Um...No Ma'am.

A longer, more fitting title for this post would be "Things I Will Not Be Wearing This Fall for the Remainder of My Time on Earth"

Per usual, before bed last night, I sat down to do some bloggy stuff on the ole PC for Trend Watch Wednesday this week. Things were going swimmingly for the first 10 minutes or so-  pea coats and parkas and clogs (oh my!) The evening, however, took a drastic and horribly tacky turn when I stumbled across the new Fall 2010 line from H&M.

Let's preface the following by saying, we all love H&M. They've done wonders for making fashion affordable for gals (and guys) of all ages, shapes and sizes and I'm the first to run like a crazed lunatic toward those enticing red "H" and "M" letters whenever I visit bigger cities. But...

Please see Exhibit A below.

I give you, a squirrel sweater.

This is not a joke. Someone actually sat down and sketched this beauty out and SOLD the concept of a rodent-themed sweater (along with a well-known bridge in Brooklyn) to a panel of H&M stylists.

Oh, it gets better...

Behold! Some sweet MC Hammer pants. In sparkly tweed.

...but the train doesn't stop there, ladies.

Grab a saddle and change into your dead-sexy pleather riding pants in a lovely camel color. Perfect for a day of frolicking about on the horse farm OR remembering why you shouldn't have had that extra bagel.

And finally....

It's a litte bit Sergeant Pepper, a little bit Sherlock Holmes. And I'm obviously not cool enough to understand the appeal of this coat.

To be fair though, there were a few pieces of the collection that I actually did think were quite charming. For instance, this little polka dot flouncy dress. With a pair of kicky red stillettos and a patent leather clutch...utterly adorbs!

...and this nifty fitted sweater. Wouldn't it be precious with a pair of skinny jeans and tall boots?

See H&M, we don't think the entire collection was a total wash : ) Hugs!

On an unrelated side note...have you ever wondered what you would look like as a character on Mad Men? Well of course you have! Ponder no more, girls. Click here to Mad Men-atize yourself. I did, see?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: FabSugar, AMC


  1. Haha! Great squirrel sweater catch, I'm laughing in my office now, poor rodent sweater.

  2. oh WOW> that sweater reminds me of something my mother put me in during the early 90s. those are fashion days that should NOT be repeated!!

  3. I do like that fitted sweater! Um... I love squirrels but I won't be sporting that sweater lol

  4. those are terrible!! i cannot believe the squirrel sweater!!

  5. The squirrel sweater is hilariously BAD! You look cute as an animatec character!

  6. I love that last sweater! But some of those were just awful!! However, I was in AGD sorority and our mascot was the squirrel so I have a small soft spot for that sweater but my Alpha Gam ties are the only reason! haha!

  7. Oh my gosh those are awful. Love that you pointed this out haha :)

  8. Good. Lord. What's even scarier... someone is going to buy those little lovlies, look at themselves in the mirror and think "Yes. I do look good. I think I'll wear this out." Yikes! Oh well, fashion is all a matter of personal taste, I guess! Thanks for sharing. this made me feel a little better about wearing my yoga clothes all day today... without doing yoga! ;)

  9. Laura- I was an Alpha Gam TOO!!!! Yay for AGD sisters! : )

  10. Hahaha that squirrel sweater. Wow. I have no words!

  11. Whoa, those are some atrocious little wrecks! What on earth is going on with the squirrel sweater . . . I'm guessing they're going for the ironic, hipster look? Geez. I love that polka dot dress, though!

  12. um, totally going to buy that sweater when it ends up in the 5.00 sale rack...you never know lol

  13. HA HA HA I am laughing out loud. You crack me up. Great post and that furry beaver sweater or whatever has to go. Ha ha ha.

  14. OH MY too funny! Those are atrocious. But I do love that dress you showed!

  15. You had me at the squirrel sweater! There are just some trends (hammer pants) that do NOT need to be repeated! Thanks for the preview.

  16. Um, wow is all I have to say for that squirrel sweater...and that's not a good wow. The only time I would wear it is on Halloween...if I was going as a bad fashion statement...lol.

    However, that fitted sweater gets a GOOD wow! I love it!

    Hope you are having a good week!

  17. I couldnt agree more with all of your selections. Who likes squirrels up close let alone on knit wear? You crack me up.. and I'm off to mad men myself.

  18. bad bad bad! No good with fluffy squirrel tails. ewe.

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  19. As much as I LOVE forever 21, I just had to share this lovely little beauty... I believe it belongs right next to the lovely squirrel sweater! ;)


  20. hi there! just randomly stumbled upon your blog and had to comment on that squirrel sweater. that's so hot right now...omg no. who thinks of crap like that?!?! what's next? a hedgehog turtleneck? ew.


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