Fall Preview (Does Not Include Preview of Cooler Weather)

via J.Crizzle

Today, we’re going to ignore the fact that it’s hotter than blue blazes outside and pretend that Fall is just around the corner. Even though it will probably be in the nineties until September 17th. And then the stars will align and deliver us a crispy cool wedding anniversary day.


Yeah, probably not.

Shorts and tanks until January, y’all!

Anyhoodle, to stick my most middle-est of fingers in the face of this horrible hot mess, I thought I’d give a nod to my most favorite of seasons – autumn – with an outfit post with non-summery things.
Things I hope to be able to wear sometime next February.

When temperatures drop to frigid 72 degrees.

This skirt needs to find a place to stick it. And, in a perfect world, “it” would be my closet.


This dress. How doth I love that Peter Pan collar and that rich shade of purple? Let me start counting the ways and by the time I get done, it’ll be cold enough to wear it.

I told you I loved this kelly green blazer, didn’t I? To really drive home that point, I thought I'd post it again. And every day henceforth.


These remind me of high-water horseback riding pants, if there were such a thing. And though that sounds a bit derogatory, I mean it in the most complimentary of fashions.


And the Good Lord said, “Let there be more color-blocking in Fall 2012!” And all the buyers at Piperlime said, “Amen.”


Remember how I pleaded with everyone to get on board the leather pants train? I meant it. There are ways to wear them that won’t leave you looking like a broke-down band groupie. And as soon as it’s cool enough to do so, I’ll show ya how to style ‘em.

Speaking of leather pants, does anyone remember this classic epi of Friends? You’re welcome.

This top is “plum” presh.


My girl Tess has some shoes y’all need, too. They are ankle-high and so flattering with a skinny jean and voluminous blouse or oversize sweater for fall/winter.

Get 'em at Savoir-Faire
And that, dearies, is your Fall Fashion Preview.

P.S.- Big thanks to Mason's for including us (me and the hunk of a Southern gent standing next to me, a.k.a. Stephen)  as "models" in their Fayetteville Favorites Back-to-School Lookbook, featuring a handful of Northwest Arkansas bloggers. It was a really fun (and hot) day of playing dress-up!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I love that plum top!

    And I believe you about the leather pants but I don't think I'll jump on the train... sorry lol

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you for posting the Ross in leather pants clip. My favorite episode! Haha!!!

  3. Loving those "high-water riding pants"...they are precious ;)

    Lindsay @

  4. I freaking love this post all the way from the J.Crizzle to the Friends ep that is one of my favs! :) Great outfits, too! If only fall was around the corner.. or if only we had a longer one when it finally arrives. Granted, last winter was pretty mild. I'd take that again. :) Sending love across the border to AR! XOXO! Also, that last pic of you guys is presh!

  5. Love that Friends episode....."the lotion and powder seemed to have made a paste!". Classic!!

  6. Y'all are precious! Love the pic!

  7. I love that color blocking is still in! Such great colors. I just started a blog and would love for you to check it out!



  8. I love the tan and black pants! xo


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