Bridal Shower Weekend

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I had originally titled this post “My First Shower”, but then decided that made me sound like I had never bathed before. So, it became “Bridal Shower Weekend”. Ingenious, no?

Sewwwww, this Saturday I have the first of two bridal showers! This one is in my hometown of Heber Springs and is being hosted by my friend Sarah S., who I’ve known literally since birth. We used to play Barbies and sing New Kids on the Block songs in my playhouse in the backyard. Ah, memories…

To show y'all how red my hair is naturally, see the below. (I think I make a better blonde.) And how fierce is my bow?

My sweet Hang Ten sweatsuit and feathered bangs. And, though it's hard to see, I'm wearing a Ronald McDonald necklace. And how about Sarah's amazing salmon-colored overalls? We were sooooo stylin'.... ha!

Anywhoodle, I’m pumped to be going home to visit with all of the sweet ladies I’ve known since childhood at my home church, where the shower is being held. There really is nothing I love more than a bunch of southern ladies gettin’ together for yummy punch and good conversation!

I had originally planned to wear a dress I purchased last week from Ruche, but me oh my was it ever short! The Baptist church ladies (and my mama) would die if they saw me in that short of a get-up. So I had to go dress hunting yesterday on my lunch break to find a replacement.

I found this beauty at Dillard’s! It was $69 and is by Teeze Me. (Yes, I realize “tease” is spelled wrong. I believe the designer did that on purp.) I couldn't find it online, but I did find a similar one here. I actually tried it on too and it's very cute!

Of course a fab-o-luss dress calls for equally fab shoes. Bring in these pretties from Baker’s that I scored for, wait for it, $24!

I think I’m going to go very simple on jewelry, just pearl drop earrings, a pearl bracelet and my engagement ring, of course : )

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family and I’m so thankful for their support during this time in mine and S’s lives. So special!

What about y’all? Exciting plans this weekend?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Love Love Love the dress and shoes :)

  2. Hope y'all get lots of lovely things!!! Sad I can't be there. Soak it up and enjoy these moments!!! Love ya!!!

  3. Showers are so much fun. And yes, girl, the Baptists would not appreciate a short dress. Haha. I love the one you bought and those shoes are perfect!

  4. Your dress is very cute! Love the shoes too! Hope you have a wonderful shower weekend!

  5. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you! Love the dress!

  6. Love the dress...it will be perfect for your shower!

    Have fun! :)

  7. i would have never guessed you were not a natural blonde! and i LOVEEEE that dress... SOOO super cute! have fun at your shower- make sure you take lots of pictures!

  8. I think that dress is perfect for the vision I have in my head of what you would wear.
    Have a wonderful shower weekend!

  9. Love the dress, I can relate on the Baptist ladies (I actually went to college at a Baptist university so I know all to well ;)...), everytime I wear a dress to the church I grew up in I am sooo cautious not to wear anything that will get the ladies talking. I don't want to shame my momma!

    Have fun!

  10. We're pretty much on the exact same wedding schedule, just a week apart. LOVE hearing about what y'all are doing.

    Our shower is next week in Fort Smith and I'm trying desperately to find a dress that won't offend any of my Baptist ladies! Yours is SO cute!

    Have a blast and enjoy every minute!

  11. Such a cute photos! I love the dress and the shoes!


    Fashion Fractions

  12. Oh my! I love that dress! You are going to look stunning of course (:

  13. uhhhh!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE that dress and those shoes are to die. The price ... even more amazing. Pearls sound like perfection! I can't wait to see pics from it! ENjoy it, have so much fun!



  14. I had to laugh at the pics Leslie! Those are priceless! To think that you or Sarah either one are to the age of being married (much less to the point of having babies) makes me realize exactly how "experienced" I am! I hope you guys had a wonderful time at the shower. From our church shower we laughed for the longest about the random rooster items I received. Who on earth would think roosters were what I desired??? I'm sure you'll have some random items to tell about by the time it's all over as well, but what fun! You'll not be around a group of people ever that love you more than our old church!

  15. I want this exact outfit! It is TOO cute!

    Cannot wait to see pictures :)

  16. Such a pretty dress! And I love those shoes! Perfect. I am totally loving following your wedding journey, I'm excited about your big day!! :-) XXX

  17. I hope you had a wonderful time girl and that Teeze dress is gorgeous and nice price on those adorable pumps! ;)


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