Confessional Friday {Link-Up!}

I confess that I’m obsessed with Bath and Body Works’ scent Autumn. They have it in the car Scentables and also the candles. It’s AMAZING if you’re addicted to candles like I am.

I confess that I’m not at all upset that we won’t be going to the Hogs game tomorrow. The chance of rain is crazytown and I’m not down with getting drenched for 3 hours. I’ll support my Razorbacks from the comfort of our couch.

I confess that this little lady is going through her “I’m going to chew everything in my path” phase. And it’s driving me crazy. She’s teething and we’re told it won’t last forever, but OH LORDY. I caught her gnawing on my Gianni Bini wedges this morning and about lost my mind. Except…that face…gah! It gets me every time.

Taken by my friend Christi when Ruby was sitting on her lap : )
I confess that I’m getting my roots done tomorrow and I may wake up early just to put on full make-up. Something about the lighting in a hair salon is SO unflattering and every time I go, I’m like, “Snap! My face looks frightening!” Anyone else hate the way they look in dressing rooms/salons??

Sorry for the brief confessional today...gotta do some actual work this morning : )

Happy Weekend, y'all!


P.P.S. - PLEASE don't link up unless your post is Confessional Friday-themed. I look at every single link and found several earlier today that weren't pertaining to the link-up. I deleted them - won't name names - but please do me a solid and stick to the rules : ) Thanks!

Be blessed, lovelies-


The Happiest Ads on Earth

Beyonce Knowles, Lyle Lovett and Oliver Platt channel Alice in Wonderland

What happens when you take a slew of major Hollywood mega-stars and put them in crazy costumes for photos by a brilliant photographer?

Magic, darling. Pure magic.

This certainly isn't new. In fact, you've probably seen the 2011/2012 ad series for Disney shot by Annie Leibovitz floating around in some of your favorite mags. In case you haven't though, allow me to show you.

Feast your eyes, child.

Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel as the cast of the Haunted House

Russell Brand as Captain Hook

Kiera Knightly as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Orlando Bloom as King Arthur

Soccer wiz David Beckham as the Prince in Sleeping Beauty

Jessica Biel as Pocahontas

Zac Ephron and Vanessa Hudgens as the Prince and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

One of my personal favorites, Queen Latifah as Ursula. 

Julianne Moore as Ariel in The Little Mermaid

Giselle B., Tina Fey and Mikhail Baryshnikov as Wendy, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

Up close of Tina Fey as Tink.

A little whimsy for your Thursday.

Tell me, what was your favorite Disney character growing up? Mine was Peter Pan : )

Be blessed, lovelies-


Gridiron Glam

Last year, I did a mega-post with gameday dresses and tops for all the gals in the SEC. This year, I decided to carry on that tradition. I'm a creature of habit, so there's a 156% chance it'll happen again next year.

This doesn't mean that fans from other conferences can't enjoy these same trends. I am only familiar with the color schemes of the SEC, as I'm a Razorback girl. Plus, MY LORD that would take forever to list every school in the U.S.

Makes me need an Excedrin just thinking about it.


Crimson cuties will love this adorable one-shoulder number with nifty houndstooth print from Impressions. We think Bear Bryant would have approved.


Hog fan hotties could rock either of these outfits from Impressions on gameday or to a stylish tailgate, (or even to the office!) Woo Pig Stylish!


War Eagle women will turn heads in this stylish tunic from Red Dress Boutique. With such a striking print, all eyes will be on her instead of the quarterback.


Floridian fashionistas could sport these chic pants to a game or tailgate with ease. And they're totally work appropriate! From The Ragev.


Hawt diggity dawg! This black and red zig-zag dress from Red Dress Boutique is scorching! For the game, the stands and everything in between.


Kentucky girls are going "wild" for this little number in bold blue from Savoir-Faire.


I see this purple and gold top from Tru Colors Apparel in the future for many an LSU fan. Don't y'all?

Mississippi State

Mississippi's finest Southern Belles would look presh in this little frock from ASOS.


New to the SEC, Mizzou girls are sure to be stylish in this beautiful black and cream zig zag dress from Lavish! I love this as an alternative to a plain black dress for this school.

Ole Miss

This GORGEOUS plaid shirt (which yours truly just happens to own) is blue, red and perfect for Ole Miss girls! Find it at Savoir-Faire.

South Carolina

Words cannot describe the perfection of this dress from Blue Door Boutique for South Carolinian sweethearts. 


I know TN's color is technically not burnt orange, but still...y'all could totes wear this to a game. And so could Auburn gals! From The Rage.

Texas A & M

This is another new-to-the-SEC team this year, which is a great excuse for any Aggie lady to get some new gameday clothes, (not that anyone ever needed an excuse to buy gameday clothes!) Love this sweater from The Rage.


This beautiful chevron dress from Red Dress Boutique would be ten kinds of perfect for any Vandy girl...so chic! Just like the ladies at Vanderbilt!

So whatever team you choose to support this football season, SEC team or not, be stylish. Hey, gamedays (at least around these parts) are the perfect opportunity to show off a new outfit - even if it is a tad ridiculous for a tailgate...it's what we do!

P.S.- Woo Pig! Beat Jacksonville State on Saturday!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Weekend Recap: {Last Hurrah in Heber}

Hey, girls! I know it's later in the day than I usually post, but I wanted to share a few photos with all of you of our weekend. We visited my parents in Heber Springs, where I grew up.

The king of Greers Ferry Lake

Hanging with the broski on the back of the boat.

Matthew took a little snooze.

Stopped for a photo-op on a bridge. Despite my wet hair and awful attire, I'm so glad we took a pic of the two of us. Thanks for taking this photo, Mom! 
We spent all day Saturday on my parents' boat on the lake. It drizzled A LOT and came a downpour for a few minutes. My mother saves everything and packed this super stylish Sea World poncho for someone to wear in case of rain.

Please ignore the lack of make-up and lovely wet hair. It is what it is. Or was.

I was the lucky (and completely willing) recipient.

The things you'll do when you're soaking wet.


I also got to introduce this little nugget to the fam. Obvi, they loved her presh little self.

Be blessed, lovelies-