Weekend Afterthoughts

Hello, girls! Hope your Monday morning is off to a great start! We had a fun weekend on the lake with some out of town friends to celebrate one of Stephen's groomsman's birthday.

What else did we do this weekend? Welp, here goes:

1. Friday night, Stephen's mom was babysitting her new little grandbaby Lucas (mine and Stephen's new nephew). He was such a cutie and we had a great time holding him, cuddling and giving him his bottle : ) We both decided that maybe we don't want to wait as long as we thought we did to have kiddos, haha. Lucas was so tiny and SO precious....I think it's safe to say I have a bad case of baby fever now and we haven't even gotten married yet, ha!

One of the cutest little bambinos I've seen in a LONG time...he will be one cute toddler, too!

2. We went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday in keeping with our pledge to work out 5 days per week until the wedding. I'm sore and tired, but proud of us for sticking to it on a weekend where it would have been easy to throw in the towel.

3. We watched the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion last night and it solidified our feelings of disdain for Alexis even more. For someone that claims to be such a staunch Christian, she sure can be judgemental! We felt so bad for Vicki and Don and the horrible situation that they are dealing with right now. I thought Vicki handled the tough questions so gracefully though and I admire how she "owned" her shortcomings in the marriage. A very good reunion special, in my opinion!

4. We also watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey, which followed the RHOC special. Jersey might be our favorite of the housewife series because it's so crazy and outrageous! I have to say though, I do miss Danielle : ( Sure, she was ten kinds of cray-cray, but girlfriend kept the show interesting! I still heart the Jersey women though!

5. Do any of you out there have granite countertops in your homes or apartments? Stephen has granite countertops in his house and we are constantly struggling to find good cleaners to clean it with. Everything we've tried makes it so streaky and leaves a film : ( Soap and water works pretty well, but we need something with good antibacterial properties, since we are both clean freaks and hate germs. Let me know if you've found a good granite cleaning agent!

Are you asleep yet? Sorry, ya'll. I know this riveting post was probably not what you needed to read first thing on a Monday morning to get 'ya going : )

What did you do this past weekend? Do share!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. try pledge multi service. i use it on my black granite countertops, and it doesn't leave a film.

    let it set before immediately wiping clean. it always comes out shiney.

  2. Love your blog and love discussing home decor IE: Granite counter tops! My hubby built houses for many years and talked me into getting granite a few months ago. I am too a person that is a germ freak, but with granite it's one of those things: You either use a cutting board for everything. Or you just end up not caring about the look of the granite and use a cleaner that leaves a film, but rids germs. Vinegar and hot water is the best option. Also, dish-washing detergent and hot water. Basically, you have to find a PH neutral cleaner.

  3. My installer said to use a vinegar/water solution on the countertops. It works great and the vinegar smell goes away quickly.

  4. I know what you mean about the streakiness. I've started using Windex to clean our granite countertops and it works great; it doesn't leave any streaks and it makes the countertops super shiny.

  5. A new niece or nephew will definitely give you baby fever...even if you don't want kids. I get it bad when I'm with my nephew.

  6. What a cute little baby! Having a new niece or nephew will sure give you baby fever! :)

  7. My fiance and I have baby fever, though mine is a little worse than his! haha

  8. he is so tiny and cute! great recap!

    love from San Francisco,

  9. We've gone from "Let's wait until we're 30 to have the conversation" to "welllll, we'll be settled in about a year and then we'll see" - Baby fever hits FAST!

  10. I don't have granite countertops (I wish!) but have you tried Norwex? Their microfiber cloth is anitbacterial and it cleans EVERYTHING without a streak or film, and it's chemical free!

    P.S. - I don't sell it but maybe I should! ;)

  11. Hey, sweet girl! I got this solution from Real Simple magazine...it works great and is anti-bacterial! 1 TBSP of dish soap and 1 TBSP of vinegar for every cup of water. I just keep that stocked in a spray bottle under the sink! Super cheap, and not streaky!


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