Confessional Friday: {The 'I Slept In' Edition}

Hey, internet friends! Getting off to a bit of a late start this morning, but I didn't think y'all would mind. Hope your Friday is off to a great beginning, err, middle. Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain buckets here for most of the holiday weekend, so I'm planning to curl up and watch some high-quality Lifetime TV movies and re-runs of Dateline ID.

And eat dip. Lots of dip.

Hopefully the forecast is looking a little better where you live, so please take a swim in a pool and watch some fireworks for me, pretty please. So, the girls went to visit their grandparents for a couple days in Oklahoma City meaning it's just me and the Mister and a lovely bottle of Prosecco (me) and some Blue Moon (him) for the next three days.

I am not sad about this one bit. Except this made me all mushy this morning...pic was taken on this very day last year : )

In other news...

1) I confess that I needed this Tulip-Back Top in my life. And so do you. How cute, cute, cute would this be paired with white skinnies and gold or brown sandals? I'll tell you how cute...NAUSEATINGLY cute. That shade of pink sort of makes my heart flutter, too. Oh!! Oh!! And it's only $14.99.

This is from Forever 21's Contemporary line and it runs half a size larger than usual. Size down for the perfect fit!

2) I confess that I bawled like a baby when we watched The Judge last night. Netflix it this weekend if you haven't seen it. To me, it's some of Robert Downey Jr.'s best work.

3) I confess that I accidentally called the little guy at the Tropical Smoothie drive-thru "honey" last week. I had Caroline in the back and am so used to calling her "hun", "honey" or "babe" eleventy thousand times a day, and I guess it just slipped. Bless his little 16-year-old heart. Poor kid was so confused.

4) I confess that we are loving our Nutri Ninja blender, but holy smokes that thing is LOUD. Beware if you plan to make yourself a delicious smoothie for breakfast while your kids are still sleeping. It will wake your whole house and possibly your neighbors, too.

Loud, but awesome. We love our Ninja! Stephen has even lost three pounds just by replacing his usual morning breakfast with it!

5) I confess that I am having the hardest time finding tops that will cover my IV port on my chest. I have a dual lumen Hickman port -- y'all impressed with my med-speak? -- that pumps heart meds into me 24/7 and let's just say, it's not subtle in appearance.

I'm certainly not embarrassed to explain what it is or why it's there, but sometimes a girl would just like to eat in a restaurant or shop without inquiring minds asking twenty questions. (And for the record, I completely get it. It looks crazy and I would wonder, too.) However, if any of you have ever had a port or PICC line and had luck finding higher cut shirts from a particular brand, please let me know!

6) I confess that it's time for me to meet one of my gal pals for some shopping and it's time for YOU to link up! 

Happy Fourth of July, you hotties of the interwebs, you. 


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  1. Have fun with your friend and I'll have to check out The Judge.

  2. I loved the judge!!! Such an excellent movie!
    Good luck on finding cute tops - I am trying to think of where I get high necked tops. I think JCrew does tons of crew neck tops and also ann taylor maybe? But those are usually dressier tops.
    Have a great fourth!!!

  3. I would love to hear the whole story behind your heart issues . If you are ever comfortable sharing it :)
    Old Navy actually has some really cute high neck tank tops.
    Happy 4th!

  4. I looooove your Confessional Fridays. And I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying your low-key holiday! I actually just got a couple high-neck tanks from Old Navy and they're surprisingly super cute. And a great, thin knit. Highly recommend! OH! And I made your pasta salad last weekend for a big friends bbq, and everyone loved it! Thanks for helping this Can't-Cook sister out! ;)

  5. Happy 4th of July Leslie !! Your adorable and I just love following your blog !

  6. I don't personally have experience with a Hickman, PICC, or port, but I'm a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse. All of my patients have one or the other. This time of the year the girls love wearing tank tops and I just tell them to be proud of their lines. It's a sign of healing and strength! Show it off, Leslie! Don't worry about the questions and if it's a night you're "just not up for the interruptions"...throw a little lightweight cardi on over your top. That should cover and deter!

  7. Loving he return of the Confessions post, sweet girl! Not sure if I can handle The Judge - that movie looks like a super emotional one. But I do love me some RD Jr. so maybe I'll suck it up and see it:) I'm so glad you're out and about, and proud to do so regardless of the port. But I also understand the desire to be a bit more inconspicuous at times and not have to worry about attracting attention. Lush at Nordstrom has several types of cute blouses and tops with a higher neckline - and the blouses that dip down a bit are narrow, so I would think you would still be covered. Everly clothing (some of which is also carried at Nordstrom) has lots of cute higher necked dresses - both casual and dressier. And even Anthro has some fun higher necked styles right now! Xoxo

  8. This is a dress, not a top, but I've bought this high neck Old Navy dress in three patterns: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=91406&vid=1&pid=434032022 It is SO comfy, feels like pajamas. Although it's somewhat on the shorter side, I still feel comfortable wearing it to work since the chest area is completely covered :)

  9. I just got diagnosed with latent Type 1 diabetes, so I'm looking at a lifetime wearing an insulin pump. Definitely will be empathizing with you soon! Fortunately higher-neckline tops are super cute (I'm obsessed with those Camille Beth ruffle-neck dresses -- you'd be darling in them!) and en vogue these days.

  10. In response to the above comment: wearing an insulin pump is nothing in comparison to what you are dealing with Leslie. I am sorry! I've worn an insulin pump for 10+ years and unless it beeps, people have no idea that I wear my pancreas on the outside of my body. Maybe I should email Kelly and help her see the light in her situation! :) Regarding your port though, I have seen high necked tops at Old Navy like others suggested. I am always looking for tops like this anyways because man, the kids pull on my shirts all the time and I don't want a wardrobe malfunction. Ha!

  11. I've SO missed your posts! Glad to hear you are at least able to enjoy some activities. I, too, LOVE my Ninja!! I work with pediatric heart patients so I am curious. Are you on milrinone? Hope everything has stayed stable for you at home. Hugs from North Carolina!

  12. And you could always add a pashmina / scarf that would likely hide your port. There are so many fun ways to style them!! :)

  13. I'm glad to hear that you're out of the hospital & hope you're feeling better! I know this isn't the same at all, but I thought my little trick might be able to possibly help or even just worth it to try something different. I used to have to wear patches of medication on my chest & I would cover them up with a cute sticker or Band-Aids depending on the situation/where I was going & that seemed to deter people from asking questions. I know that the port is much more bulky then a medication patch though so Band-Aids would probably be the easiest to apply for that, & Band-Aid brand makes Cynthia Rowley ones that are super cute! I hope this can help :)!

    The Blush Blonde


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