The Matboard

You know how once in a while a great idea comes along and changes the way we look at things in web world ? That pretty much sums up The Matboard.

I am so humbled and proud to introduce you to my friends, Austin and Natalia Phillips, who recently developed and launched this new image bookmarking web app for the creative world. Austin is my co-worker at the communications firm in Fayetteville and is an amazing graphic designer. He has an uncanny knack for being able to take a concept and yield a brilliant design.

Austin and Natalia Phillips

Natalia is Austin's beautiful and sweet wife! She works for a local vendor and has an extensive background in advertising and business analysis. Natalia is incredibly smart and no doubt was instrumental in helping shape The Matboard from a marketing standpoint.

With a passion for innovation, and connecting people with inspiring ideas, Austin and Natalia saw the need to offer creatives a digital platform enabling them to connect with people based on their shared creative tastes and interests. And so, The Matboard was born.

What is the Matboard? 

The Matboard was co-founded by The Phillips with a vision to improve the way we explore the creative world.  The Matboard is a social, image bookmarking web application designed specifically for the creative world. We intend for The Matboard to become a community for creative collaboration, and professional growth.

In its simplest form, it's an almost endless flow of user-submitted, bookmarked, creative work organized into over 30 collections. It has full social integrations, personal profiles created through FB or Twitter and portfolio boards which allow users to promote and share their own work.

The Matboard will enable users to explore, share, and inspire creative work and provide a digital platform from which they can connect with others based on their shared creative tastes and interests. 

In other words…
So you might ask, what can I do here? For starters, The Matboard allows you to collect and organize creative awesomeness you find on the web –all in one place. It’s a powerful tool in itself, but only a small part of this creative, social hub. Use The Matboard to search for inspiration, or simply browse an endless flow of creative work. You can create a “moodboard” for a project by collecting your visual content on a Matboard, or browse work by location to find specific talent in your area. Promote your work for the world to see when you add your work to your portfolio board and Follow the creatives who inspire you, their work and the work they promote.

What can you do? Favorite features 

1. Collect and organize creative awesomeness you find. 
So, you've found something completely awesome and you want to save it to reference later. Use the Mat button to Mat it on one of your Matboards.

2. Search for inspiration.
Pick a collection of work, sit back with coffee-in-hand, and explore a nearly endless flow of inspiring, creative work.

3. Fine-tune the style of work you see when browsing.
Create a tailored browsing experience by following the content you love and blocking content you don't.

4. Create a "moodboard" for a project.
Collect your visual content on a Matboard to help you visually organize the imagery, typography, color and feel for the new project

5. Find specific talent in your area. (This feature is coming soon.)
Use the location filter to search through portfolio work produced in your area. The location filter is found at the top of every colllection page.

6. Promote your portfolio.
Add your own work to your portfolio board for the world to see. Connect your profile page to your personal website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

7. Become a featured creative.
Want to drive traffic to your portfolio? Have your portfolio work featured on the homepage. We can take care of that! Contact us for details.

8. Connect with other creatives.
Follow the creatives who inspire you. Visit their profiles to connect and learn more about them. Keep up with their work and collaborate with them on projects. 


Follow me (Leslie) and other peeps on The Matboard and start using this innovative new tool for your image bookmarking!

*The Matboard is a product of and owned by Matchstick Media LLC.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. This would be great for my portfolio (if I'm understanding correctly). I don't like the host I'm using now. Is it free?

    Hope you check out my giveaway!


  2. Oh I love this! I'll definitely be signing up!

  3. but i can't figure out how to follow you. for being a blogger, i sure am computer-dumb. :)

  4. This sounds awesome. I'm going to go check it out :)

  5. VERY cool! I shared with the creative team at work! :)


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