Confessional Friday: {Link-up}


Happy birthday to my mom! (She takes precedence over any confession.)

I confess that fall shopping is in full effect. I am over the stinkin’ moon for this Chanel-inspired cardigan from Maude Boutique that I got yesterday! At this rate, I’ll be stocked up for fall before September rolls around!

And HOW beautiful is Meredith? ALL the girls from Maude (Chloe, Jena, Meredith) are so pretty!

I confess that I wore my new long-sleeved Pika top from Savoir-Faire yesterday, despite it being August.  I LOVED how comfy it was! It’s light enough that it honestly felt cooler than some of my short-sleeved blouses. I paired it with jeans in honor of our dear Razorbacks : )

I confess that I made a lunch out of a ginormous strawberry smoothie from a coffee shop near my office. Hey, liquid lunches count too, right?

I confess that I’m slightly nervous about getting the new pup, only because of potty training. I helped train Max, my parents’ weenie dog, but that was ages ago. Anyone have experience with potty training little pups?

I confess that we’ve purchased far too much for little Ruby and she doesn’t even arrive until tomorrow! Pet Head shampoo (by the makers of Tigi Bedhead, because my girl will have awesome hair), a matching herringbone collar and leash, a suede bed and matching chocolate-colored food dish, a plush miniature stuffed teddy for snuggle time, etc. Lord help me if we ever have a daughter.

I confess that I feel so gross and dirty when I have bad roots. Do any other hair chemical-enthusiasts ever feel the same way? I just feel like my hair looks gross, even when I’ve just washed it.  September 1st can’t get here quickly enough.

I confess that I’m SO happy for Jennifer Aniston and her engagement to Justin Theroux. Howevs, I think it’s ridiculous that people are saying, “OH, WHAT A RELIEF!” Yeah, because she’s such a dog and it’s really a miracle that anyone would marry such a disgusting hag. Really peeps? Maybe girlfriend just wanted to take her time and find the RIGHT guy. Sorry, I love Jen and may get a teensy bit defensive on her behalf : )

I confess that I’ve just added the entire first season of Pretty Little Liars to our Netflix. I know I’m 27, but I have a feeling I’ll love it. Any other P.L.L. fans out there?

Alrighty, that's all I've got. Have a splendid weekend, y'all. 

 Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I added PLL to my Netflix after watching all the episodes of Gossip Girl. I haven't started them yet, but maybe now's the time. Don't worry, I have 8 years on your and it's in my list if that helps. :)

  2. we have a mini dachshund and he was the easiest thing to potty train ! he is a wonderful dog , a little moody in his old age but we love him nonetheless

  3. Three months and some gross roots later, I am FINALLY getting highlights today! I totally know how you feel. I am convinced that roots have a directly negative effect on self-esteem. Perhaps we should suggest that for a new scientific study? Lol! Making blondes everywhere a little bit smarter - one confessional post at a time:) PS: Can't wait to see pics/hear all about little Ruby. Unlike children, dogs really don't turn into brats. So spoil her all you want!!!

  4. YAY PUPPY!!!

    I need my hair did NOW!!!!


  5. I love love love PLL. Just clear your evening calendar and plan on getting addicted.

  6. PLL is so great! Don't feel guilty about watching it, especially because my fiance watches it religiously with me, and he is 29 :)

  7. I can't WAIT to have another puppy to blog stalk. Because I do that. I follow people solely for their puppy pictures. Lucky for you I have already loved you before Ruby but that doesn't mean I won't puppy stalk. Hope you don't mind!

  8. The way we potty trained both of our dogs...

    We put a bell on the door we used to take them out of. We would for the first x number of weeks just take them out a lot and each time, we would touch their nose to the bell. Then they learned that bell meant they had to go potty and from then on, they learned to touch the bell to let us know. Granted, our current dog learned that the bell meant she could go outside just to sniff air so we've since learned her other potty signals and have removed the bell but it's great to train with!!

  9. LOVE the name Ruby for your new cute, its too cute! I feel the same way about Jen Aniston, they just need to leave her alone.

  10. Happy Birthday to your mom! LOVE that shirt!

  11. OMG LOVE PLL!! I just started watching at the beginning of summer on Netflix and am now all caught up. I found it addicting!

    I have a small dog and kennel training him helped tremendously with potty training. I didn't start kennel training him until I ran into problems with potty training and then continued to kennel him every night and that made a huge difference. He is now 5 and we haven't put him in his kennel since he was about 2 but that definitely helped potty train him. Good luck!

  12. We're potty training out Westie puppy right now! It is a difficult process, I won't lie! But it's not so bad and they pick it up pretty quick!!

    The keys for us have been consistency, taking him on a leash in the back yard so we see him use the potty, and praise and reward him right away! Plus we're crate training so that helps him to learn to hold it.

    Good luck with Ruby! Can't wait to see pictures!!

  13. We're potty training our Westie puppy right now! It's like having a baby at first, no joke!! But they catch on pretty quick!

    The keys for us have been consistency, taking him out in the backyard to the same spot and on a leash so we see him potty, and praising and rewarding him right as he's finished! Plus we're crate training so that helps him learn to hold it.

    Good luck with Ruby! I can't wait to see pictures!!

  14. Best advice for puppy training - crate training. It seems cruel, but we trained our dog with a crate and it worked wonders. She rarely had accidents.

    She slept with us at night, so you may have to be alert then to avoid accidents but you could put the pup in there at night too but they will yelp and whine to be near you.

    We trained June she would go in the crate in the AM when we left for work, come out at lunch, go back in and then come out when we returned to play and get lots of attention. When you let the pup out IMMEDIATELY go outside to let him/her do their business. They will get the cue and most puppies, so long as they aren't sick, won't mess in the crate. You have to be sure the crate however isn't that much larger than them. They need to be able to stand comfortably, turn in a circle and maybe stretch out too but not have a running around spot. Or they will mess in the corner and sleep on the other side.

    Our girl had accidents when she was sick, and we felt horrible, but I am proud to say that after being crate trained for less than a year, and then keeping up the crate training for a few years when she finally out grew her crate, we started giving her a ROOM to hang out in while we were at work. She has since been given run of the house. She's 5 now, and has had run of the house all day w/out accents for 3 years. :)


  15. I'm 29 and obsessed with PLL. I've even read the books.

  16. I agree with crate training. I thought it was so cruel at first, but it helps tremendously. I'm glad I did it. My dog never goes potty inside and doesn't use a crate anymore either. I heard once (can't remember when or by whom) that adding 1 to the number of months a puppy is will tell you how many hours they can usually hold their pee. I also used that and made sure to take my puppy out at the right time. It's a great way to avoid accidents at home. Hope that helps =)

  17. Love the cardi! So pretty!

    Happy Birthday to your mom :)

  18. My best friend and I watch it every single week... and we're the same age as you. There is no judgment when it comes to high quality television.

  19. I loveee Jennifer.A and hate that people are saying that too. Everyone needs to get off her back and just be HAPPY for her!

    So excited for you regarding your new pup and cannot wait to see photos!


  20. Get ready to be addicted to Pretty Little Liars!!!


  21. Girl, I m 30 and am PLL obsessed! Also, I trained little Gracie from when she was a puppy. I googled a lot. And I crate trained her. That works REALLY well because they won't go potty in the crate, so I came home a lot to let her out, but she didnt have accidents. And she learned SUPER fast. :) ANd I love that cardigan! Fabulous!

    I need to read to see if you've blogged about this (work has been BANANAS and I've missed a lot), but what is your take on collar necklaces? Like the bib collar necklace? I'm figuring out if I can (or should) pull one off. Help. haha!


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