Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

1. I've switched from coffee to black tea as my caffeinated beverage of the morning this week. The verdict? Coffee wins. Better buzz= faster sifting through inbox.

Ok, wait. That was a really lame way to start off a Confessional Friday post. Let's try this again, shall we? And with more feeling?


Confessional Friday...Take Two. (Clap the black movie box-thingy)

1. I tried the Naked Palette by Urban Decay and didn't love it. I know, only person on the planet not loving this shadow, right here.

I actually got it for my birthday in December and never used it. It's has far too many options for moi. I'm easily overwhelmed and work better with a duo or trio shadow. So I returned it and got this:

Three shades. Problem solved.

2. I've done so much spring shopping lately, it should be a sin. Well folks, I've sinned again.

Zig Zag Shift Dress

This little number was re-stocked at Sosie, so I bought it last night. Can't wait to pair it with a cute skinny belt and some bright shoes.

3. I think the Zig Zag dress calls for some bright earrings like these by Kendra Scott, perhaps? I'm not sure how this is a 'confession' but I just wanted you all to know I'm really putting a lot of thought into accessorizing these days.

4. Stephen and I will be modeling as a couple in Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. (Yes, you are completely allowed to laugh.) We are certainly no David & Victoria Beckham, but we are pleased as punch that Mason's thought to include us in their show. Swing by on March 10th @ 10:00 p.m. and catch us in all our catwalking glory.

Buy your tickets here for this fun week of fashion that supports LOCAL stores, like Mason's, Maude Boutique and Savoir-Faire!

5. I feel like I'm tooting my own horn saying this (and we all know no one likes a horn-tooter), but I recently wrote an article about NWA Fashion Week, which is in the February 2012 issue of Citiscapes. Pick up a copy if you live in Northwest Arkansas, on stands now!

Okay girls, what'cha got for me? Let's hear those confessions!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Aw if I lived there I would totally have to come see you in your fashion show glory! Please take some pictures for us!!

  2. I love that you always share where you find your outfits! They are fabulous. It's frustrating when bloggers share their cute outfits but then don't want to share where they found them. So, thank you!

  3. I HAVE been eying that darn dress :) LOVE IT! Cant wait to see it on you :)

  4. i have been craving spring clothes... buying a few items at a time, but its killing me!

    congrats on the article, thats awesome!

  5. I LOVE that dress! I'm sure y'alls weather has been just as warm as ours here in TX... Spring is definitely upon us & I'm so excited!

  6. The fashion show thingy will be fun! How exciting. You two are a good looking couple so it's not too much of a stress. Congrats on being an actual published writer too. LOVE that dress!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I ooooh-ed really loud when I saw that dress. LOVE IT! Please show us pictures when you get wear it! A small independent store here was carrying one similar and I was too scurred to purchase it. Mostly because A) I don't think they had it in my size and B) I just don't think I'm ready for something SO short, however I guess I could pair it with leggings and look cute too... right? Help me Fashionista you're my only hope! ox HappY Weekend!

  8. Congrats on being published! That is awesome!!! And your recently shopping/modeling got me in the mood for spring clothes...so I hit Old Navy yesterday and found the cutest stuff! Thanks for the inspiration!! And this is my first link up - yeah!!

  9. Just wanted to let you know that you aren't the only one that isn't too crazy about the naked palette. This girl right here *raises hand* doesn't like it either. Just not for me. I use benefits big beautiful eyes, and I love it :).

    Btw, I'm from Arkansas too, just the southwest corner right by Texas :).


What'cha got?