Last night, I was trolling the web in search of the perfect pair of heels; a woman on a mission. Now, I'll be the first to admit, my closet is cram-jammed with oodles of heels that, at the time of their purchase, were the perfect pair. But perfection is non-existant and style is ever-changing. So in search of more shoes I went.

All of this virtual shoe shopping gave me flashbacks to the days of standing in my mom's closet in front of a full length mirror, admiring my own teeny feet perched inside of her lipstick-red pumps. My love affair of fine footwear has been a long and often physically painful one. In junior high, it was all about the kitten heel with big, pleather ankle straps ala' Cher from the movie Clueless. In college, I opted for tall. Really tall. If I had a dollar for every time I nearly killed myself trying to walk through crowded, filthy fraternity houses in a pair of ridiculous 4 inch stillettos...well, let's just say I'd have bought out Christian Louboutin by now.

Then the post-college years came. A hectic advertising internship led me to forgo heels temporarily, as I opted for comfy, durable black Converse to carry my legs from coffee run to coffee run. Gone were the days of T-straps and wedges and peep-toes...it was all about survival.

As the 6 months of internship craziness finally drew to a close and my official "career" in marketing began, my relationship with The Heel was re-established. My new desk job required minimal physical exertion and allowed me to sport really tall shoes again without fear of breaking an ankle running sprints in the Starbucks parking lot. So the foot fetish began again....

Which brings me to the present.

As I type this little essay, I'm wearing a fabulous pair of leopard print, spike-heeled, Antonio Melani's. My plum, pedicured toes are on display for all to see and I'm so okay with that. I'm wearing the perfect pair of heels. And though they will likely be replaced next week with the tweed Kenneth Cole's I met last night on Zappos, they are the perfect pair today. And all is right in the world...

Do you remember the first time you wore heels? Do you remember what they looked like, how they made you feel? Mature? Glamorous? Empowered? I would love to hear all of your shoe stories, so leave a comment if you feel like sharing!

Tomorrow's Forecast

We'll talk sexy "backs" on Trend Watch Wednesday and look at some spine revealing pieces that are sure to please.

Photo credits: {this is glamorous}, Coco + Kelley, vintage Italian Vogue


  1. I too remember wearing my mom's heels in her closet I have a picture of it too somewhere I had one of her blouses on with strands of pearls and earrings on. Good thing is my mom was a banker and never wore her heels out on concrete only on carpet and they are all like NEW

  2. i completely adore your place here! so so SO cute!

  3. As I don't remember my first pair of heels, I do remember one of my favorite pairs of platforms. I was 17 yrs. young, in high school, and every girl had these EXACT shoes. They were black, Steve Madden platform loafers! I had them in shoe platform AND boot platform because one pair just wasn't enough!

  4. I recall oogling over my mother's heels as a kid. Her feet however were smaller than mine when I was old enough to snag them for myself. (Which really sucks, mom had some awesome shoes). To this day, in her passing, I wish I would have taken some of her shoes, even if they didn't fit they were beautiful).

    I started wearing heels when I started going out with friends to clubs/bars/etc. I put my poor feet through hell dancing all night and trying to avoid sidewalk cracks while holding up drunken girlfriends.

    I can't recall my first heels, but I know for a fact they were strapy, and they probably had a big stacked heel because they were easiest to dance in and the style back then! :)

  5. I don't remember my first pair, but I know that I certainly do LOVE wearing them! There is just an empowering feeling I feel when wearing heels. I love feeling taller, but also the feminine *BAM* feeling I feel when I wear them too!

    love THIS post girl!

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  7. Apparently I can't spell- sorry for the deleted comment! I love all of these images! Just gorgeous! And yay for wearing cute heels to work! If I didn't work on the production end of tv I would so wear heels 24/7! And love your new blog look! I added you to my blog roll :) XOXO

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE heels..bought my first Louboutins last summer.

  9. Hey Leslie, I'm so happy I found your blog...I think I'm in love :-) Do you think we can exchange banners? I would love to do that...let me know please.

    Cheers: Evi

  10. You new layout looks amazing and very pretty and simple, love it!! Finding the perfect heels are always so amazing when it happens. It's like love at first site.

    I mentioned you on my latest post for my inspiration to try jean leggings! XO! :)

  11. I totally remember my first pair oh high heels. I tried them on with my mom at the store, almost fell over, looked at my mom and said "this is hard!" hehe!


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