Everybody Jump, Jump

Ga' head...jump up and down...you know you want to...cuz it's Friday! And frankly, nothing has made me happier all week! Well, no, that's a lie...actually the 50% OFF sale at Mason's made me very happy, too. Oh, and the season finale of Jersey Shore last night. That was like a big, fat cherry on my reality TV show sundae. And, A Blonde Ambition just hit 300 followers last night! But Friday runs a close second or third or fourth.

So, just like we did last week, let's end this blogging week by talking about what made us happy over the course of the past 7 days. Shall I go first? Well, if you insist.

1. Jeggings

I bought some jeggings yesterday, HA! Now, I'm not sure if these will make me so happy when I see them on my body, but just the simple act of purchasing leggings that look like denim was pretty spectacular. Because, after all, Lycra is a happy material.

2. The Mötley Crüe Bio

I finally finished the Mötley Crüe biography The Dirt last night and, as much as I don't want to admit this, thoroughly enjoyed every disgusting, groupie-filled moment of it. I'm personally shocked that any of those guys are alive following the massive amounts of drugs, hairspray, pyrotechnics, alcohol and, um, ladies, that were thrown their way. I was like, "Woah." So thank you Tommy, Nikki, Mick and Vince for your oh-so-entertaining words and stories.

3. GTL

Okie dokie...if you watch Jersey Shore, you know all about GTL. If you don't, let me expound. It will change your life.

The acronym GTL represents "gym, tan, laundry," and is de rigueur of the J.S. guys. It's a pretty simple routine to follow, actually. First you hit the gym, then you tan and finally, you do laundry. Then throw in a fist pump for good measure. It keeps a guido or guidette feeling "fresh to death."

Who knew that modifying my daily routine to accomodate these 3 simple tasks could make a girl feel so good?

4. The White Chocolate Toffee Nut Mocha from Starbucks

I almost cried to poor George at the Starbucks window last week when he told me that the Caramel Brulee Latte was, "only a seasonal beverage", and that they were discontinuing it until next fall. The horror...

Well, George and his winning team at the Pleasant Grove Starbucks came up with a drink that tastes exactly like the C.B. latte and it's fabulous.

Just have your barrista add Toffee Nut syrup shots to a regular White Chocolate Mocha for a total taste match. My withdrawal symptoms have subsided and I can now sleep at night.

5. Ellipse by Imogen Heap

I have been listening to Ellipse, the semi-new album by Imogen Heap, literally all week at work. My ears have never been happier. I get goosebumps every time I listen to 2-1, one of the main tracks of Ellipse, and my money says you will, too.

6. A Clean Fridge

I scraped, I scrubbed, I threw things away, I put new things in, I threw up a little in my mouth at some points...but my fridge is clean and sparkly and now contains identifiable food items.

Eh, what the heck, let's go for 7, since it's a lucky number and whatnot.

7. The Sun

Because, it decided to grace us with its presense this week. Like the latest Janet Jackson comeback album, it didn't stick around for long, but it was great while it lasted.

So those are a few things that made my week Grade-A fantastic.

What made you happy this week?

Tomorrow's Forecast:

Not a blog post. I'll be volunteering at the Fayetteville Children's House on Saturday morning with my girls from Junior League, (because if there's one thing I love doing at 7 a.m. on a weekend, it's wiping noses and passing out juice boxes ), but I'll try to remember to take some pics to share with you all on Monday. And I'm kidding, I really do love volunteering on the weekends...sort of ; )

Photo Credits: Dustjacket Attic, {this is glamorous}, {a glamorous little side project}


  1. Oh I need jeggings bad! Where did you find them?

  2. I have been wanting to read that book...thanks for the review. AND Jersey Shore makes me very very happy I am so sad that last night was the finale! How can I be addicted to such trash?

    Fist Pump!

  3. haha, gotta love those "GTL's" And I think I'm gonna have to read "The Dirt" that sounds like a good one! Happy Friday girl :)

  4. Hey Taylor- I found mine at Baker's at our local mall, but I've seen them online at stores like Urban Outfitters and Shopbop.com! They are pretty inexpensive and actually really comfortable!

  5. Congrats on the 300 Followers! Have fun volunteering with your JL friends! I'm a fellow Junior Leaguer myself :) Love those ladies! Have a great weekend~

  6. Great tip on the coffee...I miss those holiday drinks when they're gone!!

  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes, beautiful girl! And congrats on 300 followers, that is fantastic!!

  8. Jeggings.. still up in the air about this trend.. I still feel a little to self conscious to grab a "dress" or shirt as i would call it and roll out of the house. Where you do your wear yours?

  9. You sealed the deal... I have to go get The Crüe book ASAP! (I love Mr. Sixx). And I love the shore I'm so sad it's over - BUT rumors say that most of the cast has signed up for a 2nd season. Now we just have to wait for summer to get here!

  10. I didn't realize that Imogen Heap has a new album out. This excites me.

  11. thanks for sharing ~ a funny and adorable post! please post pics of jeggings soon, i'm intrigued...because after all you are right, lyrca is a happy fabric!

  12. GTL! Ha! Oh how I will miss that show come next Thursday! Is it wrong that I was actually sad it was over?! And yay for White Choco Mocha's from Starbucks! Seriously- life savers! Have a fabulous weekend love XOXO

  13. PS. Let us know how you like the jeggings!!! I've wanted to buy some, but I am still not sure!

  14. you have had a very happy AND productive week... i'm with you on the volunteering, but i have to admit, doesn't it make you feel SOO good when you're done?? have a great weekend friend!

  15. I love Starbucks, and now I'm dying to try that combination...good thing I got a gift card for Christmas!!


  16. Hi there, I've heard about the addictions to Jersey Shore it sounds hysterical!

    Hey so pleased you can still sort of have your fav drink!

    Thank you sooo much for the comment and the linklove, I like the first photo it's so happy!

  17. Now I HAVE to go to the 'bucks STAT. I'm drooling!

  18. I must try the jeggings and Imogen Heap is the best - nice choice love!


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