Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Sophie
Greetings, Blonde Ambitioners...how y'all doin?

In the past 24 hours, I have been, (as we say in the south), sicker than a dog. I'll spare you the gory details, but let's just say it wasn't pretty : ) Anywho, yacking aside, I'm alive and well and just happy to be here.

On a positive note, the cat seems to have gone MIA...at least for now. Not sure if this is because animal control or the apartment complex actually, physically removed it due to my non-stop complaining or if some cat fairy magically wisked it away from Building 4, but for now, kitty-poo has disappeared and my sanity has made a comeback.

Well enough about stomach bugs and crazed cats...let's talk about fashion! (Does it sometimes, maybe just a smidge, crack y'all up how all over the place posts can be? Obviously I find it amusing.)

I'm a lover of all things preppy. Shocker, right?

Per usual, Marc Jacobs has heard our cries for preppy goodness and given us oodles of gorgeous options to choose from this fall, especially in the handbag area. Behold, these two beauties:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Aidan in PortMarc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Natasha in Gray

Lord knows, you can't do preppy without a good plaid top and striped cardigan, right? I'll take that one and that one:

Mystic Plaid Shirt in Navy Multi by CC California; Striped Cardigan by MM Couture

...and this good-enough-for-boarding-school blazer...

Sanctuary Military Schoolboy Blazer

Let's get preppy with it.

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Piperlime


Free to a Good Home. Or Any Home, Really.

"Scary cat...scary cat...what are they feeding you?"...it's the remix, ya'll!

I'll preface this by saying, this is probably going to offend some of you cat lovers. I realize not all kitties are awful, I'm just a dog person.  That being said...

I don't like cats.

I also don't like green olives, mullets or candy corn.

Until recently, all of those things were equally unliked. They all resided on an equal playing field of "Things Leslie Doesn't Care For". But not anymore, friends. Ohhhhhh noooooo....not anymore.

In the past 14 days, my disdain for felines has shot through the roof (along with my blood pressure) due to one crazed, possibly disease-ridden cat that has taken up residence outside of my building at my apartment complex. It's LARGE, with disgusting, gray matted fur. A gorgeous creature, really.

You see, it all started about 2 weeks ago, when one night my boyfriend and I decide to go for an evening walk around my apartment complex. The weather was nice and we wanted to stretch our legs. Simple enough, right?

Anyway, so we start walking and as we're rounding the back of the complex we see a rather large, stray-looking cat, crouched on the ground about 10 feet away from where we are. Because it's a large apartment community, there are tons of pets out at any given time of the day, though most of them are kept on leashes. We thought someone might have just let it out for a potty break or something and really didn't think anything of it.

So we keep walking and without any warning, said cat bolts toward us, all possessed-like and whatnot.

Of course this startles us, so we kind of shoo it away and keep walking, hoping maybe it was just being playful. It then proceeds to crouch down to pounce AGAIN and charges at us AGAIN, almost like it was gearing up for Round Two. This time, we throw a water bottle at it to try to deter it long enough for us to calmly walk run back to my building. Ok, well I ran like a little girl, my guy was a bit more cool and collected : )

Fast forward to about a week later...the boy and I are out walking again one night and guess who decides to make an appearance....yep- the scary cat, himself.

This time the cat does the same as before...crouches down as soon as we're in its view (mind you we were standing about 20 feet away from it, not bothering it at all). We try to stay calm and keep walking, hoping that if we ignore it, it will leave us alone.

No dice.

As soon as we are within about 10 feet of it, it charges at us very aggressively. We had a wad of keys with us, so we instinctively just hurl the keys as hard as we can. This does not deter the crazed animal ONE BIT. It crouches, charges and pounces....again. Of course by this point, we're both freaking out a little because it's quite a distance back to my building.

Just as this is all going down, a fellow resident sees what's going on and asks us if we just had a run in with "the gray cat". Apparently, it chased her up to the 3rd floor of her building just nights before!

Fast forward to this past Sunday....


A Little of This, A Little of That

Portions of this blog post are related to cooking, hence the pic of the stockpot above (via Pioneer Woman). Not sure why I felt the need to explain the use of photography on my blog, but now you know. And I feel better.

Good mid-morning, beautiful bloggy friends! I had planned on writing about something fashion-related today, but felt more compelled to just talk randomness. All over the map, this post shall be...

- Let's start with a praise report...the weather in AR has finally cooled off! In fact, last night on my little evening stroll I almost got, dare I say, chilly! According to the weather app on my iPhone, this cripsy, cool awesomeness has no sign of stopping anytime soon and that makes me a happy camper. Yay fall...we're so glad you have arrived. Better late than never, fo' sho'.

-I have a ridiculous craving for soup right now because of the sudden arrival of frigid (but not really) temps...specifically tortilla soup or taco soup (I've heard it called both .) Do any of you have a semi-easy recipe for a good taco/tortilla soup? If so, PLEASE share! You can either post the recipe in the comments or shoot it to me in an email at askblondeambion@gmail.com

-Ok, so maybe we didn't beat 'Bama on Saturday, but I'm so proud of the way our boys played. The Hogs definitely held their own against the Crimson Tide and many people, (myself included), thought we might even beat them for awhile : ) Either way, win or lose, it was such a good game and fun SEC match-up!

-If any of you out there have super thick or coarse hair (like mine), I have found the Best. Conditioner. Ever. No lie, girls, it rocks my world in so many ways. It's called No Frizz Conditioner by Living Proof and you can buy it at The Mothership Sephora. The girl at the Sephora in Rogers told me it was the best stuff she'd ever used on her hair, (she also had super massive hair like me) and she wasn't kidding. True story- I didn't even have to Chi my hair after I washed and dried it this morning! Plus, it smells divine. Buy it now, ladies.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post in which I'll delight you all in the story of my ongoing saga with a pesky crazed, stray cat that has taken over my life, my neighborhood and my sanity. You might want to pop some popcorn, it's gonna be a good 'un.

Hope your Monday is positively grand ; )

Be blessed, lovelies-


I Only Have One Thing To Say...

Pillow from Riff Raff Boutique in Fayetteville, AR

Ok, well we all know that's not true, don't we? Of course I always have numerous things to say, but I thought I'd keep today's post short, sweet and SEC-focused : )

I'm ten kinds of pumped (and maybe even a teensy bit nervous) for Saturday's game. Our Razorback boys will take on the Crimson Tide in what will surely be the most exciting game of the season. I hope to high heavens it ends in a Hogs' victory , but either way, I know it'll be fun to watch!

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Riff Raff Boutique, Fayetteville, AR


Office Space

Lately I've been ogling gorgeous photos of nifty offices in magazines like Elle Decor and House Beautiful. Someday I'd love to have a glam and functional workspace, tailored just for moi.

The little workspace at my current residence leaves much to be desired. But then again, what can you expect in an 815 square ft. apartment, right? : ) Besides, I do the majority of my blogging, reading and internet scouring from the comfort of my couch anyway, so I'm not sure it would get much use even if I did have a home office.

Lately though, I've been thinking of redecorating my workspace at my real job, (yep, I really do have one of those), making it more fun and less, well, office-y.

Because it is my office-office, this eliminates the option of painting the walls or doing anything drastic, like installing light fixtures or laying a hardwood floor (pretty sure the higher-ups wouldn't appreciate that : )

Instead, I'll have to spruce it up with temporary elements, like fun accessories and colorful knick knacks. Yeah, that's right, I just said knick knacks...

 Thanks to the world wide web, I found several items that would be perfect for what I have in mind...

1) Webster's Fashion Color Thesaurus  2) Zebra Legal Pad  3) Jonathan Adler Note Cubes in Hollywood 4) Punctuated Page Markers  5) Jonathan Adler 2010-2011 Agenda  6) Marvel Animal Print Padfolios  7) Jonathan Adler File Folders

8) Trina Turk Shanghai Links Needlepoint Pillow  9)   Jonathan Adler Louis Arm Chair 10) Notes & Things Business Card Holder 11) Jonathan Adler Lion/Tamer Vase 12) Clear Acrylic Tape Dispenser 13) Swingline Business Stapler in Orange

14) Fern Garden Wood Serving Tray  15) White Punctuate Storage Boxes

*All collages are property of A Blonde Ambition. Please obtain permission before using these on your site*

With loads of color and prints that pop, I'm sure to get bookoos of work done, right?

P.S.- Happy Birthday to my favorite (and only) little brother, Matthew! Hope your 18th is fabulous, kid : )

Pretending to strangle him in front of the tree last year : )  Quality of the pic is horrible, but at least you can get a sense of the sibling love, ha!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Trend Watch Wednesday: Flatline

Greetings on this sunny Wednesday morning! Grab a latte, pull up a chair and feast your eyes upon some yummy goodness in the form of fine footwear....

It's officially fall, y'all! Even though it doesn't exactly feel so autumnal outside, in Blonde Ambition land it's crisp and cool.

To commemorate the first day of my favorite season, I thought we'd look at some totally presh flats for fall. This go-round, it's all about funky embellishments, kitschy prints and lots of sparkle when it comes to shoes. As much as I love my heels, flats are my best friend on days when I'm running errands or doing lots of walking.

As a vertically challenged petite fashionista, I tend to steer clear of ground-level footwear, but this season there are tons of options to choose from that are anything but frumpy.

1. Corso Como- Frankfurt (available in black only now)
2. Sam Edelman- Irela
3. Bernardo- Bentley
4. BC Footwear- Aurora
5. Steve Madden- Kinnetic

Ready to find your perfect pair? Here are some tips to ensure your flats are nothing short of fabulous:

Tip #1- Embellish, Embellish, Embellish
Look for visually interesting elements, like a jewelled brooch, grommet or bow on the top of the shoe. The beauty of any great pair of shoes is in the details.

Tip #2- It's What's Inside That Counts
The perfect pair of flats should have a super cute lining, like an animal print, suede material or fun, colorful pattern. Though it's not the most important part of a shoe, an interesting interior lining creates a fun peek-a-boo effect, (plus, you'll feel great knowing that every inch of your shoe is adorable!)
Tip #3- Go Toe to Toe
Always, ALWAYS consider the shape of the toe; rounded toes tend to shorten the length of the foot, while pointed toes elongate the leg. Consider also the length of the pant or skirt with which you'll be wearing them. My rule for flats is always:

Rounded toe= Cropped or ankle skimming pant
Square toe= A-line skirt or skinny jean
Pointed toe= Skinny or bootcut jean
Peep toe= Free game!

Also, don't be afraid to invest a little. Cheap flats will wear out super quickly because of their thin sole, so be prepared to shell out a few extra dollars for a durable pair. Chances are, you'll get more wear out of them than a pair of stillettos or wedges anyway.

Think you'll fall flat this season?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Piperlime, All collages and hand drawn elements are property of A Blonde Ambition


DIY: Gilded Pumpkins

Good morning, beautiful blog friends! So glad you stopped by on this Tuesday morning for some pumpkin gilding fun. Did y'all know that tomorrow is the official start of fall?

What? Did the 90 degree weather fool you, too? Extreme Heat + 10000% Humidity = Not Coo'

I've got a case of fall fever and the only cure is DECORATING! I cannot wait to bust out all of my fall decor this upcoming weekend...if only the temperature weren't still lingering in the low 90s....it's madness, I tell you. Ok, I'll shush about the temp...maybe Mother Nature will get her act together soon.

Anywhozit, last year I bought a couple of wicker pumpkins from Target, which I decorated with animal print ribbon and white lights....I know what you're thinking, it sounds dreadfully tacky. But I swear they were cutesauce : )

Since animal print anything is so "in" this year, I'll probably use them again, but I also want to try my hand at gilded pumpkins. I think they are so chic and stylish and would go perfectly with the decor in my apartment.

Our friends at Country Living have a full out tutorial on DIY gilded pumpkins, which contains detailed, can't-screw-it-up-if-you-try instructions for we non-Martha Stewarts out there.

I'll post pics of mine if I actually attempt it. I'll also post pics of the ones I'll probably end up buying at Hobby Lobby, should my craft project wind up looking like a hot mess. Which is probably the most likely outcome.

Between the baking of the apple pie and the gilding of the pumpkins that I'll be doing, fall HAS to arrive at some point, right?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Country Living


How Do Ya Like Them Apples?

I begin this Monday by posing a question to you Blonde Ambitioners- Is it wrong to eat dessert for breakfast?

Because trust me y'all, if I had a big, honkin' pie at my desk right now, you better believe I'd be chowing down ; )

I've been positively giddy for the past week, due mostly to my exhuberance about the arrival of fall. Ok, so it's still lingering in the 90s here in Arkansas and maybe we're still wearing shorts and swatting mosquitos, but I'm confident that ANY DAY NOW we'll feel a chill in the air and I finally won't have to order my lattes over ice.

Anywho, there are so many, many reasons to love this season, including the abundance of delicious, seasonal fruit that comes with it!

I've had the strongest, nagging craving for a warm apple pie or tart lately, particularly from my Memaw's kitchen. This happens every year around this time because apparently I equate September with eating baked goods....hmmmm, go figure ; )

My Memaw (my dad's momma) makes the BEST apple pie from scratch and right now, I'd gladly blow my daily calorie budget on just one piece....sigh....

But since I won't be going to visit the fam until next month, I'll have to find another pie source to tide me over.

I know you can buy a pre-made apple pie from the market, but I'm a firm believer that the boxed stuff almost never tastes as good as the homemade original. So I'm rolling up my baking sleeves and scouring the internet for pie and tart recipes.

I found several that sounded downright heavenly:

Rue Magazine- Autumn Apple Tart with Spiced Caramel Sauce

Paula Deen- Apple Strudel

Paula Deen- Skillet Fried Apple Pie

I've been feeling pretty brave in the kitchen lately, so perhaps I'll take a crack at my own apple concoction this week....pictures and recipes of whatever is produced will of course be blogged about in a future post.

Should you attempt any of the aforementioned recipes, don't forget the vanilla bean ice cream...

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: The Pioneer Woman Cooks


Do You Rue?

Whew! Ladies and guys, I do believe the work week is drawing to a close...anyone else as elated as I am about this?

Thought so : )

Last night I got to spend some quality time with one of my besties Dee, which included the requisite pumpkin spice lattes and shoe shopping. We didn't really make any big purchases, but we did get a chance to finally catch up on each other's lives and laugh our heads off about silly, girly stuff...and really, can you put a price on that?

I thought we'd kiss this week goodbye in style today. I mean, is there any other way to do it?

And by "style", I mean this.

What happens when a team of whip-smart women with impeccable taste join forces with some of the best and brightest stylemakers in the world?

Rue Magazine, that's what.

Crystal from one of my favorite decorating blogs, Plush Palate, recently followed her dreams and started her own online home decor magazine, along with Anne from The City Sage. Crystal's blog was one of the first I followed and she was also a kind supporter of A Blonde Ambition in its infant stages, too. So please stop by and take a look at her newborn publication...you won't regret it.

Rue Magazine will be a bi-monthly publication that will feature gorgeous decor, home and fashion styling tips, shopping advice and boatloads of other dazzling content.

Their first issue dropped yesterday and I literally spent an hour before work oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over the devastatingly beautiful photos and brilliantly written articles.

After seeing this, I will be not-so-patiently awaiting the November issue...sigh...Go now and get your Rue on, girls.

Well fair friends, I am off to tackle this Friday and enjoy the next two days of weekend bliss. Be happy, be safe and most of all...

Be blessed, lovelies

Photo credits: Rue Magazine


Spats and Cats

Well, well, well...it seems we have made it to Thursday, lovelies! Before we get to the meat of today's post, a couple of business items to attend to:

-Our friends over at Victoria's Secret are feeling generous this week. Right now at VS, you can mix and match any two of their super comfy PINK slub tees, henleys or long sleeved tees for $24! I scooped up 4 yesterday during my lunch hour, (2 v-necks and 2 long-sleeved tees), because they are PERFECT for layering at gym during the cooler months. Go now before they're all gone!

-I got a couple of emails from you guys following yesterday's Teal Toes post inquiring about my preferred teal polish. I bought OPI polish in Ogre the Top Blue from the Shrek collection last spring. It's more of a cobalt blue than teal I suppose, but it was too fun of a color to pass up. I think you can find it at most Trade Secret stores or online here.

I also like OPI polish in What's With the Cattitude?, which you can find online here.

Since we took a day off from Trend Watch Wednesday yesterday for a good cause, I decided to focus on something fashion-related today. Two of my fave trends in footwear this fall are Spat boots and leopard print shoes.

Spat boots (funny name, I know) are everywhere this season and you've probably seen them at lots of department stores lately. Basically, they are boots with heels where a flap of material drapes over the bottom of the shoe or comes down around the heel. Don't let the weird name scare you though, because these boots are downright presh! Behold, I give you Spats:

1. Naughty Monkey- Detective
2. Restricted- Rumble
3. Nine West- Involve
4. Enzo Angiolini- Zaniah

Leopard print anything needs no explanation. It's funky, it's sexy and it's positively de riguer this fall. Whether you like your leopard print sky high or close to the ground, stock up on some of these fiesty kicks now.

1. Ciao Bella- Flatter
2. Bandolino- Divara
3. Jessica Simpson- Jessica
4. L.A.M.B.- Pounce

Which shoe trend do you prefer? Spat or Cat?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Anthropologie, Piperlime


Teal Toes- Spread the Word!

Greetings on this lovely Wednesday morning, friends...I'm so happy you stopped by! Feel free to pull up a chair for a sec and let me tell you about a very worthwhile cause.

Many of you remember the passing last month of Lisa from Bumpkin on a Swing. Lisa was such a sweet person and a very talented blogger who inspired all of us each day with her beautiful words and stunning photos. As I'm sure most of you know, Lisa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July, which quickly took over her body. So many of us were deeply saddened for her passing and she will be greatly missed, as she touched countless lives.

I just learned yesterday that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and a great organization, Teal Toes, is helping to get the word out.

Teal Toes' mission is to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer. How? By encouraging women to paint their toenails teal. According to their website, "By getting your friends to paint their toenails teal too, and then by talking with people when they ask about it, you will help others to make sure they know the signs of this whispering killer."

Here are a few facts about ovarian cancer, according to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance:

  • Too many women with ovarian cancer do not get diagnosed until their cancer has spread. Their survival rate is 45%.
  • The survival rate improves greatly- to 93%- if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage before it has spread.
  • Only 19% of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed at the early stage.
  • Approximately 75% of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage (just like Lisa's) after the cancer has spread beyond the ovaries.

I'll be painting my toenails teal for the month of September and I'd love it if you girls did the same! Do it for Lisa and all other women who have been affected or taken by ovarian cancer. Become a fan of "Teal Toes" on Facebook, where you can post a pic of your own teal toes and help spread the word!

For more information about Teal Toes or ovarian cancer, you can visit the following sites:

-Teal Toes
-Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

Go teal and get the word out about ovarian cancer this month!

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: The Glamourai, Teal Toes, Georgetown Cupcake


Closet Space

Good Morning, Blonde Ambitioners...welcome back from the weekend! Hope everyone enjoyed the past two days of rest and relaxation as much as I did.

Friday was a bit of a whirlwind at work, so I fully took advantage of Saturday's slower pace to fix a late breakfast, take a mid-morning nap and hit the gym that afternoon with a friend. Last night my sweet guy and I watched the season finale of True Blood and OH MY WORD was it ever crazy! I literally cannot wait until next season to find out what happens with the Bill/Sookie saga. Oh that Alan Ball, he always leaves us hanging, doesn't he?

To get our Monday started off right, we're going to take a look at some fine specimens of closets- designer closets, to be exact. Ever wonder what famous stylemakers' closets looked like? I know I have. Apparently the editors at Elle Decor were also curious and they have offered up a fantastic feature which takes us behind the closet doors of some of the most notable fashion and interior designers.

Left- Mellon's closet; Right- Berkus's closet

Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon's shoe closet boasts a whopping 400 pairs of stillettos, pumps, ballet flats and boots...hey, the girl likes shoes! (And really, can we blame her?) The shoes are even arranged by color and type so that Mellon never has to go searching for the perfect pair of peep toes when she's in a time crunch.

Chicago-based interior designer Nate Berkus opts for a cool, blue dressing room in his apartment. The sizable closet features vintage mirrors and stools, which give a nod to Berkus's classic design aesthetic.

Lepore's gorgeous dressing space
 My personal favorite closet belongs to fashion designer Nanette Lepore. This space features beautiful French themed accents, including a vintage glass chandelier, plush velvet ottoman and mirrored chest of drawers. Girly, whimsical and oh-so-very-Nanette...I love it.

The stylish closet of Sui
 Anna Sui's Manhattan apartment needed a BIG closet to hold her ginormous clothing collection and this space fits the bill. Custom shelving neatly contains her overflow of shoe boxes, which are all labeled with Polaroids of their contents. Hooks and rods offer Sui the perfect spots to hang all of her delicate, beaded garments to keep them intact.

Left- Lyons's sexy shoe cloet; Right- Atwood's minimalist dressing room
J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons likes shoes. Shocker, right? Well in order to accomodate all of her lovely footware, this trendmaker at large converted an entire bedroom in her Brooklyn apartment into a shoe closet. Sigh...

The minimalist closet of shoe designer Brian Atwood serves as the perfect solution for keeping clutter at bay. Beautiful, rich furnishings and vintage elements adorn the walls of Atwood's dressing area in his Milan apartment, which was coincidentally designed by Nate Berkus. Stunning!

Natori is seeing red...and we love it!
 Designer Josie Natori enlisted the help of architect Calvin Tsao to help her build the closet of her dreams. With shades of cinnamon and cherry, Tsao created the perfect area to display Josie's massive shoe and accessory collection.

Left- Lauder's chic closet; Right- Rodkin's subdued dressing space

The next stylish dressing room belongs to Estee Lauder creative director Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer. This closet serves as a tribute to her grandmother and features the classic blue and white color scheme, a favorite of Lauder, Sr.'s. The chandelier is by Bagu├Ęs and the desk is vintage Gabriella Crespi, circa-1970.

Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Loree Rodkin craved a subdued dressing room that would reflect the design of the rest of her apartment. Designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard helped make Rodkin's wishes come true by giving her the perfect zen closet. Complete with an island of drawers and shelves, the space provides ample storage for Rodkin's prized shoe collection.

Are you swooning over these gorgeous closets, yet? Oh what a girl wouldn't give...

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Elle Decor online


Seeing Red (and craving Fritos)

Yippee yay, Friday is here, y'all! How pumped for the weekend are you beautiful Blonde Ambitioners?!

Does anyone have exciting plans? Some college football watching, perhaps? The Hogs are playing Louisiana-Monroe in Little Rock instead of Fayetteville this weekend, so I'll be listening in on the radio rather than actually being there in person. My parents live about 45 minutes outside of Little Rock though, so they might go represent for me : )

Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you guys...if any of you are homebodies like me and will be doing the majority of your football watching from the comfort of your couch this season, head on over to Boo Mama's blog for some delish dip recipes that are PERFECT for fall football weekends. She did a special Diptacular last year and I got so many awesome, artery-clogging recipes from it.

I've never met a Frito I didn't like and dip just seems to be the ideal food item around this blessed time of year.

Dip. It's a good thing.

Anyway, enough about the joys of finger foods...let's move on to something completely calorie free- game day fashion.

Particularly, Razorback game-day fashion.

Last week we looked at some adorable tops and dresses from one of my favorite local stores, but this week I wanted to spotlight accessories. Because Lord knows an outfit is never complete without the perfect pair of earrings or a coordinating clutch.

Can I get an Amen and a handclap of praise?

You'll notice all of them are red because red is the color of Hog Nation. I since I live in Hog Nation...well...you get the picture.

Big Buddha Meredith clutch, $45

How Deep Is Your Love Ruby Necklace from Ruche, $15.99

Two-Tone Eternity Scarf from Anthropologie, $168

Westside Shopper from Nine West, $89

Dome Cocktail Ring by House of Harlow, $65; Gladiator Cuff by House of Harlow, $55

Your recommended daily allowance of randomness:

-Ever wonder what the shape of your lips says about your personality? Yeah, me either. But Self Magazine recently put out this fun little article claiming that certain lip shapes reveal the details of one's personality.

For instance, my lip shape most resembles Mila Kunis's (turns upward and pulls inward at the upper corners). Apparently this means I am dreamy and hopeful! Give it a try and let me know what your lips say about you!

-Jessica Simpson can now add denim designer to her resume! The Dukes of Hazzard star launched her new denim line on Wednesday night in NYC, complete with skinny jeans, chambray shirts and even denim dresses. If her new duds are anything like her shoe collection, these jeans will be adorbs!

-Check out the latest post from one of my favorite Christian writers and bloggers, Jon Acuff. It's called Wondering Why God Makes Life Impossible Sometimes. I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Have a great weekend, girls. See you back here Monday!

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Google images, Anthropologie, Piperlime, Ruche, Glamour.com