The Bachelorette...Let's Dish, Ladies.


I have NEVER watched The Bachelorette before, mostly because I thought it was a ridiculous concept, finding one's soulmate on TV and whatnot. Almost as bad as finding one's soulmate through a blog, huh? ; )

I mean, I deemed myself as someone who was above a pseudo-reality show based on the premise of some random chick finding her Mr. Right within a neat 6 week timeline in ridiculously romantic locales like Bali and Belize. But I gotta say, after one episode of watching our latest femme fatale, Miss Ashley Hebert, I was hooked.

Even Stephen has gotten in on The Bachelorette action. Oh sure, he loves to watch right alongside me and provide witty commentary on all the dim-witted lotharios vying for Ashley's attention.

So to honor this little gem of a show, I thought we'd all share our predictions on who Ashley will pick and just dish on the happenings of the show so far. Y'all ready? Let's go!

My Front Runners


Despite the fact that he made quite possibly the worst joke in history at the roast  this week, I still think our favorite midwestern cell phone salesman has a chance with Ashley. He's cute, funny and completely head over heels for her.


This adorable construction manager from New York is just perfect for Ash! He's genuine and sweet and was a great remedy for her broken heart after Bentley left on Monday. I know J.P. will be sticking around for a while!


This dude is the epitome of hopeless romantic. Though he comes across as a bit over the top sometimes, I do think he genuinely cares about Ashley and is totally the guy to sweep her off her feet this season!

Ryan P.

This guy got the first rose of the season and with good reason; he likes him some Ashley Hebert and makes no bones about it! Not sure he is final episode material, but I do think he'll be on the show for a while to come.

The Guys That Should Have Been Eliminated Already


Stephen and I always look at each other and say, "Who?" whenever Chris Harrison calls his name for a rose. He's not the best looking of the bunch and really should consider trimming his hair. And changing his name. Just sayin...


This personal trainer dude is just not cutting it on the show this season, in my opinion. His personality is kind of blah and his hair needs an update. My bet is that he goes home next week!


Though they'd probably have fun checking out each other's molars, I don't see our fellow dentist wooing Ashley enough to make her want to keep him around. Plus, he dresses like a broke-down Ryan Secrest.

Best Date So Far

Hands down Ashley's date with Ben, the romantic lawyer. They took part in a flash mob (one of my life's dreams) and followed it up with an uber-romantic dinner. Nicely done, Benny boy!

Most Awkward Moment So Far

Ladies, who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to do a roast of Ashley this week? Talk about setting yourself up for failure! Poor William took things a little too far during his set in the roast by saying that he thought "he was getting Chantal or Emily" instead of Ashley! Bad move, William!

Guy She Should Probably Rethink Keeping on the Show

West. Y'all heard about his former wife drama? Apparently our boy was up to some shady stuff in the past. Read here.

So tell me ladies, what do y'all think of the show so far this season? Any predictions of who will make it to the end??

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. as much as i hate to admit it, The Bachelorette has me totally hooked! i've watched several seasons now, and it's definitely my guilty pleasure TV show :)

    i just hope she finds someone who makes her feel wonderful about herself and who loves her for who she is. if i were her, i know it would be hard to get over all of the things that jerk Bentley said. i like your predictions...and i'm with ya!

  2. I REALLY wasn't going to watch this season because I don't care for Ashley, but the Bentley drama got me hooked!

    I loved Ashley's date with Ben too. He seems like a sweetie! There are several of the other guys that she kept this week that I don't think I have ever seen!

    I read that stuff about West too, and he makes me nervous. Hope she lets him go!

  3. I am so with you about William. I actually felt bad for him after because you could see how dumb he felt. At least that shows some character - and stuff like that happens in real life. And I love JP, I think he seems really genuine and could be a good match for her!

  4. I always said I'd never watch the Bachelorette, but I got hooked because of Chris L. on Ali's season (and then I ended up meeting him after he read my blog)!

    Ben C. was my favorite from the beginning but after some girls I know met him in New Orleans this week, I have a feeling she doesn't pick him -- and he might not be the romantic/looking for love guy he appears to be. (Sad!)

    I'm glad she gave William a second chance and I really like her with JP, too.

    The only thing I don't agree with is Constantine. Did you see the deleted scenes of them on the ABC website? I don't know why they leave things like that out. They seem to have chemistry, and Ashley loves his name!

  5. I'm hooked on this season too! Although I do think it will be slightly boring now that Bentley is gone.. but thank goodness he did not stick around any longer! My favorites are JP and Ben the wine guy. How sweet was her and JP's date?

  6. J.P. and Ryan P. are my FAVES! I hope one of them wins...I will be so depressed if not. I too am hooked on this season. For some reason, I cannot stop watching.

    P.s. Can we please talk about Bentley? What a dbag!


  7. i also do my own batch recap every tuesday morning.... and it looks like we agree on the same things!


  8. Hi there girlie - My vote is for William or J.P. Mainly because William is from a town close to me in Ohio..but also he is pretty cute. I also like J.P...he seems into her and a cutie to :) Can't wait til Monday for another episode!

  9. I never used to watch this show either - but somehow I am hooked on this season! That Bentley guy was out of control!!!!



  10. I am hooked on The Bachelorette too! This weeks episode was out of control- I hope she finds a good guy! I love Ryan P. and Constantine! :)

  11. I seem to get hooked on these shows every season! So sad! But, I love J.P.! He's adorable and I think he seems genuinely sweet. I thin Constantine and the guy who reminds me of him (what's his name?) confuse me the most. I have no idea who is who, or why either of them are still around. I don't really need to see any more of Nick either.


  12. I love The Bachelorette this season. I appreciate that Ashley isn't only concerned about looks. Just because Constantine isn't supermodel hot, he is an everyday guy looking for love. But I agree with you about Nick, really don't know why he's still there...

    My favorite so far is JP! He seems so genuine and like he's really there for her, especially after their less than enthusiastic individual date. I like that he was there for her as a friend because that's how most relationships start anyway!

    I can't imagine going on a reality show like this (or really any reality show)! It must be so awful to put yourself in front of billions of people and hear criticism from strangers, whether deserved or not. But Bentley definitely deserved criticism for the way he acted!!! I hope he can never get a date again :)

    The roast was a terrible idea! I honestly think that's Ashley's fault. She shouldn't do it if she can't take the criticism. William's joke was distasteful, but I didn't think it deserved the huge deal that was made because of it.

  13. I joked the other night with Zach that maybe we should name the new baby Constantine! ;) only kidding! And don't let Stephen fool you - he's been watching the B'ette for years! :)

  14. This is my first season to watch as well and I'm loving it, the Bentley drama totally got me hooked. William and JP are my absolute favorites!!! :)

  15. Catching up on this is my project for the weekend - thanks for whetting my appetite!


  16. I love Ben, he's a poppet, and also think JP and William are adorable! Mask guy cracked me up, and Bentley appears to be a skeeze of the highest order.


  17. I am a huge JP fan. He is the sweetest ever. At first the Bachelorette really bugged me, but now I've grown to actually really like her! This post was really well written and I'm with you on the final guys, except Ben really bugs me.

    I just read that article on West and am in shock! Yikes, he came across so sweet and then to find out all of the drug info? Scary dude.


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