The Engagement Pics Keep 'A Comin'

via Rhyanne Ketron Photography

As I mentioned last week, my friend…

WAIT! Hold the phone!!
Did y’all know it’s Friday? Because, um, it totally is.

All. Day. Long.

Thank you, sweet Lord.

Anywho, so yeah. Last week, one of my good friends and fellow Bachelorette lovers, Rhyanne, took some engagement pics of S and I. We had such a blast just bee-bopping around Rogers taking randomsauce photos. Stephen even regaled us with his Jason Aldean impression a few times, (he really knows how to entertain the ladies.)

Sewwwwww….it’s time to reveal a few.

She snapped over 500 pics (yowza!) but I know that too much Leslie and Stephen can be draining. In fact, I read somewhere that looking at engagement pictures for extended periods of time can induce nausea, vomiting and disdain for engaged couples.

I love y’all too much to hurt ya, so here are just a few. I’ll post a few more next week and the week after and so on, until you’ve seen all of the blissful, pre-marital photos. I’m sure you’ll await those posts with bated breath.

I've looked at this photo a hundred times and still have no idea what we were cracking up about.

Sidenote: It was in this photos that we realized we have the exact same shade of blue eyes and the same nose. Don't worry, even though it's Arkansas, I assure you were aren't related.

Seriously though, isn’t my girl Rhyanne just so talented?! If you live in or around NWA and need a great, affordable photog to snap some pics of you and your significant other, your kiddos, your pet, your new shoes or just the kitchen sink, hit her up! She’s great at capturing your personal style in pics and will make you look fabulous on camera!

P.S. - THANK YOU to the moon and back for all of the heartfelt, beautiful comments and emails following yesterday’s post! I cannot express how grateful I am to have a platform like this from which to tell my story. I also loved hearing many of your stories and how you handle insecurities and self-confidence issues. You are a truly beautiful, phenomenal group of ladies and I consider myself very blessed to be able to call you friends.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Lovely! You should send this over to The Wedding Post of Arkansas and announce your engagement. We'd love to have you! www.theweddingpost.net

  2. Stunning photos! Yall are so cute together!

  3. Oh I laughed at the little Arkansas joke about the eyes and nose! But really, the pictures are wonderful and the two of you look so happy! Can't wait to see more!

  4. gorgeous engagement pictures!!! your friend is very talented... BUT attractive models definitely help :)

  5. Love them! Cash's family always gives me the Arkansas joke too. They often ask how we can date considering we're not related! But your pics are ga-or-jus! Keep 'em coming!

  6. Beautiful photos and I can't wait to see more!

  7. These pictures are beautiful! Your Arkansas comment made me laugh- ha!

  8. Gorgeous! I think the first one may be my favorite. ;)

  9. These photos are simply FABULOUS! I love them and I love the couple featured in them! :)

  10. Love the "little bites" of engagement photos! They are all truly lovely, especially because the two of you look so comfortable and happy together.

  11. aww, your pictures are so cute! they weren't enough! :p you two are just darling and I am so excited for you and Stephen! (I started reading your blog when you got engaged- found the link from Kelly's Korner!)

  12. The photos look amazing! I love the one where both of you are laying on the grass.

  13. these are GREAT photos. you guys look so happy and can tell you are really in love :)

    hope you are still enjoying planning your wedding!!



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