There's a List for That

Ok, so I feel like I've probably "fashioned" you guys to death for the past week or more, so I thought we'd do a little something different today to change things up. I mean, there's only a certain amount of poly-blend cardigans, ribbed tights and Chanel tweed one can take until it all starts to run together.

As they do in my yoga class, let's begin with a nice, deep, cleansing breath in through the nose....and out through the mouth.....(feel free to add an "ohmmmm" in there for good measure, if you feel so moved.)

See, don't you feel better?

Ok, first order of bid'ness to attend to...so I've decided I'm a compulsive list maker. First of all, yes - I do realize this is 2010 and we have these wonderful gadgets called "iPhones" and "Blackberries" that can keep track of everything but the kitchen sink. However, I'm old school and kinda partial to keeping my lists on good old fashioned Post-It notes.

I realized my list-making quirk might be a full blown red flag for some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when I opened my planner yesterday and reached inside for my "Monday Afternoon To-Do List", but it was nowhere to be found. However, my "Organic Cleaning Supplies I'd Like to Try" list, "Things I Need To Do Before Thursday's Work Conference" list and "Semi-Serious Fall Reading" lists were all there, neatly tucked away inside my zebra-striped Betsey Johnson day planner.

Then I started to ponder the extent of this list making mania...is this normal? Do any of you Blonde Ambitioners also suffer from list-making OCD? Just wondering...

Fortunately, I'm 25 and still relatively sharp when it comes to remembering things like, "Buy new mascara from the Jessica Biel commercial" "research local gyms" and "schedule dentist appointment", so you'll be glad to know I was still fully functional, despite losing my P.M. itinerary : )

In other news...I baked my mom a pretty fabulous birthday cake this past weekend and was quite proud of the final result. It's called a Chocolate Layer Cake with Cheesecake Filling and it comes from my girl, Mrs. Paula Deen. You can get the recipe here, if you think you might want to attempt this bad boy yourself.

I had to use my mom's super awesome beige Tupperware cake holder from like, 1980, so the presentation left something to be desired. Overall though, I was pleased. I would highly recommend it to any of you chocolate/cheesecake lovers out there.

Moving right along...
Max has started eating his bed.

Perhaps I am a bad mother and he is not getting an adequate amount of some crucial nutrient. Or maybe he's just having a wicked craving for wool cushion stuffing. Who am I to judge? To each his own, I suppose. Whatever the case, this is just bizarre doggy behavior.

Maybe he is simply unsatisfied with his current sleeping arrangements and would like something a bit more spacious or an option with a pillow top...He can be quite the diva, after all ; )

Have any of your pets ever done this? Should I have him checked? I digress.

Ok, let's see...what else should we talk about...?

Oh yes, how could I forget!? Today is this woman's 50th birthday!

"Who is she?", you ask.

She is my best friend, my primary fashion consultant, my mentor, my therapist, my partner in crime, my biggest cheerleader. She is the consummate voice of reason in the back of my head; the one who most encouraged me to aim higher, make my voice heard and never settle for just "ok".

She taught me how to bake cookies, fold fitted sheets, apply eyeliner, tease my hair just so, and many more important things we girls must learn how to do. I notice more and more each day just how similar we are and have recently come to the realization that, yes, I am indeed becoming my mother.

And I thank God for that every day.

Happy birthday, mom. I love you!

"...many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."- Proverbs 31:9-31

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Happy birthday to your mom! I am definitely a compulsive list maker too...and I have tried to keep them on my iPhone, but something about actually writing them down makes me remember so much better!

  2. Happy birthday to your mom! I am also a list maker... don't feel bad! :) That cake looks AMAZING. I want to make that bad boy! My fiance likes cheesecake better, and I like a good chocolate cake better... so this combines the best of both worlds! YUM. Don't feel bad about the puppers. My puppy eats EVERYTHING. He can have 17-bazillion toys next to him, and he will chew on the pillow. It's fun.

  3. Wow that cake looks amazing!! And I have a little dachshund too! Aren't they the sweetest?! Happy Birthday to your Mom, there is no one like a southern Momma!

  4. What a sweet tribute to your beautiful mother!! Wish her the happiest birthday! Thinking of you sweetie, hope your summer is going great xoxoxo

  5. Luv the vintage tupperware cake holder!! That cake looks amazing.

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom..

    I have a blackberry and i still write things on paper and in my planner as well. lol.

  7. such a cute post! happy birthday to yo mama! how do you fold fitted sheets, apparently my mom forgot to teach me that one! and that cake, ohhhh that cake! it looks amazing! job well done, lady! xo!

  8. Happy birthday to your mom, Leslie! p.s. the cake you baked looks delicious! xo

  9. That cake looks amazing!

    I'm a list maker, too. I do it the old fashioned way as well :)

  10. Happy birthday to your mom! And that cake looks fabulous!

    I'm also notorious for lists. They're everywhere and I have them for everything! Speaking of that, I need work on today's to do list.

  11. Happy birthday to your mama!!

    And yes... I am totally OCD about lists. And I have a few in my phone, but 99% of mine are on post its or notepads. I have a notepad on every table in my house... just in case I think of something!!!

  12. LOVE the verse! It's on my blog! :) Happy Birthday to your mama!

    I am also a list maker. Love. Love. Love! I still have to keep my work stuff on my computer, but this girl loves a list!

  13. George ate two beds and one pillow before I gave up completely on any type of cushion. I pile durable blankets in this kennel and he seems to love that. What's really scary is that I was buying one of those fabric dog toys and the cashier told me if dogs swallow stuffing it can clog there airway. That frightened me enough to stop buying any kind of cushion/plush toys. (this is wayyy too long for a comment!)

  14. 1. i love this post
    2. precious pup - maybe he's having a case of the midnight munchies??
    3. happy bday to your mom
    4. please do share how to fold the cursed fitted sheet!
    5. my name is amy and i am a fellow compulsive list maker :)

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOM! Super cute-she's adorable!! :) And um the cake you made looks uh.mazing! :)

    I am definitely a compulsive list maker. In an effort to consolidate said lists, I now made someone order me a white board at work. I have my work checklist on it with boxes beside each item that i created. I check off each thing. It seems to be working (it's been 4 days..haha). My personal lists..yeah...that's another issue. ;)

    Gracie sometimes licks the sheets, comforter, etc, compulsively, but no eating the bed. Bizarre! Who knows...(I called the vet about the comforter licking btw.. and he said it was 100% okay. Dunno if that helps,but I was freaking out too). Our pups=our babies.

  16. Haha! I LOVE that you mentioned folding fitted sheets. It really is a tough task to learn! :) Happy birthday, momma!

  17. My 9 year old beagle tore his puppy bed up!!!! He had it when he was younger and when he was 3 decided he didn't like it anymore! So he tore the seams, pulled out the stuffing, and ate some of it too!!! No worries chicky, its just a dog thing :)
    Oh! and I make lists for everything too! No worries :)
    Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

  18. Great post, and I have one of those cake carriers! It doesn't matter what it looks like, just that what it is carrying is absolutely scrumptious! Looks like you succeeded! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  19. I had that bible verse embroidered on my letterman's jacket in high school!! Love it!! XO

  20. Isn't it strange how that always happens? We say we'll never turn into our mothers and then in our mid-twenties see it happening more and more every single day.

    Your cake looks fabulous!


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