Summer Star-Worthy Beauty Trends

Summer is already in full sizzle here in Arkansas, as evidenced by our 97 degree heat here on Saturday...yowza! And with the high temps come some hot trends on the beauty and style front. Coincidentally, I intend on spending today and tomorrow covering them!

Per usual, we at A Blonde Ambition look to the A-Listers to know what's happenin from tips to toes. A few noteworthy trends on the make-up/hair front from last week:

Paris Hilton's Side Swept Mane

I'm usually not a huge Paris Hilton fan, but she looked undeniably haute stepping out on the red carpet last week with her side swept 'do. With enviable blonde highlights and soft texture, her hair in this pic is perfection.

Nicole Scherzinger's Fuschia Lip/Dress Combo

Typically, I can't stand when peeps match their make-up to their outfit, but here I think it looks so chic. Nicole S. is ten kinds of gorgeous anyway, so she could probably wear a paper bag and make it look effortlessly stylish. I'm seriously loving her matchy-matchy fuschia lip and dress duo!

Two Girls, One Hot Braid

Model Melena Costa and actress Blake Lively both rocked the undone fishtail side braid last week and beauty mavens everywhere went ballistic. Isn't this just the coolest braid you've ever seen? I think so.

Poof de Resistance

Actress/singer Rose Huntington-Whiteley wore the most amazing poofed 'do on Jimmy Kimmel last week...Snookie should take notes from this classy lady! I like how she did a middle part, left some strands of random hair down in the front and concentrated her "poof" on the crown of her head rather than the top. Great job, Rose! (Or rather Rose's hairstylist.)

Turquoise with a Tan

This woman has had four kiddos. Seriously??!! I don't look that good NOW without having had babies. Oh Heidi Klum....Anywhoodle, I'm in lurve with Heidi's fierce tan, glowing coral colored cheeks and stunning turquoise blue halter dress. Possibly the best skin/cheeks/dress combo EVER. PERIOD.

Kardashian Trio Goes Neon

The Kardashian sisters got a neon mani last week and I'm SO feeling it. Makes me wanna get some Day Glo nail polish and go to town on my tips!

Blonde Wears Red (Lips, That Is)

The lovely Brooklyn Decker used a red lipstick to highlight her smoocher last week in NY. I love how it picks up the accent color in the dress ever so delicately....props to you, Brooklyn!

Tony Romo's Exes Love Their Braids

Jessica and Carrie may have more in common than just the now-betrothed Mr. Romo...they obviously adore their front braids, too! I love this style with wavy or curled hair, don't you?

And lastly, my award for "What were you thinking, girl?!" goes to........

Nicole Richie Channels a Goth Cleopatra?

I hate to give this non-honor to Ms. Joel Madden because I love her style usually, but oh Nicole! Girl, what were you thinking??!! Atrociously heavy  eye, slicked back hair that aires on the side of greasy and a colorless lip. Marilyn Manson would be proud.

What summer celeb beauty style is your fav? Least fav?

*All images via Getty

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Those neon nails are seriously cute! I've noticed the braid trend this summer, but I have a really short bob- what can the ladies with short hair do to stay with the trend or have more fashionable, less boring hair?

  2. Could you give a tutorial for how you did your chic, poofed ponytail in your engagement pics? I am a die-hard ponytail girl, but it always looks so boring and if I try to poof it, it doesn't really stay poofed. Help!

  3. I am loving all the braids this summer...so cute!

    What was Nicole thinking?!

  4. All the braids make me regret trimming my super long hair!


  5. Love the braids! So cute, must try this summer!

  6. Nicole... Owwww that looks not to healthy!

    Hopped over from gal in the middle!

    Glad i did!

  7. Love the Jsimp and carrie praid. Heidi looking hot as usual. I wish I were that tan, thank goodness for mystic!

  8. great roundup! i love the neon nails!!

    giveaway on daily crush today : )

  9. You know what's so funny, I saw pics of Richie and people were singing her style praises. I just missed it on this one. The hair and makeup was awful!

  10. Some great shots that you found - I love the side braids and the braids with curls are both beautiful. Also- turquoise and having a tan are the best!


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