Something Else

I'm over Trend Watch Wednesday. At least for this week. I told Stephen that writing about spring trends right now made me want to yack. I've been shopping, bought some spring stuff for myself and now I'm over it.

His reaction, "Why do you have to write about clothes and stuff tomorrow? Can't you talk about something else?"

Me, (emphatically and with gusto), "Because it's TREND WATCH WEDNESDAY!!! The schedule! We must stick to the schedule!!"

"Write about something else," he says, "Or just don't write tomorrow."

He cares deeply about the content of this blog, you see.

But I think I'll heed his advice.

Rather than bore us all to tears with pleats and pastels (!!), here's my 'something else':


1. We may have found love for Ari. After combing through a few emails from NWA residents and owners of female dogs, we found a match that we believe could work out well. Her name is KC, she is from Fort Smith and is part German Shepard!

This was Ari's dramatic and moving reaction when I told him that we'd found him a love match.

2. Fear not though, KC, I saw him doing push-ups and crunches in the backyard this morning. Obvi, he is excited and trying to get in shape before their first "date".

3.  I'm tired of hearing about NYFW. I mean, I love fashion as much as anyone, but I'm tired of self-proclaimed high-style bloggers pretending they're "SO excited for the Meadham Kirchhoff Fall RTW collection, I can't stand it!".

Honey, you're not there. You're in front of your computer. And pretending you're excited for a collection you can't even pronounce doesn't earn you street cred in any fashion community. Let's be real here. Will any of us actually replicate an outfit like the one below:

And just think, this is considered "Ready to Wear".
It'd be a real head-turner at the staff meeting though, wouldn't it.

4. That's why I would consider myself more of an "average girl's fashion blogger". I work on a budge. As Brad Goreski would say, "A low budge." : )

5. And I'm quite sure I've never owned "couture".

6. Unless you consider my Juicy Couture tracksuit, circa 2005. That's the closest I've come to "couture" of any variety.

7. Dance Moms continues to be my favorite show on TV at the moment. I love me some Abby Lee Miller and her scratchy, pack-a-day voice. And hot-rolled hair. Love her.

Aight, that's my "something else". I hope you enjoyed this detour from Trend Watch Wednesday, brought to you in part by Stephen.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I just became a fan of Dance Moms. Trutfully I cannot stand Abby Lee's voice and the way she treats the moms and daughters drives me NUTS!! What are those moms thinking keeping their girls in that class??!! Oh and the Candy Apple lady....biotch!!! But, I love when the girls dance. It makes me want to get back into dance so bad!

  2. oh sweet Jesus I love your blog.

  3. You are hilarious! I feel the same way about spring trends right now - we're stuck in the winter to spring transition rut I think. And I totally agree with you on NYFW - on what you said about both the reactions of fashion bloggers and the RTW lines. Calm down people. It is just clothes after all! And I love me some clothes. I just don't get all the hype about fashion week???

  4. Oh I love 4 &5 ! So true, and glad that you're so open about it! Too many people think their fashionistas and are "so stylish" because they watch NYFW..boring. They are not. i like to read about real girls wearing things I can actually buy and afford!


  5. I'm about to do a post on my love of lace shorties ... that you can buy at Pac Sun (so not couture ... or maybe even age appropriate, but I want a pair!)

    And, Dance Mom is new obsession! Guilty pleasure for sure!

  6. I couldn't have said it any better. You are hysterical! Love it.

  7. Loooove me some Abby Lee Miller!
    But Kendal's mom?? She makes me want to scream at the TV like a guy does during a football game. Last night was SOOOO bad.

    Cheer up Ari man!

    ps there's TWO words to prove im not a robot now??
    Maybe it's just me but I actually have a hard time reading some of these "words"!

  8. Hahah love this post!! Oh, and I have to admit Dance moms is a guilty pleasure of mine.
    I'm so with you on being over hearing about all the NYFW stuff. Amen to everything you said in #3!!


  9. prefer this to tww, to be honest!

  10. HA! That sounds like something my boyfriend would tell me pertaining to my blog! Men... they just don't get it!

    & this Dance Mom's show... GAH! I guess I'm going to have to give in & watch an episode! Everyone is raving about it... well, at least talking about it. I'm sure it will be added to my list of mindless tv!


  11. Dance Mom's has still got me hooked and begging for more. I get to watch last nights tonight and I'm sooooo excited!!

  12. ok that outfit reminds me of donold duck and big bird, two things i would never want to dress like.

    oh and i freakin love dance moms! my mom and i are both addicted to that show. can we a DRAAA-MA!

  13. Love you blog and love Stephen....thank him for me for the detour, way fun!

  14. I love Dance Moms! I stay up till 2am sometimes watching reruns haha!

  15. Girlfriend, you ARE something else! And I adore Ari's reaction. So much passion there. ;) If I say, "Treat," my dogs are haywire in half a second. He must have had a long night!

    AMEN about NYFW. Especially on twitter. Ugh.

  16. I love fashion just as much as any other girl, but you're the only fashion blogger I read because you're real, down to earth, wear things that can actually work in real life, and I love a fellow girl on a 'budge' :)

  17. I love that you are the "average woman's style blogger," (even though you dress way cuter than most average women I know!) And I also love Dance Moms! It is for sure my fave show this season!!! And yay for Ari finding his potential love match! ;)

  18. Love, love, love your comments about NYFW. Its about time someone stands up and says what we're all really thinking. Good for you for pointing that out!


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