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I haven’t done a good ole fashioned rando post in a long time…like, at least a week! So here goes…the menagerie of thoughts running through my blonde head this week:

1. I FINALLY got a pic of the awesome painting by one of my good blogger friends, Lindsay that she did for Stephen and I! We plan to hang it in our kitchen when we move in together in September! I love that the background color is Razorback red…so perfect for Hog country! Thanks girl!

Please ignore the hideous carpet underneath it...this pic was taken in my cubicle at work

Wow. There were a lot of exclamation points in that sentence. What can I say? Hand painted kitchen signs get me ten kinds of worked up.

2. I had a brief flip out moment in my car yesterday sitting in the Starbucks drive-thru when I thought a bug or spider (heaven forbid) was crawling down my back. I was patiently awaiting my non-fat iced caramel macchiato when suddenly, I had a creepy, crawly, brushy feeling on my back. I started swatting and panting and pulling on my shirt until I realized that it wasn’t a formidable insect but instead, my hair, which is now so long it touches the middle of my back. This was both an embarrassing realization and enormous milestone in the process of hair growth.

3. I signed a 3 month lease extension on ‘ye olden bachelorette pad yesterday, as I’ll be moving out in about two and a half months when I become a Mrs.! My little one-bedroom apartment, which I’ve called home for the past three years, has seen me through some of the best times and worst times of my years as a single lady. I’m not AT ALL sad to leave those days behind, but it does make me a bit nostalgic to think of the laughter, tears and mishaps that happened within those four walls. (Mom, if you’re reading, I started thinking of the time Dad broke the cuckoo clock magnet into a million pieces and just about peed my pants laughing.)

It also makes me TREMENDOUSLY excited to know that I just signed what is probably the last apartment lease I’ll ever put my name on….hooray for married life! Bring it on!

4. The white skinny jeans from yesterday’s TWW post came from Topshop, here.

5. I gotta say, I could honestly care less about this Casey Anthony trial. I haven't been tuning in and really don't know enough about the case to have a well-formed opinion. That little girl deserves justice of course and what happened to her was horrific, but I'm kind of over the media hype. Seems to be all the buzz on Twitter and frankly, I'm ready for it to be over so regular conversations can resume.

6. The air in my office building has been working/not working off and on for the past two weeks. If they don’t get it fixed pretty soon, I’m going on strike and working from home. Except not really. I’ll probably just continue to wear tank tops and stay adequately hydrated.

7. I got my thank-you notes mailed out last night. All of those amazing gifts were well-worth the carpal tunnel I have now developed.

I’ll be honest…some of ‘em were a little tricky to write. I mean, it’s hard to convey one’s excitement over dish towels and Tupperware in a little 4 x 6 note card. But, I channeled my inner English major and remembered some pointers my old Lit professor gave me for handling thank you notes and…I cranked out 52 of the best thank you notes this side of the Mississippi. All jokes aside, we appreciate each and every single gift we received last weekend. The generosity was enough to knock this stiletto wearing blonde clean outta her chair.

8. Lastly, but not leastly....leastly?? We have a winner of the Southern Chic Designs giveaway and her name is Dawn! I used Random Number Generator and she was lucky #78. Dawn also has a really cute blog, so check it out! Thanks to all who entered!

A screen cap, so y'all can see that we play fair around this blog...

If you have read this whole post and are still awake: 1) Muchas gracias; 2) Go buy yourself some caffeine. My blog tends to induce drowsiness.

If you’re asleep…well…can’t say I blame ya.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Trend Watch Wednesday: {Festival Chic}

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 Trend Watch Wednesday has really been getting pushed to the back burner this summer, mainly because I feel like I “fashion” y’all to death sometimes. But alas, clothing and the like are true loves of mine (materialistically speaking) and therefore deserve their rightful place on the blog from time to time : - )

Today I wanna talk about the style at recent music fests Bonnaroo in Tennessee and Glatsonbury in the UK. I haven’t been to a gritty, nasty, awesome music fest in years, but I still love to look at style pics on websites like Style.com.

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Music fests are synonymous with bohemian tops, maxi skirts and hemp sandals. But lately, it seems a slightly more edgy and chic style is infiltrating the outdoor music scene. I call it Festival Glam.

via Still the Lovely

Even if you didn’t catch Coachella or Bonnaroo this year, there’s still time to channel your inner hippy chick. Our friends at Topshop never fail us and, once again this season, have come up with some incredible pieces sure to make you the most stylish honey at the venue:

Easy Breezy Babe

White Crochet Neck Sundress, Moto Bleach Wash Denim Jacket, HIPPO Multi Swirl Sandals, Navy Washed Leather Duffle Bag

This white sundress from Topshop paired with this Moto Denim jacket, satchel and crochet gladiators is just the ticket to a daytime or nighttime show. The jacket is small enough to roll up and store in the bag during the day and the sandals allow your feet to breathe.

Glam Gypsy Rocker

Grey Animal Print Racerback Maxi Dress, Black Whipstitch Leather Satchel, Lipstick in Infrared, Fluster Black Jewel Thong Espadrille Sole Sandals

I LOVE this leopard print maxi dress as a flowy, feminine alternative to leather and chains, which we’re so used to seeing at rock shows. Pair the dress with a fab whipstitch bag and bright coral red lip for added drama. Then watch the boys gather ‘round…

Kitschy Kitten

Stripe Slash Arm Tank, Lott Spotty Espadrile Platforms, MOTO Black Denim High Waisted Hotpants, Black Suede Fringed Shopper Bag, Solid Gel Eyeliner in Steely

Hot pants? Check. Tight fitting baby tee? Check. Sky-high espadrilles? Check and check. This outfit provides all the ingredients for creating a super sexy music fest look. I totally envision Katy Perry sporting something like this to a music fest. This outfit is probably most appropriate for a nighttime show. Don’t forget to stick a pair of ballet flats or sandals in your bag, since these shoes are could be a quick ticket to blister city : ) But hey, beauty is pain, right?

Modern Muse

Multi Aztec Print Open Back Cami, Orange Tassel Front Leather Bag, HUNK Metal Chain Gladiators
The off-white skinny jeans, exotic printed cami and tasty orange cross-body bag make this the most wearable of the outfits (and probably the most comfortable.) This outfit can go easily from day to night with a smoky eye and stiletto heel, perfect for those concert after parties.

Tips for Festival Syling

-Wear comfortable shoes. A music fest is a guarantee that you’ll probably be standing for hours, so be kind to your tootsies and go with flats. Gladiator sandals and crochet ballet flats are all the rage this summer.

-Don’t get all matchy-matchy. This rule of thumb applies to styling for any type of event in my opinion, but especially at a music fest. Don’t be afraid to mix contrasting colors and patterns. A vintage tee pairs beautifully with a feminine blazer. A pretty sundress looks amazing with distressed oxfords. Dare to be bold in your choices, girls.

- Go easy on the make-up. Clown face is never cool, particularly in the summer when you’re face is bound to melt off by noon, anyway. I love a good tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara and simple gloss when I’m outside all day. You’ll look pulled together, but won’t run the risk of looking like The Joker when you start to sweat : )

So go forth, you music loving vixens, and conquer!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Stop....It's Tunic Time!

My tunic is from Francesca's, found in stores only.

Get it? Like, "Stop! It's Hammer Time!"??

Yeah, ok. Bad post title. I'm really reaching here today, folks.

But seriously, today I want to talk about a shirt that all of us should be wearing this summer. And that very shirt is called 'le tunic.

Please ignore the scuzz bucket on the left...

My love for tunics was reinvigorated by watching The Bachelorette this season. Though I'm not a fan of letting your bra show through your sheer tunic (ahem, paging Ashley Hebert last night on her date with J.P.), I'm still loving her style, for the most part. My favorite look of hers is the tucked in tunic with skinny jeans that she's always rocking. So sleek and chic, y'all!

I thought I'd sport a similar look today....what'cha think?

If you're in the market for a good tunic, you've come to the right place. A few of my recent favs online:

White + Warren Cowl Neck Tunic from Piperlime; Jason Long Sleeve Blouse from Planet Blue

Cream Gypsy Embroidered Tunic from Topshop; Metal Applique Blouse Tunic from Planet Blue

So yeah. The tunic. Simple, sweet and purty.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Bridal Shower Weekend Recap: {Part 1}

Hey girls! Welcome back from the weekend!

As you probably know, Stephen and I went to Heber Springs, (where I grew up), this past weekend for my first of two bridal showers. We had a little snafu with downloading the pics from my mom's camera, so the actual shower pics are coming later this week.

I will however show you the pics that did download correctly!

After the shower on Saturday, we all headed out on the lake for a sunset cruise on Stephen's boat. My Memaw and Papaw (my dad's parents) joined us and we had a ball!

Captain Stephen : )

Memaw, Papaw, Me and Stephen

A good lookin' couple!

If you live in Arkansas and have never been to Heber Springs or Greers Ferry Lake, I highly suggest you do so. True, I'm a little biased since that's my hometown, but it really is one of the prettiest places in our state.

Here is a pic I snapped of little Max on Saturday night...my parents have this antique stove as a decoration in their house and he LOVES to sleep underneath it.

Hopefully I'll get the actual shower pics on here by Wednesday or Thursday. My mom is having to burn them to a CD and send them via snail mail, so I'm having to be patient. That's hard stuff for a Type A like myself, haha!

Here's a sneak peek though...my shower outfit taken with my iPhone. Sorry for the blurriness!

And finally, I wanted to show y'all my new scarf I got from Francesca's. It was only $18 and is SO cute, I think! I paired it with an old black tank and jeans on Friday and it really spruced up the outfit. Get one for yourself here.

That's it. A random mix of pics from our weekend. Stay tuned for the bridal shower pics later in the week!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Bridal Shower Weekend

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I had originally titled this post “My First Shower”, but then decided that made me sound like I had never bathed before. So, it became “Bridal Shower Weekend”. Ingenious, no?

Sewwwww, this Saturday I have the first of two bridal showers! This one is in my hometown of Heber Springs and is being hosted by my friend Sarah S., who I’ve known literally since birth. We used to play Barbies and sing New Kids on the Block songs in my playhouse in the backyard. Ah, memories…

To show y'all how red my hair is naturally, see the below. (I think I make a better blonde.) And how fierce is my bow?

My sweet Hang Ten sweatsuit and feathered bangs. And, though it's hard to see, I'm wearing a Ronald McDonald necklace. And how about Sarah's amazing salmon-colored overalls? We were sooooo stylin'.... ha!

Anywhoodle, I’m pumped to be going home to visit with all of the sweet ladies I’ve known since childhood at my home church, where the shower is being held. There really is nothing I love more than a bunch of southern ladies gettin’ together for yummy punch and good conversation!

I had originally planned to wear a dress I purchased last week from Ruche, but me oh my was it ever short! The Baptist church ladies (and my mama) would die if they saw me in that short of a get-up. So I had to go dress hunting yesterday on my lunch break to find a replacement.

I found this beauty at Dillard’s! It was $69 and is by Teeze Me. (Yes, I realize “tease” is spelled wrong. I believe the designer did that on purp.) I couldn't find it online, but I did find a similar one here. I actually tried it on too and it's very cute!

Of course a fab-o-luss dress calls for equally fab shoes. Bring in these pretties from Baker’s that I scored for, wait for it, $24!

I think I’m going to go very simple on jewelry, just pearl drop earrings, a pearl bracelet and my engagement ring, of course : )

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family and I’m so thankful for their support during this time in mine and S’s lives. So special!

What about y’all? Exciting plans this weekend?

Be blessed, lovelies-


Answers to Emails + More Pics!

Photos are by my friend Rhyanne Ketron

Blogger was acting up yesterday and so I didn't get to put the remaining 6 photos up. If you aren't sick of seeing us already, take a looksy! If you are, you may want to skim down the page, haha!

And end photos.

M'kay, let me go ahead and put this out there: I am the world’s worst with replying to email. A definite shortcoming as a blogger, that’s for sure. So I’m tackling a few questions today that I’ve received via email in the past few weeks!

If you asked a question and never got an answer (again, so sorry!), yours may be featured:

“Where did you get your yellow shoes from the engagement pics post?”- I got them from Aldo last year for the Celebrate Magazine interview. I love, love, love ‘em, but they are HARD to walk in!

“Where did you get your dress from the engagement post?”- I got it last year from Ruche! I somehow was lucky enough to order the last Small they had in stock. Obviously, the fashion gods were on my side that day ; )

“What kind of cut is your engagement ring?”- Emerald, my fav! I prefer emerald and brilliant cuts for their clean lines and chic look, but I never told S that. Guess he just knew my taste well!

“Does your fiancĂ© have a brother? I’m single!”- I laughed so hard when I got this email! My fiancĂ© has not one, but TWO brothers, in fact! One lives in St. Louis with his lovely wife and brand new baby and the other is engaged to be wed next year : ) Sorry girls!

“Are you using a wedding planner?”- We are actually planning this whole shebang on our own; we are Type A to the max, so planning things is a cinch. We’ve also gotten loads of help from friends (like Rhyanne) and family members in the whole wedding planning process.

“What style is your wedding dress? I’m built like you and was wondering what you think looks best?”- I don’t want to disclose a lot about my dress since S does read this blog : ) But I will say, it’s got a VERY long train, is form-fitting through the torso and hips and is somewhat reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s second dress on her wedding day : ) I’m built very straight up and down with a somewhat petite frame, except for my booty- it’s on the bubbly side, ha! I chose something that wouldn’t overwhelm my body and would allow the curves that I do have to show!

“What kind of highlights does your hairdresser do?”- My hairstylist Jennifer uses a mix of very light baby blonde with a few low lights in a darker, more neutral blonde. We used a picture of Carrie Underwood as inspiration last time, I think. I usually have her do mine in more ash tones, since my hair is naturally pretty red and tends to pull gold if I do warmer tones.

“What kind of hair care products do you use, (Flat iron, curling iron, shampoo, etc.)?”- It takes a small arsenal of hair care supplies to tame my wild strands, haha. Here’s the rundown:

Shampoo- Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo & Rusk Sensory Shampoo for keeping brassiness at bay

Conditioner- Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner

Hairspray- Redken Forceful 23

Smoothing Serum- CHI brand Smoothing Serum

Flat Iron- CHI, the Original

Curling Iron- Hot Tools Gold 1 ½ inch barreled curling iron

Hope that helps knock out some of the questions y’all have asked lately! Honestly, the best way to connect with me is on Twitter, as it stays up on my desktop at work all throughout my workday. Hit me up and we’ll talk!

Be blessed, lovelies-

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More Engagement Pics!

I promised I'd give y'all these in small doses. Well, I may have fibbed. There are so many, it would take 20 posts to show all of them in small increments. So instead, I'll show the pics in one, ginormous post, m'kay?
There were so many that we loved, it was SO hard to choose a favorite. My friend Rhyanne took them for us and we were just so thrilled with the results! I'll let y'all decide which ones you like best!

TIP: Click each photo to see it in its true size and in full detail. This blog doesn't convey the detail that Rhyanne was able to capture with her lense!

Have I ever told y'all how much I love my ring? Probably one or 50 times, I'm sure.

Random disco pose

I know I said we didn't have a favorite, but I think this one might be it : )

Our Lady Gaga hands : ) We love our Gaga!

Um, HOTTIE. I am marrying a hottie.

Ha! Our random "thinker" pose

Showin' off his "guns" : ) (Yes, it's true. Italians really are the sexiest men, in my opinion anyway!)

Going in for the kiss....and...wait for it....

We're goofy.

Another potential fav

Be blessed, lovelies-

*All photos are the property of A Blonde Ambition blog and Rhyanne Ketron Photography, protected under a Creative Commons License. Please do not reuse without express written consent to this blog's author or the photograher.