Ring My Belle

Hi, girls! Welcome back from the weekend. We spent most of our time trying to get the house in order before the chaos of the week ensues.

1. Friday, I stopped into one of my favorite local stores, Belle Boutique. I could seriously LIVE in that store. I got this beautiful, cream-colored top by OLV with lace detailing at the shoulders.

Sorry this pic is so huge...no clue why it wouldn't resize in Blogger. I'm sorry, just consider it a "built to scale" model of yours truly.

The Deets:
Jeans- Forever 21
Top- Belle Boutique
Jewelry- Belle Boutique
Heels- Target (or Tar-jay if you're feelin' fancy)

I also bought this adorbs square cocktail ring, along with some gold and pale pink bangles. I thought the entire outfit would be perfect for spring!

2. I also finally broke down and bought a foundation brush. I got the Sonia Kashuk large foundation brush at Target for only $10 and loved the results it yielded : ) I'm also excited that I'll be able to use less foundation than I have to with a cosmetic sponge.

Using a foundation brush definitely gave foundation application a more airbrushed-like appearance. I like.

3. On Sunday, Stephen and I got our fittings for the NWA Fashion Week show for Mason's that we're walking in on March 10th. We loved what the fabulous Clay & Courtney (Mason's amazing stylists) put together for us. Come out and catch NWA Fashion Week in all its excitement starting March 5!

4. I attempted to do a video tutorial for the Sienna Miller/Blake Lively updo from the Updo post, but it's impossible to replicate the same every time and really hard to explain as a step-by-step. I honestly think it's just a style you have to play with on your own to recreate. Sorry y'all!

5. I'd like to introduce those of you not from Northwest Arkansas to Mr. Ben Rector. He recently recorded a tribute to Whitney Houston by remaking "I Wanna Dance with Somebody". Check it out - it's beautiful!

That's about all I've got for today.

Couple things:

-My surgery is tomorrow, so I'll be away from blog world for a bit. I'm not planning on checking email for the blog over the next week or so, so please don't get upset if you send something and don't get a response : ) I'll be enjoying the buzz of exquisite pain medications and it's probably for the best if I stay away from the computer, haha.

-If y'all could squeeze in a teeny prayer for me on Tuesday morning, that'd be great.

See you guys on the flip side.

P.S.- Foundation is Dior. Diorskin Forever Foundation. You can purchase here!
Be blessed, lovelies-


NWA Supper Club

Sorry non-Arkansas readers, but this post is for my NWA sisters : )

I've been brainstorming lately on ways to get in touch with more young women here in NWA. I think it's important to always strive to forge new friendships and have a group of friends within driving distance. Plus, I can't tell you the last time I've had a Girls' Night Out.

So I had an idea.

I thought about putting together a monthly "supper club" for NWA girls. It might be a great way to meet some new peeps and make some new friends. The NWA Supper Club would be open to women 21 and older in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. We could meet once a month at a restaurant selected by the group to dine out and enjoy some girls-only conversation. I think this will be a great time to talk, laugh, share stories and seek advice from fellow women in the NWA community, all while enjoying some good grub from the best places in town.

The goal is that over time, the Supper Club will lead to long-term friendships and will become a great channel for networking for females in the area.

And because I've lived and breathed marketing and branding for the past 5 years of my life, I made a logo. Or two.

• NWA Supper Club would be open to women 21 years and older.

• The group would be open to bloggers and non-bloggers, of course!

• Supper Club is just for the girls, so leave the hubbies and boyfriends at home : )

• Whether you're married, single, have kids, don't have kids, work, stay at home…you're invited. Come one, come all.

• Restaurants chosen for meet-ups will be in the low to medium price range. Definitely nothing higher than $15 a plate, and most times even less than that. (Examples: Abuelo’s, Powerhouse, Copeland’s, Chili’s, Panera, etc.)

If you live in Northwest Arkansas or the River Valley (Van Buren, Fort Smith, etc.) and would like to participate in this little experiment, email me at askblondeambition@gmail.com  

I'm still working out all of the details and we likely wouldn't start meeting until the end of April or so, but I want to first see if there's any interest in putting this group together.

Good food. New friends.


P.S.- Don't forget to link up for today's Confessional Friday!
Be blessed, lovelies-


Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

1. I've switched from coffee to black tea as my caffeinated beverage of the morning this week. The verdict? Coffee wins. Better buzz= faster sifting through inbox.

Ok, wait. That was a really lame way to start off a Confessional Friday post. Let's try this again, shall we? And with more feeling?


Confessional Friday...Take Two. (Clap the black movie box-thingy)

1. I tried the Naked Palette by Urban Decay and didn't love it. I know, only person on the planet not loving this shadow, right here.

I actually got it for my birthday in December and never used it. It's has far too many options for moi. I'm easily overwhelmed and work better with a duo or trio shadow. So I returned it and got this:

Three shades. Problem solved.

2. I've done so much spring shopping lately, it should be a sin. Well folks, I've sinned again.

Zig Zag Shift Dress

This little number was re-stocked at Sosie, so I bought it last night. Can't wait to pair it with a cute skinny belt and some bright shoes.

3. I think the Zig Zag dress calls for some bright earrings like these by Kendra Scott, perhaps? I'm not sure how this is a 'confession' but I just wanted you all to know I'm really putting a lot of thought into accessorizing these days.

4. Stephen and I will be modeling as a couple in Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. (Yes, you are completely allowed to laugh.) We are certainly no David & Victoria Beckham, but we are pleased as punch that Mason's thought to include us in their show. Swing by on March 10th @ 10:00 p.m. and catch us in all our catwalking glory.

Buy your tickets here for this fun week of fashion that supports LOCAL stores, like Mason's, Maude Boutique and Savoir-Faire!

5. I feel like I'm tooting my own horn saying this (and we all know no one likes a horn-tooter), but I recently wrote an article about NWA Fashion Week, which is in the February 2012 issue of Citiscapes. Pick up a copy if you live in Northwest Arkansas, on stands now!

Okay girls, what'cha got for me? Let's hear those confessions!

Be blessed, lovelies-

Pretty Smitten

I stumbled upon this gem of an Etsy store while perusing Pinterest last night. Have you guys heard of Pretty Smitten? Well let me tell you, this store is precious!

I'm not being paid to say this stuff, nor have I actually ever purchased anything from there, but I think that's about to change.

I mean lucite trays, personalized stickers, iPhone cases...the list goes on.

I've got my heart set on this iPhone 4 case. The silhouette is so cute, right?

Anywho, just thought I would share this little treasure I found.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Something Else

I'm over Trend Watch Wednesday. At least for this week. I told Stephen that writing about spring trends right now made me want to yack. I've been shopping, bought some spring stuff for myself and now I'm over it.

His reaction, "Why do you have to write about clothes and stuff tomorrow? Can't you talk about something else?"

Me, (emphatically and with gusto), "Because it's TREND WATCH WEDNESDAY!!! The schedule! We must stick to the schedule!!"

"Write about something else," he says, "Or just don't write tomorrow."

He cares deeply about the content of this blog, you see.

But I think I'll heed his advice.

Rather than bore us all to tears with pleats and pastels (!!), here's my 'something else':


1. We may have found love for Ari. After combing through a few emails from NWA residents and owners of female dogs, we found a match that we believe could work out well. Her name is KC, she is from Fort Smith and is part German Shepard!

This was Ari's dramatic and moving reaction when I told him that we'd found him a love match.

2. Fear not though, KC, I saw him doing push-ups and crunches in the backyard this morning. Obvi, he is excited and trying to get in shape before their first "date".

3.  I'm tired of hearing about NYFW. I mean, I love fashion as much as anyone, but I'm tired of self-proclaimed high-style bloggers pretending they're "SO excited for the Meadham Kirchhoff Fall RTW collection, I can't stand it!".

Honey, you're not there. You're in front of your computer. And pretending you're excited for a collection you can't even pronounce doesn't earn you street cred in any fashion community. Let's be real here. Will any of us actually replicate an outfit like the one below:

And just think, this is considered "Ready to Wear".
It'd be a real head-turner at the staff meeting though, wouldn't it.

4. That's why I would consider myself more of an "average girl's fashion blogger". I work on a budge. As Brad Goreski would say, "A low budge." : )

5. And I'm quite sure I've never owned "couture".

6. Unless you consider my Juicy Couture tracksuit, circa 2005. That's the closest I've come to "couture" of any variety.

7. Dance Moms continues to be my favorite show on TV at the moment. I love me some Abby Lee Miller and her scratchy, pack-a-day voice. And hot-rolled hair. Love her.

Aight, that's my "something else". I hope you enjoyed this detour from Trend Watch Wednesday, brought to you in part by Stephen.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Move Over Ben...

...there's a new bachelor in town. (He's cuter and far less monotone.)

This Valentine's Day, S and I couldn't help but notice that Ari seemed a little down. At first, we accredited it to the new diet doggie food we've been giving him. Apparently, it just doesn't pack the flavor "punch" of the old stuff. But then it hit us.

Ari needs a woman.

Ari takes weight management very seriously and leads a heart-healthy lifestyle.

I thought, "What better way to get him back into the dating game than to have him try out online dating?!" I mean, it's a great way to meet other canines who are single and ready to mingle.

His Profile
Name (first and middle): Ari Gold
Birthday: May 24, 2007
Height: About 5'5" when he stands on his hind legs
Weight: 82 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown and black with tan highlights.

Hobbies: Boating, kicking back and enjoying a beer with the boys, barking at random joggers in the subdivision, taking trips to Sonic in the back of the truck, visiting his grandpa in Heber Springs at the farm.

I'm on a boat!
Profession: Director of Homestead Security

Favorite food: Purina doggie chow, Beggin' Strips, Cool Ranch Doritos

Celebrity crush: Stella, the French bulldog from the hit TV show, Modern Family

His idea of a perfect date: Taking his lady for a cruise in the back of his dad's Chevy, followed by a dip in the pond near our subdivision and lastly, snuggling in his igloo house. (It has Berber carpet, y'all!)

Ari's ideal woman would: Be adventurous, kind to others and optimistic. And it wouldn't hurt if she had a great set of legs. Ari is also open to all breeds and sizes. Plus-size doggies and petites should apply!

In honor of Ms. Patty Stanger, the Million Matchmaker, I had to ask, "Why Love Now?": Ari feels that at the doggy age of 35, it's time to settle down and commit to one woman. He's looking for the real deal.

*We are not doing this for breeding purposes. He's missing the equipment for that : )

*Ari is a home-owner. His igloo accommodates two very comfortably.
*Ari is active in non-profit work. He's a yearly supporter of Race for the Cure doggy-thon.

*Ari is fashion-conscious. He enjoys dressing up for special occasions.

So friends, if you have a lady dog residing in NWA that is currently in the market for a companion for play dates once a month or so, please email me at askblondeambition{at}gmail{dot}com.

Help Ari find love, y'all!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Weekend in Pics! (iPhone Style)

Today's post consists of a bunch of randomness. So grab a latte or another caffeinated bevie of choice and enjoy. Also,I feel it's worth noting that we do own an actual camera. It's just far easier to use the iPhone, especially when one doesn't like to lug her camera around in her purse 24-7.

Hair Doing

On Friday, I attempted the Blake Lively up-do I showed on Friday. I was surprisingly pleased with the results! It was definitely a more fun spin on the traditional top knot or ballerina bun.

iPhone Photo Shoot

I also had an iPhone photo shoot to show y'all some of the cute goodies I've recently purchased. My fav? Surprisingly this bright orange knot-bottom top from Old Navy!

I also love this simple fuschia button-up, also from Old Navy. I'm a sucker for anything gem-toned.

This beauty came from Mason's on Joyce. I love the beautiful bow at the neck and the flow and cut of the blouse is perfect for pairing with a pair of dark skinnies and nude heels. 

Pink jeans. I bought some. These came from Charlotte Russe and I'm ten kinds of in love. $20 yo!!

New Smoky Eyeshadow Look

I copied this from a spread that Adele did for a magazine recently. She used dark plum for the crease and liquid liner in black. I like!


This guy (Ari) has figured out how to help himself to the bag of Beggin' Strips underneath the sink. How? Who knows. But it happened.

And yes, we still have our other German Shepard, Cash. He's a little camera shy though.


Our little nephew Luke came down for his cousin Reed's baptism. I couldn't go to the baptism (wasn't feeling well), but Stephen sent this adorable pic of him to me yesterday. Um, PRESH. 

And this is Reed, Sarah's babe and our other nephew. He's a heart melter, this one!

So yeah, a non-eventful but photo-filled weekend at our house. What did y'all do this weekend?

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Be blessed, lovelies-


Introducing Jenna Logan

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The Mission of Jenna Logan

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My Milkshake

....This post is dedicated to my sisters with tiny "assets", just like me. May we learn to work with what we've got (or rather don't "got") or find a good plastic surgeon....

It's no secret. My cups do not runneth over.

The good Lord blessed me with an exceptionally steady hand for applying mascara, an endless amount of sarcasm and an uncanny ability to poof hair.

But give me boobies, he did not.

However, my small assets recently became the center of attention at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade Victoria's Secret store. That fateful winter's day would forever change my life.


Before the story, I wanted to say a few positive things about we ladies with itty bitty...you know. So, to make all of the girls in the IBT club feel better, I decided to make a list of pros to having smaller boobies:

1. We can go bra-less with those backless dresses.
2. Runway models are rarely bigger than an A cup.
3. In Europe, it's said men prefer smaller chested women. (I'm not sure I buy this, but I'd love to meet this blind, European man they speak of.)
4.  It's unlikely that we'd be the one killed in the horror movie, such as in a shower scene, because that never happens to ladies with small boobs. 


This all leads up to the story I'm going to tell you now:

There was recently a mortifying moment that I forgot to tell y'all about, which happened a couple weeks ago. And because I am shameless and will make a joke or tell an embarrassing story at my own expense, here goes:

I was in Victoria's Secret the other day (this was before I discovered the gem also known as the Target lingerie department) and asked the sales associate if they had any more bras in a particular color.

"Any more in the bright yellow?", I ask her.

(Why yellow? Why NOT? Life is short. Wear colorful undergarments.)

"We might have some in the back," she replies.

Then she asks my size.

I tell her.

She analyzes my chest with a discerning look on her face. The face of somebody who has seen her share of boobs. The good, the bad and the just plain unsightly.

(Now....wait for it...)

She literally YELLS to the other associate on the other side of the room, "Do we have any more of the tiny ones in yellow??!!"

(There were approximately 12 people standing within earshot, whose eyes quickly made their way to my bosom.)

And then I die.

Right there between the bustiers and the cardboard cut-out of Adriana Lima.

(I think even Adriana felt bad for me at that point. "Awww, poor small-chested Amer-eee-can girl! If only I could share my beeeg, Brazilian ta-tas with you...")

And then I come back to life, I gather my thoughts, look the sales associate square in her poorly made-over face (she obvi hadn't had a foundation match in a long time) and say the first thing that pops into my mind:

"Yes. My milkshake must bring all the boys to the yard, cuz it sure ain't "the twins".


And in case you aren't familiar with the classic melody from which the above quip is derived, allow me to introduce you to Kelis here. I'd embed the video, but Kelis wasn't feeling like wearing day-time appropriate clothing today. And my grandma reads this blog.

You see, Kelis wrote a whole song about why sisters with tiny ta-ta-ta's should use their derrieres to woo men if they aren't blessed "up top". And I couldn't agree more.

Her basic philosophy is, shake what your mama gave ya.

And shake, Kelis does.


From Kelis, Adriana Lima and myself, we wish you a very happy weekend. You, and your "girls".

Be blessed, lovelies-



I'm really, really loving "up" hair at the moment. It could possibly be because our weather has been so wacky and weird lately and the wind is always going 90 to nothin'. It's impossible to have perfectly tousled "down" hair when it's practically coming a tornado outside.

I've been collecting photos from Pinterest lately with updos that I'm determined to master try this winter/spring. Some of my favs:

I'm picky about the front of an updo, too. It has to be undone and slightly wavy, IMHO. I spent darn near 20 minutes getting the front pieces of my low bun perfectly "bent" last week.

Mission accomplished? Meh.

My favorite updo of all time still remains my wedding day hair, though : ) I'm still over-the-moon that my stylist Jennifer was able to capture exactly what I described to her. She's good...real good.

What types of updos are your favorite? Any tutorials you've seen anywhere lately for cute "up" hairstyles?

Be blessed, lovelies-