Summer Hair-spiration + New Beauty Find!

Know what I love most about warmer weather? Fun and easy updo hairstyles that are perfect for the season. Like every other woman on the planet, I tend to revert back to the tried-and-true messy bun when the going gets...well, humid.

I'm hoping to step my game up a little bit this summer and try out some new 'do(s) when the heat hits. Here are a few that are on my "must learn to recreate this" list:

Inverted Bun Thingy

I love that this looks a little dressy, but could also be worn with a baseball tee and denim shorts. I looked high and low for a tutorial on this, so if anyone else can find it, I'll give you the Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory.

via Pinterest

Update: This tutorial looks like it would achieve the same look!

Update #2: And this tutorial shows how to get this style without the headband.

The Braid 'n Tuck

This one actually looks really easy. I couldn't find a tutorial for it, but it looks like the hairstylist did a normal braid on one side of the head, then pulled it across the back of the head, rolled it inward, then pulled a section of hair down over the top of it to give it the illusion that the hair section was holding it in place. (Let's pretend that wasn't the worst run-on sentence in the history of written word, shall we?)

Excessive verbiage aside, isn't it a beaute?

via Pinterest 

Not Your Momma's Side Pony

Or maybe it is. I don't know your mom. 

Tutorial here


For all you sulfate-free shampoo fans out there, I found another shampoo/conditioner duo that I really like AND it's by Redken. Still loving my Davines, too, so I'm just alternating the two.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner


Caroline Rose: {Six Months}

Weight/Length: We don't go for her six-month check-up and shots until next week, but our scale at home indicated 13 pounds 13 oz. She's definitely getting longer, too! I think she's close to 24.5 inches now.

Yes, still a peanut, but her cheeks are so squishable and perfect! 

Hair and Eyes: Hair is still a pretty shade of brown. And her eyes are still the brightest of blue. 

Diapers: Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers diapers finally fit her booty.

Clothing: Believe it or not, she can finally wear her 3-6 month Carter's sleepers - woohoo! Most of her everyday clothing is 3 Mo., but at least we've moved out of Newborn sizes ; ) We also purchased some swimsuits last month and have been adding to our growing collection, all in preparation for the boat this summer. 

Favorite Things: Her Sophie the Giraffe toy, her Exersaucer, riding in her stroller, sitting in her Bumbo and watching me cook, having books read to her.

Wearing our "birthday" tiara!

Likes: Right now, our petite princess loves: Strangely, she loves thunder. It all started last week when it was stormy one day. There were several big claps of thunder and, to my amazement, she laughed so hard. Maybe she has a career as a storm chaser in her future?

She also loves looking at books, (thank the Lord this girl loves books like her momma!), listening to the Duke Ellington/Billy Holiday station on iRadio in the car, being outdoors in her stroller, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad, stretching on the floor and her doggies, Ruby and Ari. 

Dislikes: People with super loud voices or a loud laugh (I think it startles her), the pipe organ at church (I can't blame her for that one...ick!), getting OUT of the bathtub. Girlfriend loves water.

Milestones: With rolling over from tummy-to-back and vice-versa out of the way, the next big milestone was sitting up. I thought sitting up might happen during her sixth month, but she surprised us and sat bolt upright this past month.

On April 7th at 5 mos., 3 wks., she sat up for the first time! She stayed that way for 23 seconds before tipping over. Ever since that day, she just...sits...and sits...and sits. She can go a half minute or so without assistance, which is really cool to watch. 

I don't know of anything quite as fun as watching your baby grow and develop. 

Eating: We began solids last night. I'm really glad we held off until she was six months old, just because I don't think her tiny tummy was ready until now. (Our pediatrician doesn't like to start sooner than that anyway, but I do know that every baby is different!) 

We don't plan to use the pre-packaged baby food, so I'll be buying her veggies/fruits and pureeing them. Definitely a cost-saver! We will try avocado next, probably Thursday, just to make sure her tummy tolerates solid food well. 

Other Changes: She loves to blow raspberries and will also imitate the long "oo" sound when we say, "boo", which is funny. She belly laughs multiple times per day, which we love. She will also randomly squeal and "sing" all the time. (Especially when mommy is on the phone, ha!)

Sleeping: She is a wonderful, wonderful sleeper. I realize this could all change on a dime, but from 8:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. or so, she sleeps. Sometimes (especially during growth spurts) she'll wake for a quick feeding, then it's back down to bed. 

She takes one long nap around 10:00 a.m. for two hours, then another nap around 1:30, then her final one around 4:30 p.m.

Mama Thoughts: 
Month five was a little more challenging for us, only because she's getting to the stage that she realizes when one of us has left a room. She's definitely quite attached to her mommy and daddy, so we have to remind her that when we walk away to do something (put laundry away, load the dishwasher, etc.), that we're still close by. This behavior also has its perks, though. For instance, she LOVES to be held super closely and rocked during her naps. 

Her demeanor reminds me a lot of her cousin Luke when he was a baby. She's very mellow and smiley, and will "talk" to anyone who's willing to listen. I'm glad she's a social baby. 

I'm still really, really enjoying my part-time work schedule. I love our Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at home together, but I also look forward to the adult interaction and challenging projects on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It really has been a good solution for our family and I don't imagine we'll change anything in the near future. 

We've been enjoying the awesome weather together daily with long stroller walks, which is great cardio for momma, too! It feels great to get moving again. I've also started trying to eat better and incorporate tons of veggies and fruits into my daily eating routine. I ate a lot of junk toward the end of the pregnancy, which I'm sure didn't help my sluggishness. So I'm working to change that. I want to set a good example for Caroline to enjoy healthy foods and always be open to trying new things. 

Until next month, friends. 


Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Let's get right to it, shall we? It's been a crazy busy week here, so I'm chopping at the bits to have some fun today ; )

1) I confess that I cannot believe my baby will be SIX months old on Monday. Will someone please explain to me where the last half a year has gone?

2) I confess that I nearly lost my mind at the store last week when someone reached in the shopping cart to pull a teether toy out of Caroline's mouth. I was staring at them in disbelief and the lady goes, "I just wanted to see what that sweet little mouth looked like!" I pulled the rude mom card and said, "Don't touch my baby, please." And then booked it out of there. How random and weird, right?

Even weirder, is that this happened in the same store, but with a pacifier when she was about two months old.

3) I confess that I've done some major damage at Loft lately because their spring sweaters are bliss. I mean, they have so many styles and just about everything was marked waaaaay down.
Okay, sorry to keep this short, but I have a baby that majorly needs a nap : )



Instagram "Don'ts"

Now, let's talk about Instagram. Lately, it has become my favorite, FAVORITE social channel. I love peeking at the daily goings-on of my friends and the brands I like. But.


There are a few things that make me hit the unfollow button quicker than you can say "cheese". Now, I'm sure I'm guilty of a few of these myself from time-to-time, but for some, it's an everyday occurrence. In no particular order, here are some of the things that irk me to no end:

1. A paragraph of hashtags. When you have to take out an entirely separate comment from the caption and designate it for a blooming paragraph of hashtags, you need to stop. Seriously. I find myself scrolling down through 85 hashtags with ANY and EVERY possible word that might have something (and that's a giant "might"), just to leave a comment. 

Example: Someone posts a photo of a burrito with the caption "YUM!" 

Below it:
#burrito #mexifood #yum #yummy #yummyyummy #cheese #beans #glutenfree #paleo #ilovepaleo #myfavoritecolorisblue #theplateisblue #dogs #rocketscience #love #ChuckNorris #iforgotwhatImtalkingabout

Get my drift?

One or two, maybe even three hashtags? Okay. More than that? Quit. 

2. Tap my pic and I might tell you where I got my shirt. I'm fine and great with the Like to Know It thing. Pretty handy, in fact. I've even used it myself a few times to track down pieces I like. But there are bloggers who will flat out refuse to tell you where they got a piece of clothing unless you tap their photo. What happened to the olden days where we all just interacted with each other without trying to send someone over to an affiliate site? Just tell me where I can get pants like yours. Or don't. I'll track them down myself, thanks.

3. My coffee is better than yours. And so is my handwriting. And I'm going to show you. The whole trend of taking a photo of your coffee, posed next to your open journal with calligraphy scrawled on its pages, posed next to a vase of hydrangeas, posed next to a bunch of pointless knick-knacks in the background, like a J.Crew scarf, (because I love to keep my scarves at the ready when I journal and drink coffee...???) 

And the caption usually reads a little something like, "Brainstorming a few ideas this morning. So blessed." Huh?

I beg of you, WHO has time for this in the mornings???? Do these people have jobs?? Children?? Bills to pay?? Places to be??

So strange and so, so redundant.

4. Videos taken while driving down the road.  I saw a while-driving Instagram video recently where the girl talked about getting a speeding/hazardous driving ticket just two nights before. Yes, you read that correctly. She was taking an Instagram video while she was driving, simultaneously telling us about her bad driving.

For the sake of the rest of us on the road, please stop. 


Alright, I'm dying to hear yours. What bugs the mess out of you in Instagram world lately? Any of yours similar to mine?


Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Another week has come and gone, ladies. You know what that means, don't you? Why, yes! It means it's time to confess.

Get to it, shall we?

1) I confess that I'm having Stephen put together a meal plan for me this weekend because I'm determined to get rid of this stupid C-section tummy pouch. Guh. I have eaten nothing but junk since Caroline was born because, um, who has time to cook with an infant? That's about to change.

I'm also going to order some workout dvds this weekend, too. I'll let you know which ones I purchase. Again, not trying to lose weight, but rather tone up and feel better. Anyone want to join me in this endeavor?? I would totally be willing to share my meal plans that he creates. (Stephen has his training certification, but he's also the Director of Sales for a nutrition company who sells to stores like Walmart. The man lives and breathes health and fitness. His wife does not ; )

2) I confess that I'm actually eating a Nestle ice cream drumstick while I'm typing this. Oops.


4) I confess that this bra is the best ever for lazy days at home. Obviously you couldn't wear it with blouses, but under T-shirts, it's exquisite.

Your turn!