Trend Watch Wednesday: Tru Colors

Happy first day of September, beauties!

Ok, first order of business...guess what deliciousness I'll be indulging in this afternoon? That's right! A perfect, warm Pumpkin Spice Latte...the first of the season. I didn't have time to stop at Starbucks this morning, but I'll be stopping by later today for a snack : ) I feel like I deserve a decent coffee treat after my first session at the gym with the Muscle Maniac last night. (To be fair, I'll probably get mine made with skim milk and have them hold the whipped cream.) A couple of observations following yesterday evening:

1) My arms are seriously out of shape. I just thought they were semi-toned. Turns out, they aren't. 5 minutes into MM's workout, I realized this.

2) Tricep kickbacks, hanging dips and cable pull-downs are the devil. However, if the devil can give me guns like Kelly Ripa's, I might be willing to make a deal with him ; )

Arms like Ms. Ripa's? Yes, please!
Anywho, the bottom line is, I cannot wait to see the results in a month or two from all of this workout stuff. And if, in fact, I do see results, I'm highly likely to reward myself with a new outfit or four. Maybe from this store...

You may remember this post that I wrote last year about this superb line of clothing. Tru Colors Apparel was founded in 2007 by Louisiana native, Amy Chenevert (who, I should mention, is an absolute sweetheart!) TCA is a completely presh line of dresses and tops made specifically for we ladies that want to show our team spirit AND look stylish. If you want to support your favorite team without having it literally written on your sleeve, Tru Colors is your solution.

TCA's items are produced in comfy knit fabrics (95/5 cotton lycra), which is perfect for those daylong tailgating sessions and sometimes muggy game days, (as we typically experience in the South until November : ) Each style is specially named after one of Amy's beloved sorority sisters or girlfriends and are all made in the USA.

I think my favorite part of this line is that everything, no really ladies, EVERYTHING, is less than $100! Cute clothes for less than a Benjamin? Uh yeah, sign me up.

A few Blonde Ambition faves for this fall:

1. Ashley
2. Cecile
3. Kara
4. Dray
5. Dray (alternate view)

6. Amanda
7. Rachel
8. Layne

And my MOST favorite, The Stafford

You can read more about TCA's founder, Amy Chenevert (pictured above), here. Additionally, you can order your fave looks by visiting Tru Colors' newly redesigned website or one of the many boutiques soon to be listed online.

SEC girls, ya'll better get all over this!

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: True Colors Apparel , Google images (Ms. Ripa)


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE TCA... they have the cutest stuff for supporting your team for football season!!

  2. These are so cute! I'll have to look for an orange and white ensemble for the UT/Alabama game this year! Go Vols! :)

  3. LOVE THIS! Totally going to check out this website now...and I love the shoutout to all the SEC girls! I mean after all, it IS the best conference in the nation :) Hotty Toddy! Headed over to look for a red and blue outfit!

  4. I've never heard of TCA! I love it- the shirts and dresses are so adorable!! I'm going to check out their website and find something cute for this season!! Roll tide! :)

  5. Enjoy your pumpkin spice latte today :)

  6. Happy September! I love having people to share my love of fall (and everything that comes with it!) with!

  7. i am LOVING that Stafford dress...too too cute!

  8. the Stafford is definitely my favorite too!!
    I can't BELIEVE that it is September. Where did the summer go?! Insanity!

  9. Miss you, sweet bloggy friend!!! Love your trend watch- especially Kelly Ripa's arms! I.want.those!

  10. What a fabulous line of clothes!! ahhh!
    Can't wait to take a closer look....

  11. No joke after reading this I am getting off my derriere and heading to starbucks. It's fall and I need a pumpkin spice latte like I need air.

  12. So fun!!! I hope they have blue and gold! Off to check it out NOW! And yeah, his arm exercises are killer! But awesome! I am so sore after doing them the other day!

  13. CUTE! I've never heard of that clothing line but they are great!

  14. Ahh, I loooove the TCA line!! Can't wait to see more!

  15. I had no idea the pumpkin spice latte was back! I will have to make a Starbucks run today!

    And Kelly's arms are so incredible!! Good luck with that workout program! It sounds intense, so you will most definitely deserve a fashion reward after completing the 30 days :)


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