Trend Watch Wednesday: Flatline

Greetings on this sunny Wednesday morning! Grab a latte, pull up a chair and feast your eyes upon some yummy goodness in the form of fine footwear....

It's officially fall, y'all! Even though it doesn't exactly feel so autumnal outside, in Blonde Ambition land it's crisp and cool.

To commemorate the first day of my favorite season, I thought we'd look at some totally presh flats for fall. This go-round, it's all about funky embellishments, kitschy prints and lots of sparkle when it comes to shoes. As much as I love my heels, flats are my best friend on days when I'm running errands or doing lots of walking.

As a vertically challenged petite fashionista, I tend to steer clear of ground-level footwear, but this season there are tons of options to choose from that are anything but frumpy.

1. Corso Como- Frankfurt (available in black only now)
2. Sam Edelman- Irela
3. Bernardo- Bentley
4. BC Footwear- Aurora
5. Steve Madden- Kinnetic

Ready to find your perfect pair? Here are some tips to ensure your flats are nothing short of fabulous:

Tip #1- Embellish, Embellish, Embellish
Look for visually interesting elements, like a jewelled brooch, grommet or bow on the top of the shoe. The beauty of any great pair of shoes is in the details.

Tip #2- It's What's Inside That Counts
The perfect pair of flats should have a super cute lining, like an animal print, suede material or fun, colorful pattern. Though it's not the most important part of a shoe, an interesting interior lining creates a fun peek-a-boo effect, (plus, you'll feel great knowing that every inch of your shoe is adorable!)
Tip #3- Go Toe to Toe
Always, ALWAYS consider the shape of the toe; rounded toes tend to shorten the length of the foot, while pointed toes elongate the leg. Consider also the length of the pant or skirt with which you'll be wearing them. My rule for flats is always:

Rounded toe= Cropped or ankle skimming pant
Square toe= A-line skirt or skinny jean
Pointed toe= Skinny or bootcut jean
Peep toe= Free game!

Also, don't be afraid to invest a little. Cheap flats will wear out super quickly because of their thin sole, so be prepared to shell out a few extra dollars for a durable pair. Chances are, you'll get more wear out of them than a pair of stillettos or wedges anyway.

Think you'll fall flat this season?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Piperlime, All collages and hand drawn elements are property of A Blonde Ambition


  1. I never thought I would say this, but flats are actually starting to grow on me! They look cute with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses and I don't mind not having the extra height the way I thought I would.

  2. Ohfun! I used to HATE flats, but now that I have a HIKE into the building everyday at my new job, I've actually become somewhat fond of them. That said, I still wear flip flops in to the bldg and then change into heels when I arrive 3/4 of the time.. ha! :) But those are cute! And quite versatile! LOVE!

  3. I own one pair of flats- pretty much a sin. I need to work on that, and this post has me inspired to fix my lack of flats problem ASAP!!

  4. i am in some kate spade flats as we speak! i wear them all the time! since I am 5'10, so I wear them a lot..esp on first dates..lol. I never know if guys are going to get all salty if I bust the loubs out and tower over them

  5. I love the look of flats but I just can't stand to not be wearing my heels!

  6. I have the Kinnetic flats in the multi color sparkle and they are wonderful! They go with basically everything. I can't wait to wear them with tights when it gets cold.
    Hope you're having a great week!

  7. I love my Louboutin heels, but for day to day I am in flats. I love that they're fun but functional!

  8. Yes! Most days I'm in flats! I used to wear heels every day and then when I was pregnant, pregnancy + my clumsiness = not a good combo! :) And since I'm still doing lots of carrying, flats are typically it for me!
    P.S. - I totally want to try making pumpkins from your previous post!
    P.P.S. - Ava is loving her tutus! She put one on this morning! :)

  9. I LOVE flats. Just bought a new pair two weeks ago!

  10. Love the flats you highlighted for the illustrations! I've loved them for years & will be buying some new ones soon.

  11. I LOVE these tips! I am always unsure which type of flats to wear with what outfit. Thanks girl :)

  12. I so love a pointy toe flat! Cute post.

  13. oh just what mommy needs! A break from heels! YAY!

  14. I live in flats! I love the ones you picked- they're all perfect! xoxo

  15. definitely! i love flats. i'm short, too (just under 5'1"), so it took me ages to find my first pair of ballet flats - they were leopard print actually, and i still have them. since then, i've invested in a few more pairs, and learned what i can and can't pair them with (skinny jeans - yes, pencil skirts - absolutely not). :) i'm looking forward to wearing fun flats all fall. :)

  16. Since my swelling feet are rejecting heels, I've bought four pairs of flats... and I love them!

  17. I love flats. No, I LOVE flats, so I'm glad that they are still OK to wear without being called out as a "don't" - in fact I have a cute pair on right now!

  18. I love, love flats!! But not the pointed toe flats. Like, at all. I think they are so ugly!

  19. oh shoot. i used to never ever wear flats, and then one day i purchased a pair and they were so cute & comfy, i couldn't stop! unfortunately, i wish my love of flats went along with a tall, long-legged frame to match...

  20. I have been on a huge ballet flat kick lately. LOVE the embellished ones - I'm on the search for the perfect pair right now, actually... :)

  21. I love flats, but they ALWAYS give me a blister on my heel :( Which means I can't wear them until each blister completely heals, so I get like 4 wears a month-so sad!


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