Hello Yellow

It's FRIGID here in Arkansas this week....and I mean FRIGID. Like, last night it was 14 degrees when I got home. 14? How is that possible in the south? Craziness.

So naturally, now I'm craving warmth and sunlight, 2 things I've had very little of lately. This also makes me want to visit the tanning bed like every day, (I was thisclose last night, I swear).

Since I can't buy sun or change the weather, I figured, "Why not look at photos of yellow things?" Makes sense, right? These spaces make me smile.

A yellow accent wall, turquoise painting and black accent chairs? Perfection, folks.

How about a yellow oven? How cute would that be in a retro-style home?

What a happy little lou...

I'm not sure I'd be able to relax in a room with heavy, striped wallpaper like this, but I'm digging the yellow sofa table and purple/gray accents.

This French settee is so chic...And did you notice that the girl's shoes are yellow, too?

This rug is very Copa Cabana...makes me want to grab a towel and head to the beach for some reason.

Ok, so I have an idea and I need your thoughts. I always said that once I reached 300 followers I would do a Q and A post. You know, one where followers ask random questions and I answer them. Well, I'm getting pretty darn close to 300. I've seen this done on tons of other blogs, but I was wondering if any of you have tried it. I'm a little nervous about what might be submitted, but I think it would be cool to address some of the questions I get through emails and such.

Have you done a Q and A post on your blog? And if so, did you get any weirdo questions?

Photo credits: Canadian House and Home


  1. I am feeling the exact same thing- another blogging Leslie (in Louisiana) freezing and thinking of nothing but sun! I listened to the Beatles last night, hung star lanterns in the windows, and thought about painting a big canvas that said Here Comes The Sun! I am so ready for spring and biking and hula hooping and not cringing when I walk outside.

    Nice post!!

  2. It is freezing here in Texas too. Low of 16 degrees tomorrow...OMG that is WAY too cold for the south! I love that yellow accent wall...so cute!

  3. I love pops of yellow - so fun!

    SOO ready for spring!

  4. Freezing here in Tennessee too! Good gracious Im ready for some warmth. Winter is just depressing to me {unless its Christmas time} Bring on the sun and YELLOW!! :)

  5. I love me some yellow. I always love your color inspirations!
    Ummm, I haven't done Q&A, but you should go for it! I think it would be fun. If there are questions that you don't feel like answering then don't... but I think it would be fun!

  6. It's cold here and we got a dust of snow overnight, but it's turning into ice now. Bummer! I am loving that yellow oven!

  7. I so would love to go lay in the TB-i quit a few years ago, but your yellow hues really cheer up the day:) That oven and the bathroom are super cute!

    I have seen Q & A done and bloggers are so sweet and friendly it always seems to be a positive experience

  8. It's freezing in Tennessee too!!! BRRR...we live in the south for a reason :)

    I love yellow...and I L.O.V.E. that bathroom!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  9. Love me some yellow, esp over here in Okla where I'm getting similar weather that you're getting. Arg. I'm so over this! Boo! Hey, did you get your Glamour yet?! JUst wanted to check!! XOXO!

  10. The yellow bathroom is phenomenal. A perfect mix of colors and tones! It's 38 degrees in Seattle and chilly chilly!

  11. I did a q&a post after Blogger chose me as their Blog of Note and I didn't get any (too) weird questions or anything. I think it's a fun way for your readers to get to know you!

  12. Those rooms are so cheery! Definitely brightened up my chilly day!

    I gave you two awards on my blog. Check it out!!!


  13. All of the yellow makes me warmer just looking at it. About the Q & A...you could still do it but be selective about what questions you answer? Don't feel like you have to answer something that may not make you feel comfortable darlin.

  14. I really love yellow. It's a shame that my boyfriend cringes at the color!

  15. every time you post i wish arkansas and ohio were closer!! The french settee is my fave!! xox

  16. Your post has but some warmth in these chilly bones up here in the Northeast..Thank you!!!
    And go with your Q&A.. I do not think you should have any worries!!


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