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I haven’t done a good ole fashioned rando post in a long time…like, at least a week! So here goes…the menagerie of thoughts running through my blonde head this week:

1. I FINALLY got a pic of the awesome painting by one of my good blogger friends, Lindsay that she did for Stephen and I! We plan to hang it in our kitchen when we move in together in September! I love that the background color is Razorback red…so perfect for Hog country! Thanks girl!

Please ignore the hideous carpet underneath it...this pic was taken in my cubicle at work

Wow. There were a lot of exclamation points in that sentence. What can I say? Hand painted kitchen signs get me ten kinds of worked up.

2. I had a brief flip out moment in my car yesterday sitting in the Starbucks drive-thru when I thought a bug or spider (heaven forbid) was crawling down my back. I was patiently awaiting my non-fat iced caramel macchiato when suddenly, I had a creepy, crawly, brushy feeling on my back. I started swatting and panting and pulling on my shirt until I realized that it wasn’t a formidable insect but instead, my hair, which is now so long it touches the middle of my back. This was both an embarrassing realization and enormous milestone in the process of hair growth.

3. I signed a 3 month lease extension on ‘ye olden bachelorette pad yesterday, as I’ll be moving out in about two and a half months when I become a Mrs.! My little one-bedroom apartment, which I’ve called home for the past three years, has seen me through some of the best times and worst times of my years as a single lady. I’m not AT ALL sad to leave those days behind, but it does make me a bit nostalgic to think of the laughter, tears and mishaps that happened within those four walls. (Mom, if you’re reading, I started thinking of the time Dad broke the cuckoo clock magnet into a million pieces and just about peed my pants laughing.)

It also makes me TREMENDOUSLY excited to know that I just signed what is probably the last apartment lease I’ll ever put my name on….hooray for married life! Bring it on!

4. The white skinny jeans from yesterday’s TWW post came from Topshop, here.

5. I gotta say, I could honestly care less about this Casey Anthony trial. I haven't been tuning in and really don't know enough about the case to have a well-formed opinion. That little girl deserves justice of course and what happened to her was horrific, but I'm kind of over the media hype. Seems to be all the buzz on Twitter and frankly, I'm ready for it to be over so regular conversations can resume.

6. The air in my office building has been working/not working off and on for the past two weeks. If they don’t get it fixed pretty soon, I’m going on strike and working from home. Except not really. I’ll probably just continue to wear tank tops and stay adequately hydrated.

7. I got my thank-you notes mailed out last night. All of those amazing gifts were well-worth the carpal tunnel I have now developed.

I’ll be honest…some of ‘em were a little tricky to write. I mean, it’s hard to convey one’s excitement over dish towels and Tupperware in a little 4 x 6 note card. But, I channeled my inner English major and remembered some pointers my old Lit professor gave me for handling thank you notes and…I cranked out 52 of the best thank you notes this side of the Mississippi. All jokes aside, we appreciate each and every single gift we received last weekend. The generosity was enough to knock this stiletto wearing blonde clean outta her chair.

8. Lastly, but not leastly....leastly?? We have a winner of the Southern Chic Designs giveaway and her name is Dawn! I used Random Number Generator and she was lucky #78. Dawn also has a really cute blog, so check it out! Thanks to all who entered!

A screen cap, so y'all can see that we play fair around this blog...

If you have read this whole post and are still awake: 1) Muchas gracias; 2) Go buy yourself some caffeine. My blog tends to induce drowsiness.

If you’re asleep…well…can’t say I blame ya.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. 1. love the sign- even better that your friend made it for you!

    3. SOOO exciting!!!

    7. i know what you mean about the thank you notes... all i can say is stay on top of them after each shower so they dont pile up :)

    definitely not asleep after this post. hah.

  2. I love your sign, it is so creative and thoughful!!!

    Have a great day!

  3. I have mini oh my gosh there is a bug on me freak outs all the time. I totally get it! I feel like such a fool when I realize it was my hair or sometimes even my own shirt!! Ha, ha.

  4. I always love your random posts. Makes me feel a little bit better that I'm always random.

    And I can assure you that you are not the only girl that has thought the brush of her hair was something with multiple legs.

    AND I have also not paid a bit of attention to the Casey Anthony trial either.

    Hope you have a good 4th!

  5. i totally had a long hair freak out once too! so don't feel like the only one :)

  6. Love that sign! And I do that ALL the time with my hair or when something just brushes up against me.

  7. That is one of my two favorite drinks at Starbucks!

    Yay for last lease as a single gal!

  8. You make me smile. LOVE that you LOVE the sign! Can't wait to see it hung up :) Have a great weekend my friend!

  9. New follower here and I am loving it!!! Fantastic blog so far and can't wait to read more.

    And I love the sign. Well done to your friend ;)

  10. What a darling painting - it turned out really cute and I think I too would flip out over a spider, yikes!

    I actually had a spider crawl across my bed the other night and it scared me half to death! I had to be quiet though because the rest of the fam was sleeping.


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