The "Pouf" de Résistance

Zig Zag and Pink Vertical "poufs" by Missoni

Happy Monday, y'all! Hope all of you had a most deee-lightful weekend. Can you guys believe it's already August? I'm kind of scratching my head wondering what happened to June and July...this summer is flying by at warp speed.

That's perfectly fine with me though because I'm SO ready for fall weather and some Razorback football, and so is Maxer. He's pumped to bust out his outfit again.

Me and Max Payne on the first game day last year at my parents' house

Maxer sporting his super-fly Razorback bandanna

Hog fans, holla.

A quick weekend re-cap before we dive in:

-My Papaw (my daddy's dad) celebrated his 87th birthday yesterday! Still as sharp and active as he's always been, he continues to amaze our family with his vigor for life. I mean, the man gets up every morning, feeds the cows, rides his tractor, takes the dogs for walks, surfs the internet and he even has a Facebook page. My Papaw...a rockstar.

-One of my dearest work friends Aimee had her first little one on Saturday! Nicholas Croix Wynn was finally welcomed into the world Saturday morning. Mom and baby are both doing great and resting at home. Congrats again, Wynn family!

-I saw Inception on Friday night and my brain still hurts a little. It was a fantastic movie, but oh my word...so complex. Definitely a "thinker" film, if you will, but I highly recommend it for you serious movie buffs and MENSA members out there.

New vase...ya like?

-Saturday, I finally got my car maintainanced, hit the gym, went to a baby shower for another friend, (it was a baby-tastic weekend), bought a new vase (see above) and rug for the living quarters and attempted to make those etched glasses I blogged about last week. I tried the words "Blonde" and "Ambition", but they looked all wonky. So on my second attempt, I used the word "Bite", which is totally random, I know. I didn't want to cut new letters out, because by that time I was beginning to get a teensy bit frustrated, so I tried to pull words from the previously used stencils. Anywho, it was actually kinda cute. Sorta. In its own, special way.

I will say, this took FOREVER and 3 years to do, so it would definitely be a project to tackle a few days prior to the event you are hosting. Will I attempt it for my madre's b-day party? Eh, maybe if I'm feeling super patient that week, (which happens about as often as a lunar eclipse.)

M'kay, moving right along, let's talk about "poufs".

According to House Beautiful and Style at Home, traditional square-ish ottomans are like, soooo 2009. Poufs are the new black.

I don't own one yet, but I'd love to get one for my bedroom! These could work as a comfy place to rest your feet or even an impromptu coffee table or extra seat, if you live in a "cozy" space like I do. Some of the stand-outs online:

Morrocan Leather in Tan by Serena & Lily

Upholstered Stool in Amethyst and Flax by Brocade Home

Borneo by Walker Zabriskie

Jodhpur by Calypso St. Barth at Calypso Home

Knitted Grey by CB2

Know who I bet would also like one of these? This little guy right here.

Max would probably make himself right at home on one of these. Ok, I promise, no more shameless pics of my doggie in this post. I just can't help myself, I'm a proud mama : )

In summary, pouf ottomans, etched glasses, Razorback football-loving weiner dogs and Inception...all good things, as Martha Stewart would say. Ok, that's all I've got. Let's all make it a good day, shall we?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: House Beautiful, A Blonde Ambition


  1. I know it's like 115 degrees outside, but I think you should have a "Countdown to Fall (Fashion)" week - I am soooo ready for tights, boots, jeans and sweaters!

  2. I haven't seen inception yet but have a hard time following complicated movie plots so I already know I'm not gonna "get" it. Your 87 year old grandpa sounds awesome. He probably has more energy then I do!!

  3. Sounds like you had an exciting, fun filled weekend! And your little Max is just adorable! My baby would love one of those poofs as well :)

  4. Wow! I hope I have that much energy at 87 years young! :) I lurve little Max and his Razorback gear! Adorable! :)

    And I kinda want a pouf instead of my desk chair. Just sayin.

  5. Me too, Jax! I think I need to trade in my office desk chair for something a bit more snazzy : )

  6. I love the bright colors of poufs by Missoni! I always amazing by my grandparents (in their late 80s as well). They get up every morning and walk 5-8 miles a day - I can only hope to be as active as them at that age!

    I can understand the love for your dog! My boyfriend claims that my family is obsessed with my sister's yellow lab... (which we are)

  7. I am with you! I am over this heat and ready for fall. Especially Razorback football! Woo Pig!

  8. A proud momma wouldn't do it any other way!!! I love animals, and this reinforces why!

  9. never have any shame for your puppy love :) I'm all over it - just about to post a blog about my puppies, in fact! lol


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