Your Chance to Date Ryan Reynolds!

via Sugar and Cloth

Except, it's not really.

At all.

But you DO have the chance to complete this brief and exciting 145 question survey!

Kidding. It's more like six questions. And you don't win anything. Except another year of (hopefully) entertaining blog reading.

Each year, I like to take inventory from you guys. The readers. You girls that graciously take two minutes out of your busy day to read the ramblings of a crazy, fashion-adoring Southerner.

Consider it quality control.

I want to give y'all something to look forward to on here.

So please, please take 2 minutes (if you can) and complete this riveting questionnaire.

Or else it's nothing but economics and foreign policy discussions going forward.

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Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. This is a good idea and a great way to get feedback from your readers!

    I love your blog. I've been following since I started mine, just over a year ago! :)


  2. You so had me excited because I think Ryan Reynolds is the HOTTEST! I was signing up even though I'm married! ;)

  3. I knew you were pulling our leg but of course I looked anyways. Survey done!! I honestly had to think hard because I think it's been 3 years that we've been following each others blogs. Yours has grown a lot...mine not so much-and I'm totally okay with that-b/c regardless we're both still here! Three years is a long time and that's pretty cool.

  4. Leslie--
    Love your blog! Do you do sponsorship? Would love to help you out :)


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