Playing Hostess: {Weekend Guests}

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Here's my 157th nerdy confession...I love to play Susie Homemaker. Or better yet, Susie Hostess. I love hosting parties, get togethers and out of town weekend guests.

I won't lie.

I pride myself on my ability to make perfectly round pancakes, fold fitted a fitted sheet and whip up a pitcher of sweet tea quicker than you can say, "Hey y'all."

What can I say? It was ingrained in me from the time I could help my mom in the kitchen that any good, southern woman worth her weight in Aquanet ought to be able to play the perfect, gracious host. To me, occasionally sporting an apron with a pair of heels isn't anti-feminist; it's just one of our many divine rights as women!

We're superheroes in lipstick.

This past weekend, I got to play pseudo-hostess to some of Stephen's friends that came up for a lake weekend. Let me tell you, I loved every minute of it. Although it's not my house yet, I had fun helping him ready his pad for his friends.

Of course all of this hostessing makes me giddy about revamping the guest bedrooms in our home after we get married! My noggin is already spinning with ideas....table lamps, curtains and bedside tables, oh my!

via Lonny Mag

I'm not an expert hostess yet, like my mom or grandmothers, but here are a few of my novice tips on hosting weekend company, southern style:

-Add a few personal touches to the room, like portraits or souvenirs from vacations. My cousin has one of her guest bedrooms decorated with items collected from a vacation to Tuscany, making you feel transported to an Italian Bed and Breakfast.

-Cozy your guest room up with unique throw pillows and luxurious, soft blankets. Help your guests feel extra comfortable by making extra pillows and blankets easy to find by placing them at the foot of the bed or atop a decorative trunk or chest. No one wants to poke around in a stranger's closet for extra bed linens (ok, well some people might not mind the snooping, haha), so make it extra simple for your company to locate additional items they might need.

-Stock the bedside table with magazines that reflect the guests' hobbies or interests. I always put out fashion and decorating mags when my girlfriends from out of town visit. When my parents stay over, I make sure to buy fishing and sports magazines for my dad to read and my mom's favorite, Southern Living.

-Always keep an empty chest of drawers or armoire in the room so that guests staying for an extended period of time can put their clothing away. It just makes people feel at home.

-On that note, also make sure that there is a bit of empty closet space and hangers available for your company to hang delicate clothing.

-Put snacks and bottled water in a cute tray at the end of the bed. I love to put little bags of pretzels, cookies and bottled water on a decorative tray in their rooms, just in case my guests want a late night snack!

These are just a few tips I've picked up from my mom and grandmas over the years, but I've found that guests really appreciate the extra special touches.

Here are a few items that can make your company feel even more at home:

Collage by A Blonde Ambition blog

1) A throw pillow makes a bed extra inviting
2) Add a bedside table lamp in case your guests love to read in bed at night
3) A fancy wall mirror adds drama and makes a room seem larger
4) This houndstooth throw can be placed at the end of the bed in case your guests get chilly
5) Add a magazine that reflects your guests' hobbies and interests to the bedside table

What are some of your favorite ways to make weekend guests have a comfy stay?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. My mom taught me the same things!

  2. ive never been able to fold fitted sheets. they always end up in crumpled mess..

  3. Oh share your sweet tea recipe please!

  4. I literally fell in love with this post. I feel the same as you - I'm pretty sure I was born to be a host :) Great, great tips on how to make the guest bedroom feel cozy for guests! xo

  5. I feel like my mother-in-law could have written this post, she does all of the things you mentioned when we go to visit and it makes me feel so at home!

  6. I absolutely loved this post! I love preparing our house for guests! I always put out a vase of fresh flowers and of course a pitcher of sweet tea. I love the idea of putting out a few family pictures. And seriously, if you could tell us or make a video of how you fold a fitted sheet, that would be fabulous because that is one thing that I struggle with when it comes time to wash the linens! Have a good day!

  7. Excellent hostess tips and I love that lamp! I like to prepare a homemade breakfast and have coffee brewing when my guests wake up!

  8. I can NEVER fold fitted sheets LOL.. I Love decorating as well I love it when people come over and say WOW what a beautiful home you have. LOVE IT.. Oh and I'm a southern girl myself sweet tea is a tradition.lol.

  9. That photo frame and the rooms posted are gorgeous! I like the idea of having magazines for friends. I would add that I have robes in the closet and have the guest bathroom stocked with all the essentials, from Advil & Q tips, to spare toothbrushes and face wash.

  10. Oh, if you haven't already, would you post your recipe for sweet tea? I'd love to try that.

  11. I love this post, because I am the same way!
    I also keep a clean robe hanging and some shampoos and lotions I get from staying at hotels (un-used obviously!) I love my guests to feel like they are staying at a hotel!

  12. LOVE it! I too enjoy playing hostess. Great suggestions.

  13. I LOVE hosting parties and having people visit. We dont have a guest room right now but when we do I hope to make it a relaxing getaway for my guests :)

  14. Couldn't agree more!!

    Love this post!

    I absolutely love entertaining guests. I love the extra little details you shared.

  15. Great tips doll - it's always nice to have a comfy house all ready for guests. :)

  16. aw love your ideas for hostessing! :)



  17. I love twin beds in rooms. So cute! My sister and I shared a bedroom until I was 13. Also I know you were following my blog before and mentioned it to your parents, but my url has changed to www.crystalcattle.blogspot.com So if you enjoy reading you'll have to re-follow there. Have a great week.

  18. I am in full agreement. Your tips on folding a fitted sheet must be shared! ;)

    Love all of your advice. I also try to make sure there are outlets available. That sounds weird, but sometimes in older houses/buildings there aren't a ton, and if you have a lamp and something plugged in you may want to have an added outlet for phones.

  19. I am the same way! I find all the cooking, cleaning, hosting, etc. fun and entertaining! Although, please share your tips on how to fold a fitted sheet!

  20. A great tip is to provide guests with travel staples such as travel sized items: toothpaste, mouthwash, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, facial cleansing cloths... it's a nice touch that guests will love, especially if they forgot something!


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