Confessional Friday {Edition: Better Late Than Never}

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Sorry, gals. This morning was ten kinds of madness at the office. However, I like being busy, so I'm not complaining.

Just tardy.

1) I confess that I'm about to collapse in anticipation of getting little Ruby. Friday, y'all. The day is Friday.

2) I confess that they're finally building a house on the other side of ours now. We were quite relieved to see the couple that will likely be purchasing it and, wonder of wonders, they look completely normal! "Yay!" for having neighbors that don't look like they'll rob you blind. (Not that our current neighbors do, but I used to live next to some shady peeps back in college. That'll teach you never to take for granted the blessing of having of normal neighbors. It'll also teach you to chain down your patio furniture.)

3) I confess that, although we have no plans to add to our family for a couple years or more, the thought of possibly having a kiddo one day is kind of exciting : ) We went to the Sadler's house last night - the Sadlers are close friends of ours - for a birthday dinner.

There was the CUTEST little three-year-old girl there, Madelyn. She was one of the most adorable toddlers I've ever seen and so well-spoken. Seriously, I've never met a child that could speak that clearly and that used such advanced lingo. She took careful time to show me her painted fingernails, introduce me to Rapunzel and Jasmine (her dolls), and then she flirted with Stephen. My heart almost burst watching him interact with her.

4) September 1st. That's the next time I'll be getting my hair done. Should I mention that the last time I got my hair done was June 10th. My roots are horrendous. Just awful.

I'm pretending it's intentional. Maybe I can pawn it off as "ombre" until the first of next month.

5) I confess that this week has been one of the more challenging in my career as a writer, but also one of the most rewarding. Sometimes the most trying of projects are those that teach us the most in our professional lives. Being at this point in my career is worth every cruddy little job I had to take along the way. It got me here.

Let this be a lesson: If you're stuck in a hamster-wheel job, don't give up. Keep pushing the envelope and applying for that job that seems untouchable. You'll get there. I'm finally to a point where I can use the tools I picked up in school. Where I can write professionally. Write to pay the bills. Wow. Such a cool feeling.

A feeling that I'm doing a really inadequate job of capturing in words right now : ) So, I'm going to move on.

6) Stephen and I have eaten ice cream every night this week. And it has been worth every empty calorie. Thank you, Nestle.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Happy Friday!
    I haven't been around in what feels like forrrrrrrrrrrrever! But yay for the non-serial killer neighbors, even MORE yay for the stinkin' cute pup! I can't wait to see you guys grow your little family... cutest little babies ever I am sure!!


  2. happy friday leslie!! I hear u about being busy I am so swamped at work too I have been blogging at night lol! I haven't gotten my roots done since...... drum roll please.. May 19 AHHH. I have an appt for in 2 weeks thank god!

  3. That puppy picture melted my heart. You eat that ice cream girl! You can afford it!

  4. I can't wait to start seeing pictures of your puppy!

    I can really relate to No. 5. I'm on the struggle bus with my 8-5 right now - driving it half the time. But it's all part of a bigger plan. :)

    Happy Friday!

  5. That's so awesome you have gotten to such a good place in your career. I can only wish!! I linked up for the first time with a confessional post. Yeah!! Eat some more ice cream tonight. Might as well!

  6. Happy Friday! Love you link up! :)


  7. What ever happened to the neighbor that mowed at like 7 AM on weekends, is he still doing that? I too haven't had my roots done since June! I get mine don't next week!


  8. My hair is awful, too! I share in the "ombre" ness! :)

  9. Those dogs are so cute!!
    you have such a cute blog.
    New follower!

    Look forward to continue reading



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