Confessional Friday {Link-Up!}

I confess that I’m obsessed with Bath and Body Works’ scent Autumn. They have it in the car Scentables and also the candles. It’s AMAZING if you’re addicted to candles like I am.

I confess that I’m not at all upset that we won’t be going to the Hogs game tomorrow. The chance of rain is crazytown and I’m not down with getting drenched for 3 hours. I’ll support my Razorbacks from the comfort of our couch.

I confess that this little lady is going through her “I’m going to chew everything in my path” phase. And it’s driving me crazy. She’s teething and we’re told it won’t last forever, but OH LORDY. I caught her gnawing on my Gianni Bini wedges this morning and about lost my mind. Except…that face…gah! It gets me every time.

Taken by my friend Christi when Ruby was sitting on her lap : )
I confess that I’m getting my roots done tomorrow and I may wake up early just to put on full make-up. Something about the lighting in a hair salon is SO unflattering and every time I go, I’m like, “Snap! My face looks frightening!” Anyone else hate the way they look in dressing rooms/salons??

Sorry for the brief confessional today...gotta do some actual work this morning : )

Happy Weekend, y'all!


P.P.S. - PLEASE don't link up unless your post is Confessional Friday-themed. I look at every single link and found several earlier today that weren't pertaining to the link-up. I deleted them - won't name names - but please do me a solid and stick to the rules : ) Thanks!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. yes! I hate the lighting too, it's awful!! does Ruby have chew sticks? that's the best thing we ever got for Daisy. Get the little nylar bones or whatever they are called, does wonders! It's true, it wont last forever...

  2. OH my gosh yes to the lighting! I feel like I look like an entirely different person when I'm sitting in that salon seat. I don't get it! I can never tell if I like my cut or not until I get home just because I feel like crapola there.

  3. Lighting can seriously make or break you! I remember watching Clueless and she said "what did I stumble into some bad light?" I didn't get it at the time but now I totally do. Yeah-this is my 3rd confessions link up!

  4. SO excited for game day. ROLL TIDE!

    And thank you I will now be obsessed with that candle too. They had one YEARS ago when I worked there that smelled just like the woods in autumn time, fingers crossed this one does too! Fall is my most favorite time of year!

    Happy Weekend Darlin!

  5. You are spot on with salon lighting, I do the same thing! Or just avoid looking at the mirror.
    Have a great weekend :)

  6. I have yet to burn the Autumn candle but it's on its way. Leaves is my absolute favorite!


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