Toast, Cupcakes and LuLu

Good Afternoon, lovelies! I haven't had a spare moment yet today to update the blog, but I'm finally getting to it. Better late than never, right?

I'm trying to brace myself for the ice storm that is supposed to hit Northwest Arkansas this afternoon. I have yet to go to the grocery store, so it looks like I'll be surviving the next few days on Lucky Charms, frozen pizza and Ramen Noodles, haha. Unfortunately, that's about the extent of the contents of my pantry right now. Should make for some major good times.

Today, I wanted to share with you a couple of blogs that you should definitely be reading. Whether you're a slave to the latest trends or just dig clothes, you'll be into these, I promise.

I stumbled upon this blog awhile back on accident...all I read was the word "Toast" in the title and thought I was visiting a food blog...oops.

Best mistake I've made in a long time. Written by maven-of-all-things-couture Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast is an edgy little blog truly intended for hardcore fashionistas.

Did I mention I could stare at the pics there for hours...in the words of Rachel Zoe, I die.

Cupcakes and Cashmere is like the light version of Fashion Toast; definitely stylish, but approachable and easy-to-read. It's the girl next door of fashion blogs, if you will.

Emily Schuman, Los Angeles native and author of C & C, gives readers a healthy dose of West Coast style with her fun, daily posts and pictorials.

The girl's got taste.

LuLu Letty
This blog is pure, sugary perfection. The genius behind LuLu is Maria Confer who describes herself as a "fashion and music enthusiast, writer and collector of vintage paraphenalia."

LLL dedicates itself not only to fashion and trendsetting, but also music, art and home decorating. Oh, and she also has really cute buttons you can grab for your blog.

I think she's just plain awesome.

So, if you've never checked out these ladies' blogs, please do. With that said, I'm going to grab a delicious Coca-Cola, crank up the iPod and get some work done before the blizzard blows through. Wish me luck!


Trend Watch Wednesday: Float Your Boat

Weh-heh-hehll....look what the tide brought in....Nautical-themed designs are infiltrating stores everywhere this spring and just might be one of the most fun trends to hit the shelves in seasons!

Design houses like Hermes and Louis Vuitton have been paying homage to the high seas for decades, but other designers, including mainstream, department store labels are starting to take note. Better yet, sites like Polyvore and TopShop have entire sections dedicated to nautical-inspired goodness.

I love this trend, mainly because it's squeaky clean, but still a little kitchsy. The key to pulling off a bolder trend like this one is to keep the look simple. Don't go overboard with the accessories, (pun intended), or you'll run the risk of looking like Popeye. And please, please don't wear sailor hats. These look absolutely ridiculous.

Ready to earn your sea legs? (Man, I'm just full of good ones today!)

Start simple. Those gold, anchor earrings you saw on Urban Outfitters last week? Buy em. That cute, striped tote that you bought years ago from L.L. Bean? Bust it out.

The great thing about the nautical trend is that it's classic enough to stick around for a while, so don't hesitate to invest in a few, key pieces for your wardrobe.

Alright, peeps! I'm going to go contribute something meaningful to the marketing world, (read: I have to get back to my real job now.)

Hope your day goes swimmingly ; )

Tomorrow's Forecast

It will be a surprise to everyone, including yours truly.


Show Your Stripes

Good Morning, Blonde Ambitioners! We've officially survived Monday and are well on our way to the half-way point of Tuesday, haha.

Not sure about the weather in your city, but it is COLD in Northwest Arkansas this week. There is actually a chance of snow/ice tomorrow morning! I thought we were past that....le sigh....

Ok, well despite the less-than-desirable weather conditions, I'm in the mood to blog about something awesome. Like stripes. They are pretty awesome.

Many of the spring 2010 runway shows featured nautical-inspired items and included navy blues, reds, rope and cord stitching and, not surprisingly, stripes.

Contrary to popular belief, stripes can actually be quite slimming and flattering on one's body. They also bring an aire of preppiness to an outfit. And as we all know, I LOVE all things preppy!

Don't feel like dressing in head-to-toe stripes? Not a problem. Try a skirt or dress with one or two bold stripes along the hem for a totally put-together, chic look, just like Jennifer Garner below, (dress courtesy of Chanel.)

And be still my blonde heart! A poof + stripes? Pure perfection.

Additionally, many interior designers like Todd Oldham and Candice Olsen are using more and more stripes in their collections. Just check out the striped wall treatment in the pic below and tell me that doesn't scream sophistication.

Will you show your stripes this spring?

Tomorrow's Forecast:
We'll take a closer look at the nautical-inspired designs for Trend Watch Wednesday. Does that float your boat? (Sorry, had to throw that in there.)


Weekend Recap: Girls Doin' Good

Good Morning girls and guys, I hope everyone had a fab-tabulous weekend! For me, it went by WAY too fast, but then again, what weekend doesn't? I was on the move ALL weekend, as I usually am, but did manage to snap some pics of all the activity. Thank the lord for caffeine and under-eye concealer...these pics would be atrocious without both : )

Friday Night

Friday was a girls' night at the movie. We saw The Lovely Bones and I have to say, I was SO disappointed. I absolutely loved the book when I read it years ago, but this movie was awful. Parts were like a bad acid trip, parts were like a sappy after-school special. I expected way more from Peter Jackson, as I'm a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings movies...sigh...


As I mentioned in Friday's post, I spent Saturday morning volunteering at the Fayetteville Children's House with my girls from Junior League! Although getting up before the crack of dawn on a Saturday is SO not appealing, the reward of knowing I did something worthwhile makes me feel all warm and snuggly : )

(Left to right, clockwise)- Me, Amanda, Elizabeth, Shelly, Shannon, Amber, Lesley B., Megan and Stephenie

(Left to right, clockwise)- Elizabeth, Shelly, Amanda D., Christin, Amanda V., Shannon, Lesley B., Megan, Me, Stephenie and Amber

The Purple Group members vogue it up at Children's House. Work it, girls!

Ever seen my nerd glasses? I only bust em' out when it's incredibly early and my eyes cannot focus. Like, oh, I dunno, at 7 am on a Saturday : )

Lesley B. and Christin looking pretty for the camera!

Shannon and Amanda V.- SUCH sweet girls!

Children's House is a non-profit organization that specializes providing therapy for kids that have been displaced from their homes/families and are currently in the foster care system. I've always known that I was incredibly fortunate to have been raised in a loving and supportive family, but just visiting Children's House made me realize that I need to spend even more time counting my blessings.

The fabulous Red Group!

The Green Group LOVES to pose for pictures! Haha!

It was such a rewarding day and I cannot wait to go back again.

Saturday Night

I saw Book of Eli, that new action movie with the always-yummy Mr. Denzel Washington. The cinematography in this movie was really cool and there was never a dull moment during the 136 minute running time. Lots of blood, explosions, fighting, etc....not really a girly movie, but entertaining nonetheless. The ending was a little "eh", but overall, it was a great movie with an oustanding cast. Oh, and Gary Oldman plays the BEST bad guy I've seen in a long time.


Yesterday was a pretty productive day for this blonde! I finally got the rest of my Christmas decorations taken down, moved my furniture, vacummed AND cleaned out my closet. I even got finished in enough time to tune into Tough Love last night!

How was your weekend? Did you see any good movies? Let's dish!


Everybody Jump, Jump

Ga' head...jump up and down...you know you want to...cuz it's Friday! And frankly, nothing has made me happier all week! Well, no, that's a lie...actually the 50% OFF sale at Mason's made me very happy, too. Oh, and the season finale of Jersey Shore last night. That was like a big, fat cherry on my reality TV show sundae. And, A Blonde Ambition just hit 300 followers last night! But Friday runs a close second or third or fourth.

So, just like we did last week, let's end this blogging week by talking about what made us happy over the course of the past 7 days. Shall I go first? Well, if you insist.

1. Jeggings

I bought some jeggings yesterday, HA! Now, I'm not sure if these will make me so happy when I see them on my body, but just the simple act of purchasing leggings that look like denim was pretty spectacular. Because, after all, Lycra is a happy material.

2. The Mötley Crüe Bio

I finally finished the Mötley Crüe biography The Dirt last night and, as much as I don't want to admit this, thoroughly enjoyed every disgusting, groupie-filled moment of it. I'm personally shocked that any of those guys are alive following the massive amounts of drugs, hairspray, pyrotechnics, alcohol and, um, ladies, that were thrown their way. I was like, "Woah." So thank you Tommy, Nikki, Mick and Vince for your oh-so-entertaining words and stories.

3. GTL

Okie dokie...if you watch Jersey Shore, you know all about GTL. If you don't, let me expound. It will change your life.

The acronym GTL represents "gym, tan, laundry," and is de rigueur of the J.S. guys. It's a pretty simple routine to follow, actually. First you hit the gym, then you tan and finally, you do laundry. Then throw in a fist pump for good measure. It keeps a guido or guidette feeling "fresh to death."

Who knew that modifying my daily routine to accomodate these 3 simple tasks could make a girl feel so good?

4. The White Chocolate Toffee Nut Mocha from Starbucks

I almost cried to poor George at the Starbucks window last week when he told me that the Caramel Brulee Latte was, "only a seasonal beverage", and that they were discontinuing it until next fall. The horror...

Well, George and his winning team at the Pleasant Grove Starbucks came up with a drink that tastes exactly like the C.B. latte and it's fabulous.

Just have your barrista add Toffee Nut syrup shots to a regular White Chocolate Mocha for a total taste match. My withdrawal symptoms have subsided and I can now sleep at night.

5. Ellipse by Imogen Heap

I have been listening to Ellipse, the semi-new album by Imogen Heap, literally all week at work. My ears have never been happier. I get goosebumps every time I listen to 2-1, one of the main tracks of Ellipse, and my money says you will, too.

6. A Clean Fridge

I scraped, I scrubbed, I threw things away, I put new things in, I threw up a little in my mouth at some points...but my fridge is clean and sparkly and now contains identifiable food items.

Eh, what the heck, let's go for 7, since it's a lucky number and whatnot.

7. The Sun

Because, it decided to grace us with its presense this week. Like the latest Janet Jackson comeback album, it didn't stick around for long, but it was great while it lasted.

So those are a few things that made my week Grade-A fantastic.

What made you happy this week?

Tomorrow's Forecast:

Not a blog post. I'll be volunteering at the Fayetteville Children's House on Saturday morning with my girls from Junior League, (because if there's one thing I love doing at 7 a.m. on a weekend, it's wiping noses and passing out juice boxes ), but I'll try to remember to take some pics to share with you all on Monday. And I'm kidding, I really do love volunteering on the weekends...sort of ; )

Photo Credits: Dustjacket Attic, {this is glamorous}, {a glamorous little side project}