Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

It's Friday and that, my friends, is never a bad thing. It's the time of the week where we dish, vent and spill. Ready to get to it? Me too.

1) I confess that it dawned on me yesterday that we only have about seven weeks of this pregnancy left...and I cried. I'm not sad that it's nearly over at all, (although I have really enjoyed it), but I think the reality of all the stuff I still have left to do just hit me like a ton of bricks. It occurred to me at 2:30 a.m. that I hadn't yet ordered Ainsley a car seat. This then sent me into a frenzy of thinking of all the other things I hadn't gotten her yet. (A changing pad for her dresser...that we still haven't ordered, either. Or the much-needed black-out curtains. Or a second baby monitor. Or new tubes for the breast pump.) And just like that, I was sitting at our breakfast table scrawling frantic lists until the wee hours of the morning.


You know, totally rational and very important thoughts to have in the middle of the friggin' night. (I believe they call this Losing One's Shiz.)

After a little more sleep and a good, strong cup of coffee this morning, all was right with the world again.

Besides, a pregnancy just isn't a pregnancy without at least one good hormone-filled meltdown.

2) I confess that I have been craving (and eating) frozen Eggo waffles...in their frozen state. No, I don't mean I crave the toasted or warmed ones, I mean I've been eating two of the whole grain waffs right outta the freezer every morning like a teething baby. Strangest and most absurd pregnancy craving to-date.

3) I confess that ne'er a day goes by that I don't embarrass myself in some form or fashion. We bought a more family-friendly car, (an SUV, actually), on Wednesday night and when the salesman handed me the keys to the new ride, I walked out the door and walked straight over to...my old car. I had gotten as far as opening the door when Stephen started laughing and brought it to my attention that we had to leave that one at the dealership. Good lord.

Alright, enough of that. I'm ready to here your confessions this week. What have you got for me?

P.S. - Happy 30th birthday to the love 'o my life! Honey, you will always be the funniest, best-looking, most-Tebow-esque, most-Cutler-esque, most sarcastic, most charming and most enjoyable-to-be-around guy in the room. And, I'm proud to call you mine. Thanks for being born.


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Updates on Stuff You May Be Curious About

The fact that this post title ends in a preposition is going to drive me crazy, but it sounded too stuffy to title it "Updates on Stuff of which You May Be Curious". I just wanted to acknowledge that in writing because, well, I'm a wee bit tightly wound concerning grammar and such. 

Home Tour
I've been trying like the dickens to get our house assembled enough to take you guys on a home tour, but I just haven't had the time. I've been trying to wrap up things at work, get what's left of our things unpacked and stored in the attic, plan a first birthday party and a 30th birthday party (my husband's birthday - tomorrow!), begin Christmas shopping -- I'll be out of commission due to the C-section in the weeks leading up to, so I'm doing it now -- and basically just keep my head above water while I finish out this pregnancy. 

I'm still in search of art for the living room and kitchen, as well as a new comforter for the master bedroom because ours is shot. As soon as I can finish up those details and have a chance to take some photos, I'll let y'all come on in. I promise!

So, all that to say, our home tour may be a Christmas home tour (or winter home tour) instead of a fall one, but by golly, I'm determined to finally show y'all where we live. I love our little abode; we worked really hard for this house and I'm so proud of it.  

My MIL is going to help decorate it  for Christmas and she is a living, breathing, southern version of Martha Stewart, at least when it comes to holiday-i-fying a house. (However, she's never been to prison for insider trading. Do y'all remember when that happened to M-Stew? I still laugh about seeing tabloid photos of her in a prison jumpsuit, collecting pine cones out in the jail yard. I think her stint in the pokey made me love her more.)

Our Second Kid Will Have a Nursery, (or At Least A Crib and Bedding)
In other decorating news, Ainsley has a crib (!!) She won't be sleeping in a milk crate, after all ; ) We ended up going with a slightly different model than the Pottery Barn Taryn crib after we learned a different style converted into a larger toddler bed, (read: more miles out of one bed.) We are putting it together this weekend and I'm so excited!

I also just ordered bedding. This bedding. I love it and I'm pretty sure Ains will, too.

Hair Curling Video Tutorial
I filmed a hair curling how-to for you ladies. If you've got long hair, be sure to tune in late next week, (probably Thursday), and check it out! I think it would definitely work for shorter hair with a few modifications. I'm no pro, but the method I'll demonstrate works best for me.

I've updated my "Products I Love" page
If you've been unable to sleep due to wondering what kind of concealer I use, you can finally rest easy. On this nice little page, you'll find a complete list of the mess I use on my face and hair, as well as tools like my favorite curling iron and hair dryer. If you've been hankering to add to your make-up collection or hair product vault, check it out

And if not, it's sure to help you doze off if you've been battling insomnia. 

Please note: If you have questions about how I apply any of the products, please leave a comment at the bottom of the Products I Love page. I try to answer emails promptly, but these days, that's the best way to get a fast answer to your question. I'll reply back on the page, so look for a response within a few days.  


The Duster Cardigan and Why You Need One

Oh, duster cardigan. Where have you been all my life, dear friend? You cover all the right places and give the perfect amount of attitude to the classic jeans 'n' heels ensemble. (And, you make me feel taller!)

Really, you're what I've always been looking for and never knew it.


And friends, the duster is just what you've always been looking for, too.

Duster cardigan c/o Savoir-Faire (sold in-store, but very similar here on their website) // tank c/o Savoir-Faire (sold in-store, but I love this one, too!) // jeans via Destination Maternity // heels here 

Maybe you've purchased one of these trendy jacket things this season or maybe you haven't. Point is, fall and cooler weather are here, and you need a duster cardigan, like, yesterday. My girls at Savoir-Faire have quite the collection of amazing duster cardigans.

Like this one...

And this one...

Oh, and this one.

My favorite way to wear it? Over a tank, paired with jeans and worn with heels or booties. It works for the office or out to dinner. I found mine at SF in-store, but they have several very similar online.

Want to spice it up? Put it over a mini shift dress with some over-the-knee boots. Instantly sexy without being too crazy, since the length of the duster leaves lots to the imagination. See? It's the perfect fall item.

Couple things to keep in mind with duster jackets:

1) Make sure to pair it with a shoe with at least a little bit of heel to it. I'm not saying you need to run out and purchase a pair of 6-inch stilettos; something as subtle as a wedge bootie, like this one, will give you all the height you need to pull off the duster.

2) Make sure it fits around the shoulders and arms - not tightly, but enough that it's a little snug. Nothing sadder than a beautiful girl (like you) pulling at her top or jacket all night because it's too big. The duster jacket should fit (somewhat) around the shoulders, then flow around the waist, thighs and butt.

The other rule?

WEAR it. Walk with confidence and stand tall. It's a statement piece. So make a friggin' statement.


That's it, ladies. That's all I've got today. Get yourself a duster cardigan and, if you do, show me how you style yours on Instagram. My username is @ablondeambition and I'd love to see what you do with yours!


Seeing Stripes

I've said it before and I'll say it again - fall has to be one of the best times to dress a baby bump. At 31 weeks, I've loved living in sweaters, leggings, fall dresses and riding boots, a fun alternative to ballet flats and great for chasing a (very) mobile kiddo!

I was overjoyed to find that this little black & white striped shift dress, (courtesy of my friend Megan, owner of Hazel's Haven), not only accommodated, but flattered the bump. Trust me, after being pregnant for what will be nearly two years in a row, it's like Christmas when you find an item that just makes you feel, well, pretty.

Dress (c/o Hazel's Haven // Necklace (c/o/ CoraLee Boutique) // Moto jacket via H&M last year, similar here (less than $50!) and here // Sandal-booties via Target // lip color in Plum Velour by Revlon here
I wanted to give it some edge and really showcase the wide stripes (very much "in" this season), so I paired it with a leather moto jacket, my favorite black sandal-booties and lots of fun jewelry. The result? A comfy, yet on-trend answer to a dressier fall maternity look.


I've always only worked with a handful of stores (most local) that I really, truly believe offer something different to their customers. Hazel's Haven is one of those. So, what makes them different? Megan carries only a few of each piece, meaning you won't see 20 other women in the Starbucks line wearing your cardigan ; )

How to shop Hazel's Haven

1) The best way to shop HH? Instagram, babes. Hop on regularly and check them out at @hazelshaven to scope out pieces every day. Just leave a comment or even call the store at (479) 242-4295 if you see something that tickles your fancy, and they'll make sure you get what you need.

2) You can also check out Hazel's Haven on Facebook, too!

3) Or, if you happen to live in NWA or the River Valley, they're located in Fort Smith at 908 S. Greenwood Road. Stop in and see 'em and you'll fall in love, just like I did.


Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

It's Friday and we're confessing on this blog! Let's just jump right in.

1) I confess that American Horror Story with this whole clown plot line is almost too much for me to handle. Stephen was traveling for work this week, so he was gone Wednesday night. Like an idiot, I opted to watch it anyway. I just can't NOT watch AHS when a new episode debuts.

Big mistake. Shows featuring demented clowns should never, ever be watched alone. I don't think I slept a wink that night. Thank the Lord he is back now and I can resume getting some shut-eye.

2) I confess that I'm going to give these pumpkin topiaries a try this weekend. I wanted to do something pretty for our porch this year - something that could stay up well past Halloween. I think these fit the bill. I purchased some plastic garden urns from Amazon and bought some foam pumpkins at Hob Lobb. IF, (and that's a gigantic "if"), they turn out decently, I'll post a step-by-step on here. Wish me luck!

Beautiful photo via Sondra Lynn at Home blog

These gorgeous topiaries and this photo came from the blog Eclectically Vintage

3) I confess that our city just got a new DSW shoe store and it's taking everything in my power not to hop in my car and go over there. I've already purchased some new shoes for fall/winter, so I'm definitely not in need of anything...but man, y'all, it's hard to resist.

4) I confess that I'm pretty much addicted to Guilty by Gucci, this fall. I bought the travel size vial at Sephora, just to see if I liked it well enough to invest in the larger. I do. I really, really do. I wish I had discovered it ages ago, but I'm glad I have it now. I love playing with new fragrances each season, and this one may be the best cold-weather scent I've smelled to-date.

5) I confess that my mom and I are toying with a small business idea - and it's exciting! Naturally, I don't have enough on my plate already, but it's too good to pass up. Hopefully more on this very soon.

Don't you love a vague confession? Ha! Well, friends, what have you got for me?

Talk 'fessy to me!


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