! PLEASE let me do that with you!" Nope, at the end of November, I plan to be stuffing my face with turkey and dressing and pie...loads and loads of pie.

7) I confess that I have an obsessive/compulsive tick that doesn't allow me to end lists on even numbers, so #7 is here only to take up space. See, I'm a weirdo. Just in case you didn't know that already.

Tell me your secrets, love muffins. Let's divulge.


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Our Inspired Home

I'll be the first to admit, I have to enlist a ton of help from my more design-savvy friends when it comes to decorating a home. I always see things I like in magazines and on blogs, but I'm terrible when it comes down to executing it within my own four walls. I get overwhelmed and begin second-guessing my choices almost immediately.

My friend Shannon is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating a well-appointed home. (I'm going to see if she'll let me do a home tour of her place on this blog...y'all would die. Amazing.) With her help, I've been able to choose and purchase pieces that I'm so excited to put in our new house!

I thought I'd show you what we've bought so far, as well as the paint colors used in the house and an inspiration board to give you an idea of accent pieces I'll be pulling in to create a finished look.

I've posted a few sneak peek photos on my Instagram account throughout the previous month (username is ablondeambition), so check it out if you want to see a snip-it of our home!

We get to occupy next week and I couldn't be more ready.


What about you? What's your approach to decorating? Where are your go-to places for affordable and chic home decor?


Half Way Point Bumpdate: {Baby Girl Sisti #2}

I haven't been doing full out bumpdates with this bambina to try to spare you girls from having to read about my eternally pregnant state ; ) However, as we are coming up on 21 weeks Wednesday, I thought I might jot a few notes down for my own records, (and any inquiring minds...whoever they might be, ha!)

Had my husband snap this last night while we were on our walk. Under normal circumstances, I do not condone wearing tennis shoes with chino shorts ; )

Weeks: 20 (!!)

Trimester: Second

Gender: GIRL! (Woohoooooo!!)

Name: Ainsley Catherine

Baby's Size: At our anatomy scan last week, Ainsley was weighing in at a whopping 8 ounces. Her estimated length is 6.5 inches. 
Cravings: All the salty food in the world! Sweets make me so gaggy, but give me dill pickles, steak, potatoes, pizza and pasta all day long. Also? Queso. And salsa. All day, every day. 

How I'm Feeling: Lots of energy and much less sickness! This was about the point is started getting tolerable with Caroline, and this pregnancy is no different. I will say though, it was been a completely different experience this go'round. MUCH less barfing and cramping and all that fun stuff. 

Movement: We have a very active baby! Little Ainsley Catherine is a mover and a shaker, and I'm grateful. Just like with Caroline, my placenta is anterior, so I didn't expect to feel movement until well into my second trimester. To my surprise, I started feeling Ainsley move around week 16!

Birth plan: Because of some medical history of my own, we will be doing another (very necessary) scheduled C-section with Ainsley. I'm more than okay with this. I had a good experience recovery-wise, and we trust our doctor implicitly with his recommendations. We will deliver at either 38 or 39 weeks, depending upon her size and my progress leading up to d-date. 

Momma thoughts: This is going to sound so cheesy, but I love, love, love my pregnant body right now. Yeah, I'm carrying some extra weight and no, I'm not going to be wearing any cropped tops this summer (or ever again, ha!), but I'm comfortable in my own skin. With Caroline, I was so sick for so long that I didn't fully get to enjoy my burgeoning bump. Plus, as a first-time mommy, I was consumed constantly with anxiety about whether she was okay, whether I was doing everything right...you get the drift. I've been able to relax and appreciate this pregnancy for what it is: a blessing. 

I love the little round dome underneath my tank tops. I love the uber-womanly shape that my body has taken on. I mean, you are never more feminine that when you're pregnant, so why not own it? I flippin' adore it.

I feel like a lot of women spend the majority of their pregnancy focusing on the uncomfortable parts - granted, there are some - and not the amazing changes that are taking place. It is a GIFT to be able to carry a baby. Shouldn't we be thankful for gifts? 

Sorry to get all I am woman, hear me roar on you, but I'm dead set on relishing this special event and really appreciating this short time that Ainsley and I have in sharing a body. 

That's all for now! I'll probably touch base again next month. Until then -- 


Monday Musings

Update on the house - WE'RE FINALLY MOVED...almost...

This week and most of next are going to be crazytown around our place, so bear with me as blogging may be a little scarce. We moved the majority of our stuff over to the garage of the new house this past weekend. My parents drove up from Heber Springs on Friday night and very generously spent all day Saturday helping move our stuff and watch Caroline. (When I say we couldn't have done it without them, I mean it.) Mom and Dad, if you're reading this, thank you again! 

We officially close on the new place next week, (we had to delay closing until next week because of Stephen's work travel schedule), and the movers will take our bigger stuff that day. So exciting! It's here and I'm more than ready.


Fall will eventually show up. Of that much, we can be sure. Bath and Body Works says so.

Saw this ad for $3 hand soaps and ceramic owls and stuff on my browser this morning and nearly did a happy dance. Not necessarily because of the hand soap, (though I do appreciate good hygiene), but mainly because fall is around the corner. One more month of this summer nonsense and we'll be there. (Okay, maybe I'm just impatient because I'm ready for football and chili and trick-or-treating. And my third trimester.)

I ordered Caroline's outfit for her one-year photos this weekend. I sort of can't stand how cute it is. And it may or may not include a gigantic party hat hair fascinator and turban. 

Epic. I believe that is the word I'm looking for.

My friend Katie, the genius designer/seamstress behind August Lou Designs, is re-creating the above number (a sample she put up on her page Sunday) for Caroline. (And no, I did not purchase Dior sunglasses for my 9-month-old baby. Even I have my limits.)
I also bought a matching #1 cake topper from Etsy (like the below) for her smash cake pics. Because, duh. (I will say, it came in the mail Saturday and I was a little bit surprised at how small it was. My fault, though. I should have read the product description more carefully.) I'm going to see if I can make one myself that's larger for her actual birthday cake.


That'd be all she wrote today. I have a little brown-haired nugget of a baby pulling at my leg to come play. And I cannot pass that up.


Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

'Ello, ladies! Another workweek in the books, so let's celebrate with a good Confessional, shall we?

1) I confess that I made this copycat recipe for Chili's Cajun Chicken Pasta on Wednesday night and had, not one helping, not two helpings, but THREE helpings. It was totally worth the all-night heartburn that greeted me later. Seriously, you should make it if you dig the real Chili's stuff at all. This taste-alike version honestly tasted even better than the original. Pinky swear.

This was mine! A food photographer, I am not. But, I was pretty proud of how tasty it was - and colorful, too.

2) I confess that I'm both thrilled about and dreading the moving of our bookoos of stuff this weekend to the new house. My parents are very graciously coming up to help us move our small things into the house, then the movers come on August 7th to finish the big stuff on the day we officially close, (and occupy the house.) I'm so glad that this process is nearing the end and we'll be in our new house. We are very grateful that the selling process went so smoothly and quickly. Hooray for more space and a new home where we can create more memories!

3) I confess that I've just discovered the joys of Joss & Main and I'm in home decor love. I bought a humongous area rug for the new living room and a really cool runner for the kitchen, all for way less than what I had planned to have to pay. Seriously. If you haven't checked them out, you should. (And no, I'm not affiliated with them, nor did they put me up to this. I just wanted to pass along the tip.)

4) I confess that I'm pretty ecstatic to begin the process of planning another sweet little girl's nursery! I don't think there's anything more fun that creating a pretty, girly space for a little gal. I had so much fun doing Caroline's, so I fully expect to put just as much time into Miss Ainsley's. Bring on the Restoration Hardware catalogs!

5) I confess that I may or may not have already started planning C's birthday party. And, it's in October. I want it to be amazing and I really want to concentrate on the little details. Now that we'll have a bigger space to host a party, I have some fun ideas for decorating. (Also, I ordered her cake topper, bunting banners, and her party outfit and hair fascinator -- my friend Katie of August Lou is making her outfit and it's going to be precious. I am so that mom.) I'm placing her cake order with one of our favorite local bakeries next week and I am so flipping excited to see how they execute the theme I've chosen. More fun details to come.

Okay, dazzle me, stun me, surprise me, confess to me.


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