Lavishly Yours

def. Expended, bestowed or given in a generous form. Using or giving in great amounts.


What do you think of when you hear the word “lavish”? I know that the first thing I think of is indulgence. Indulging myself in unnecessary little luxuries that make me feel a little more feminine.

With Lavish, a presh little store in Russellville, AR – you can lavish yourself on the reg.

The Lavish pooches, some most adorable shop helpers!

Owner Bethany left her "regular" job start her dream boutique and the rest is history. She wanted to establish a place where women from all financial backgrounds and personal styles could come and shop. Her store is like a little jewel box – small enough to not be overwhelming, but with plenty of merchandise to keep you coming back time and again.

I'm in love with this Lavish tee.

As Bethany says on the Lavish Facebook page, all of their clothing is priced UNDER $40. They also carry a range of sizes, from small to 3X. Lavish also makes it their mission to support local artists and as a result, many of their items are handmade.

The focus of Lavish? It’s simple. Super cool home décor, personal accessories and presh clothing.

Most of the items from Lavish ship nationwide for only $7 and you can shop via their FB page. You can also set up a shopping account on FB, which helps you claim items when you see cute items you need in your life : ) They also have a super cute website where you can learn more about the company.

Know what I’m loving about all these sponsors we’ve talked about (plus Ex Voto, which we’ll discuss tomorrow)? They are all FOUNDED and OPERATED by women. That’s right, y’all. A whole bunch of girls.

And that, my dears, gives me all kinds of warm fuzzies.

Lavish yourself, girls!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I'm in love....with that chevron dress. Ugh. Just LOVE it! :)

    Lindsay @

  2. Leslie, I'm just loving your blog! I'm semi-new to the blogging world, and have just become obsessed with 'A Blonde Ambition'! I would greatly appreciate it if you'd come visit me at www.ManolosandMonograms.blogspot.com. I NEED FOLLOWERS! I have zero... Is that pathetic after almost 4 months? Or is that the norm?? Have a wonderful day!

  3. This is all so darling! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Leslie at Manolos and Monograms-- I tried to follow your blog (all about supporting a fellow NC girl!), but didn't see the button to follow! Precious blog-- I'll def check back with you!

  5. Hi Williamson's - There's a "Join" button above all the thumbnail photos on the left hand side. Although I'm not from NC, I appreciate the support ; )

  6. Love a good woman run business! Cheers from one working girl to another!

  7. YOU are amazing. These posts are amazing! You have this Mississippi girl ready for a trip to Arkansas!


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