Spats and Cats

Well, well, well...it seems we have made it to Thursday, lovelies! Before we get to the meat of today's post, a couple of business items to attend to:

-Our friends over at Victoria's Secret are feeling generous this week. Right now at VS, you can mix and match any two of their super comfy PINK slub tees, henleys or long sleeved tees for $24! I scooped up 4 yesterday during my lunch hour, (2 v-necks and 2 long-sleeved tees), because they are PERFECT for layering at gym during the cooler months. Go now before they're all gone!

-I got a couple of emails from you guys following yesterday's Teal Toes post inquiring about my preferred teal polish. I bought OPI polish in Ogre the Top Blue from the Shrek collection last spring. It's more of a cobalt blue than teal I suppose, but it was too fun of a color to pass up. I think you can find it at most Trade Secret stores or online here.

I also like OPI polish in What's With the Cattitude?, which you can find online here.

Since we took a day off from Trend Watch Wednesday yesterday for a good cause, I decided to focus on something fashion-related today. Two of my fave trends in footwear this fall are Spat boots and leopard print shoes.

Spat boots (funny name, I know) are everywhere this season and you've probably seen them at lots of department stores lately. Basically, they are boots with heels where a flap of material drapes over the bottom of the shoe or comes down around the heel. Don't let the weird name scare you though, because these boots are downright presh! Behold, I give you Spats:

1. Naughty Monkey- Detective
2. Restricted- Rumble
3. Nine West- Involve
4. Enzo Angiolini- Zaniah

Leopard print anything needs no explanation. It's funky, it's sexy and it's positively de riguer this fall. Whether you like your leopard print sky high or close to the ground, stock up on some of these fiesty kicks now.

1. Ciao Bella- Flatter
2. Bandolino- Divara
3. Jessica Simpson- Jessica
4. L.A.M.B.- Pounce

Which shoe trend do you prefer? Spat or Cat?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Anthropologie, Piperlime


  1. The very last #4 pump is gorrrrrgeous! I want them :)

  2. Spat!! I freaking love them and want a pair immediately!

  3. i have the naughty monkey detective boots on my blog post right now as well!! i LOVE them, must have them ;)

  4. I like both. I've been working on getting the boring basics for so long that I haven't quite gotten to the exciting extras yet.

  5. i need those naught monkey detective boots now! perfect for winter!

  6. I love shoes and I am in desperate need of some new boots for the soon cool weather (fingers crossed)!

  7. Love the spat boots! I've been looking for the perfect pair for fall. I think #1 might just be it for me :)

  8. I'm so torn on the Spat boots. I love the look but I wonder if it's just a fleeting trend (like the sandals with sleeves of fabric around the ankle...blech!) The jury is still out for me, but I DO like the look of them!

  9. I love all of those shoe picks!!! I'm a huge fan of leopard print shoes!

  10. well, seeing as how i have WAY too many pairs of boots, i'm gonna go with the leopard print. although, can you even say you have too many pairs of boots?...i may have to rethink that statement.

  11. Love these shoes. The LAMB heels are to die for!

    Where can the flats w. ruffles at the top be found?

  12. Hey girlie! The shoes with the ruffle at the top of the post can be found at Anthropologie! They are the Spot On flats and I HEART them!


  13. I'm love, love, loving #1&2 in the boots and I'm totally ordering those JS cheetah pumps!!


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