An Update


I have missed you all so much! First of all, thank you so much for your emails, cards, artwork, words of encouragement and prayers. We are overwhelmed daily by the flat-out-unmeasurable love that has been sent our way. We have lived a lot of life in the past month, and to recount every detail would be impossible, but hopefully this paints a bit of a picture of what we've been doing.

So where are we now?

Since very early March, I've been receiving treatment for my heart from some of the best cardiovascular docs in the nation at an amazing hospital in Missouri. What brought us to that point?

I was getting sicker and sicker back in NWA- and I was in the hospital! After opinions from group-after-group in Arkansas, and getting nothing but a bunch of faces scratches their chins, we knew we had to make other plans - fast. At 9:00 p.m. on March 17, we were transported to the new hospital. 

How are Caroline and Ainsley?

The babies are doing great. Stephen's mom moved into our house and is keeping them there. We wanted as much stability for them as possible while mommy is out the state getting better. Stephen divides his time between being here with me, but also back in NWA with C and A, and where he can be at his desk when needed. He has been crazy strong through this whole mess and I don't deserve him. Not even a little bit.

My mom is down here with me most of the time, too. She hasn't been home since March 17 either and I know she is just exhausted, but won't say a word ; ) I'd be fine (and have asked her to let me) to stay alone, but it's my momma. And we all know a momma's heart when it comes to her baby...even her 30 yr old baby. My dad is here just about every weekend, which is always just good for my soul.

It sucks. It is the hardest thing I've ever done. The first week I was off the ventilator, awake and coherent enough to realize what we were facing, I nearly fell apart. But I also know that it is temporary and that my being here will allow me to be a better, healthier mom when I get home. 


*As far as the blog goes, it was still be active (I'm not closing up domain juuuuuust yet on this hot mess express, ha!) With that said, I probably really get back to writing until I'm home and settled in. (Hopefully by this summer?) I will try to update from time-to-time, though.

*We've chosen not to share medical details about my specific situation or location info for the hospital where we're staying. I know y'all understand, but didn't want to seem rude if I didn't divulge more.