Pretty In Pink

Happy Thursday lovely readers! Hope everyone is doing well and gearing up for a fun/relaxing weekend. I'm super sleepy this morning, (my fault for staying up late reading the Motley Crüe biography, haha), so I'm crossing my fingers that this post is coherent : )

You'll remember last week when we looked at the color yellow (why do I feel like I'm teaching a lesson on Sesame Street, ha)...well, today, let's do pink! I don't wear a lot of pink or even decorate with a lot of pink, but the girly girl in me LOVES the color nonetheless.

Fun, flirty and oh-so-feminine, there's no wonder so many women use this as their signature color!

Words that come to mind when I think of pink:
Lip gloss
Steel Magnolias
Legally Blonde

Fun Facts about pink:
  • Pink is the color of happiness and lightheartedness.

  • Looking at bright pinks stimulates energy and increases blood pressure, respiration and heartrate.

  • Pink has been used in prison holding cells to effectively reduce erratic behavior.

  • In Japan, the color pink has a masculine association. The annual spring blooming of the pink-blossomed cherry tree is said to represent the young Japanese warriors who fell in battle in the prime of life. Who knew, right?

  • In 1947, fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli introduced the color "hot pink" to western fashion. She dubbed the shade "Shocking Pink".

So yay for the color pink and ALL things girly and fun!

And speaking of all things girly...Can I just say how excited I am for the weekend? I'm doing a girls' weekend in Little Rock and I'm super thrilled to kick my shoes off and enjoy some good wine and good gossip!

Photo credits: {this is glamorous}


  1. hey i enjoyed the fun facts about PINK and i absolutley love pink lipglosses :]

  2. I love PINK! What fantastic little tidbits! Such a pretty post!

  3. That teacup photo is soo precious! Do you remember when pink was a really unpopular color? I got married in 2003 and REALLY wanted my bridesmaids dresses to be pink and my MOH totally declined the color (then she got married in 2005 and guess what color she had for her dresses??) Then it seems like with the Paris/Nicole and Nick/Jessica shows being on in 2003, pink went NUTSO that year! Maybe I'm crazy, but that's how I remember it! :-)

  4. I need that couch AND that french bulldog!

    By the way how is the Crüe Bio - I've been dying to read that!

  5. I have to say that the color pink has definately grown on me over the last couple of years! Great post!

  6. I really like pink..but the bright variety! I love pink and orange together, sort of ethnic and terrific!

  7. I LOVE Pink. I am thinking of using it for my wedding color. It makes me think of candy, hearts, love, beautiful ballerinas, and all things girly. What's not to like?

  8. I absolutely adore pink. I think it's a "pick me up" color. If I am having a horrible day, getting pink flowers or a new pink nail polish or even using a pink pen to take notes in class will put a smile on my face.

  9. Kelly- The Crüe bio is AMAZING. I'm shocked those guys are even alive after all they've been through. If you're into rock, (which I know you, dear friend, are), you'll love it : )

  10. i live pink. what a great color.

  11. i meant to say i love pink but whatever. :)

  12. When I was younger, I destested pink... wouldn't go near it. NOTHING pink for me. Now I adore it. Can't get enough...
    and I love your Sesame Street comment. Made me giggle.

  13. this was cute! i actually used to hate the color pink. a few years ago, when hotpink was popping up everywhere, i tried on a hot pink button down and was hooked. love it!

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color pink...I live for it lol! It is the ultimate girl color and brightens up any wardrobe! these pics are adorable! happy thursday!

  15. No wonder pink is my favorite color! I love that first photo--it's gorgeous. Hope you are having a great day honey! Kori xoxox

  16. I love that first Christian Dior haute couture gown! So stunning!

  17. I need more pink in my life. I think I have one pink sweater and that's it? And I only really wear it on Valentine's Day!

  18. I tagged you for an award over at my place! Have a wonderful Friday!

  19. Your blog is great. And I officially need a teacup wall... just saying...


  20. Have a wonderful time with the girls this weekend, sounds like fun! I love pink and thanks for your little known fact about my favorite color. I love all of these photos. ;)

  21. Pink is my favorite color :)
    So is aqua for that matter!


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