Buonjiorno, Blonde Ambitioners! Did you all have a fantabulous weekend?

This girl's weekend....absolutely perfect : ) So perfect, I wish weekends could be twice as long...sigh...

As I mentioned on Friday, I saw Eat Pray Love and thoroughly enjoyed it! My very patient and sweet date for the evening was kind enough to go with me and sit through it, haha. So first, a quick review of the movie- (skip this section if you haven't seen the movie yet!)

For the most part, the movie stays pretty true to the book, which was a relief to me. Julia Roberts perfectly captured the "voice" and spirit of the author, Elizabeth Gilbert and Javier Bardem was EXACTLY as I pictured Felipe; handsome, charming, very Brazilian and funny in an off-beat sort of way.

The movie was wonderfully cast, with appearances by James Franco, in a bit part as actor and flavor of the month, David, Billy Crudup, as Elizabeth's ex-husband, and Richard Jenkins as "Richard from Texas", a man who serves as Liz's mentor at the Indian meditation center.

The scenery was absolutely picturesque. Not that I didn't want to go before, but now more than ever, I WANT TO GO TO BALI. There's a scene at the end where Liz and Felipe ride off into the sunset on a boat and all I can say is oh em gee! Gorgeousness.

All in all, a very good movie that did justice to a very, very good book.

So you might be wondering what the heck the title of this post means. Well in the movie, Liz and her friends discuss their "word". Like if you had one word to describe you, what that word would be. Well Liz finally chooses her word at the end of the movie, attreversiamo, which means "let's cross over" in Italian. I know this isn't the context for which this word is intended, but I thought it perfectly fit the feature of today's post.

"Let's Cross Over".....into fall!!

It was insufferably hot this weekend and seeing these photos from the fall 2010 J. Crew catalog online was like rubbing salt into an open wound.

The latest Crew catalog (both online and in print) features the cast of the upcoming romantic comedy, The Romantics, which debuts September 10, (guess you know where I'll be that night ; ) Cast members Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes, Malin Akerman, Jeremy Strong, Adamy Brody and Rebecca Lawrence showed off the latest Crew goodness for an upbeat (and let's be honest) drool-worthy photoshoot to promote the movie and the awesome new fall attire.

I have no idea what this movie is about, but I definitely want to see it now! How much fun are these pics?!

I'm also totally craving that sequin skirt that Malin is wearing below.

L-U-R-V-I-N-G the shift dress, turtle neck combo Ms. Holmes is sporting, too. And Mr. Brody! My gracious, doesn't he look all grown up in his jacket, tie and perfectly mussed hair. He's certainly come a long way since his dork-tastic O.C. days.

And guys out there, take note of Mr. Duhamel's outfit....perfect, it is indeed. Fergie is a lucky girl ; )

What looks are your favorites from this latest J.Crew spread? Do you plan on checking out this flick?

P.S.- Random sidenote, but Max has been having lots of problems with his neck and back lately : ( The vet says it's probably from jumping on furniture, as mini-dachsunds are prone to back problems because of their body shape and weight distribution. Have any of you other weenie dog owners out there dealt with similar issues with your fur babies? What are your solutions, (short of putting them in a crate forever), to keeping your dogs from jumping on the furniture?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: J.Crew online


  1. I really want to see this movie now, what great pics! I LOVE Josh D. and Adam Brody!!!

  2. I have not heard about this movie but now I MUST see it!!

  3. I need to finish the book so I can go see the movie!!! I love all those photos! Now I'm totally drooling over the clothing!

  4. I am a J.Crew fanatic. Just ordered the Cotton Blakely dress for an after wedding party in my hometown this weekend. The pictures are fabulous!

  5. I LOVE this j crew spread. I have to check it out more :)

  6. I too have no idea what the movie is about but I want to see it now, lol! And for little dogs like yours, my best friends have a dachshund and he has serious back problems, even had to have surgery. They just lift him on the couch and carry him up and down stairs. They use baby gates so he doesn't do it on his own and hurt himself.

  7. there is nothing in those pictures that i don't like. they are all way too cute! love it!


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