Good Life

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I always get in this crazy, giddy mood the first week of summer where I just wanna drive really fast with the windows down and my music cranked way up. Preferably with some sort of slushy, fruity concoction from Sonic in the cup holder.

Stephen and I were out on the boat last weekend, laughing obnoxiously while the wind smacked us in the face and ice cold lake water splashed us as we hit the wakes...I was giggling, shrieking  like a kid when someone tosses them up in the air...and there was a moment when the sun was shining oh-so-very-bright and I was warm and happy....and I remember thinking to myself, "This is how life is meant to be lived."

Laughing uncontrollably at nothing, getting soaked, getting a titch sunburned and just plain devouring the moment.

Sometimes life's moments can best be described in song. Ergo, one of my favorite summer songs, aptly titled "Good Life" by OneRepublic.


P.S.- I'm extending the SwimSpot giveaway another week, due to the commenting issues that some of us have been experiencing lately on Blogger blogs. I want to give everyone a fair shot and plenty of time to get an entry in. I've been told that if you comment using FireFox instead of IE, it works! Or, if you need to leave an Anonymous comment, just be sure to include your name (first name only is just fine) and link to your blog (if you have one) with your entries- that works too!!

P.P.S.- I'm in Chi-town for work Monday and Tuesday, but I'll be posting 2 YUMMY Black Bean Salsa recipes from a couple sweet blogger friends this weekend to tide you over 'til I get back. 

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. i love moments like that... like you're in the best mood ever...

    and yes, sonic drink, cherry limeade! yum!

  2. :) summer always puts me in a good mood. and that song is pretty fantastic! xoxo jillian:: enter to win a leigh viner print!

  3. Sounds like you were having a great time on the boat, thanks for sharing.

  4. That One Republic song has been on replay on my iPod lately, so good! Happy weekend and happy Summer!

  5. There's nothing better than those first few days out on the water in the summer! Best times!

  6. Yes, I agree! Summer is just the best time to appreciate all the little happy things. Lovely post :)

  7. I love that song, it´s so optimistic! Amazing post!

    xx Ivana


  8. Have fun in Chicago ill be there in 10 days!

  9. Isn't Pinterest the absolute best. Is your username under you blog name because I would love to follow you. I'm under Crystal Young. And I agree great song.

  10. okay. YOu. ARE. SO. CUTE! I just found your blog and i love it!... going to go look through more now :)

  11. I love One Republic as well. I have that song featured on my blog as well. -Nikki


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