Surviving the Holidays: {Hostess Gifts!}

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Good morning, ladies and gents!

Welcome to Day 2 of Leslie's Birthday Week Extravaganza!
(I wish I had some sick anthem to cue up every time I say "Birthday Week Extravaganza!"...eh.)

In honor of my b-day week today, I had a chocolate no-bake cookie for breakfast this morning. I might just have one with my lunch and with my Caramel Brulee latte from Starbucks this afternoon.

Go ahead. Ask me if I feel guilty. I don't.

Okie dokie, well before we get into holiday survival mode today, I wanted to pass along a special invitation to you guys! You see, my friends at Maude Boutique are hosting the High Heels, High Hopes Christmas Shopping Benefit next Monday night, December 6th, from 6-8 p.m. Simply bring in new or gently used children's clothing and toys to receive an escalating coupon with savings up to 40% off for your Christmas shopping that evening! Best of all, you don't need to purchase a ticket for the event...just bring in a donation, which will go to Pel's Pals and the NWA Children's Shelter.

Maude will have their staff available for help with styling, freeze models showcasing the top trends of the season and silent auction items to bid on from Riffraff, Sassy's Red House, Revive Day Spa, Maliah Pinkleton Photography, Arkansas Razorback Basketball items, Color Service with Kelly at Studio 8 and a Keratin Treatment with Christina at Studio 8 just to name a few!

I will be attending the event and would LOVE to meet all of you Blonde Ambitioners in person, so if you're there, be sure to come over and say "hey"!

On to the next, on to the next...

So my good bloggy friend in Tulsa, Jax from The Roaring Twenties...(mine That Is) had the great suggestion yesterday of featuring hostess gifts for today's edition of STH. I thought it was a pretty nifty idea, hence, today's post. Thanks again, Jax!

I think it's always polite to bring along a little gifty-poo when going to someone's casa for a holiday party, but I hate spending a fortune on smaller items. I usually don't pay more than $30 for a host/hostess gift, but if you do, then 1) Congratulations, 2) You're invited to every single party I have from now until kingdom come; and 3) You're a silly goose and I can show you how to do it cheaper, er, less expensively.

If your host or hostess is a wino, either of these gifts would be perfect AND they're both less than 25 bucks.

Oenophilia 6-Bottle Climbing Tendril Hanging Wine Rack ($22.49)
Single Fishnet Wine Tote ($18)

For the Anthro lover in your life, this Cable Knit Candle or Key Bottle Opener would be awesome.

Cable Knit Candle ($30) and Castle Key Bottle Opener ($12)

...who doesn't need a mousepad? Especially one adorned with a mouse and their monogram?

Alphacritter Mousepad ($12)

If your host is a hostess (read: a chick) the Sugary Cinnamon Icing soap and lotion set from Philosophy is oh so lovely.

Hostess Holiday Set ($20) and Odd Size Measuring Spoons ($15.95)

I'm also a huge fan of these Odd Size Measuring Spoons above from Spoon Sisters (above, right). They give you the perfect measurement for a "dash", a "pinch" and a "tad". Perfecto!

And finally, what human being on this planet doesn't delight themselves in a spot of tea now and then? This is a great unisex gift and the tin is so beautiful, you wouldn't even have to wrap it.

Fortnum & Mason Classic Teas ($14.95)

Come back again tomorrow for a Trend Watch Wednesday that's more warm and fuzzy than a Snuggie (and FAR more stylish.)

Be blessed, lovelies-


Happy, Happy Birthday (well, not quite yet)

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Welcome back from the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend, girls and guys! I don't think I'm alone in saying I could really get used to 4 day weekends...le sigh...

First, a business item:

We beat LSU.
Take that Tigers.
Time for y'all to "geaux" on home now.
(I love to talk smack after a big win. This will come back to bite me in the rear one of these days.)

Next thing's next, today begins the start of...

Leslie's Birthday Week Extravagazna

I decided long ago when I was but a wee little girl that having only one mere day to celebrate one's birthday was hogwash. So I take a week. Self indulgent? You bet.

This doesn't really mean anything other than that when someone says, "Leslie, can you make sure the hall conference room is set up for the 3:00 meeting?" I can say, "Why actually, no I can't. You see, it's the start of my birthday week and therefore, not my problem." I kid, I kid. I would never pull the "birthday trumps all" card at work. But it's fun to imagine saying that sometimes ; )

Anywho, on Friday, December 3 around 8 a.m. CST, I will be turning 26 years young. In honor of this special day, I'll be taking half the day off work and spending a very exciting and romantical evening with my sweet guy. I'll also be indulging in some calorie-laden treat(s) and possibly a savory glass of vino.

I'm sure we'll also end up dancing on tables, taking shots until the wee hours of the morning and gambling our life savings away at the black jack tables, except not really any of that. I'm the oldest 26 year old you'll ever meet and am usually in bed by 11 on a "wild" night. I'm that cool.

I'll probably also buy some new duds for the closet. Can't have a birthday without a birthday suit(s).
Ok, IF I were a shameless person and posted birthday wishlists on blogs for peeps to see and possibly take note of, these would be items on my list:

Bandolino- Iputon boot in black

Big Buddha- Empire bag in Mustard

Juicy Couture- Multi Strand Pastel Flower

Hazel- Sweater Cardigan in Grey

Voluspa Maison Rouge- Arcadia Petite Diffuser

Personalized Self-inking Stamper from Cambria Cove

Tasty Tartan Apron from Anthropologie

Not that I need material things to make my birthday a success. You guys' kind attention to my little blog every morning is gift enough for me (so humble, gracious and down to earth, I am.) But if you absolutely insist, then by all means, gift away. I wouldn't want anyone's feelings to get hurt.

Come back tomorrow for Surviving the Holidays: {I don't have a topic yet}

It will be riveting. That much you can be sure of.

Be blessed, lovelies-



Loraine Long Sleeve Tunic Dress by Planet Blue

Happy Black Friday to all!

If you were brave enough to withstand the madness in stores this morning, I hope you got some great deals. I opted to sleep in and enjoy a delicious breakfast with my mom and brother. Besides, I've never been one to shop under extreme conditions or massive crowds.

I did, however, want to tell you guys about a fun sale the girls at Maude are having today...for every $75 you spend today at Maude, you will receive a free Voluspa candle! Also, Maude is participating in the Super Santa Savings hosted by KNWA. You can buy a gift card for $12.50 and get one for the same value for free! Sound too good to be true? Not so, ladies. Check it out here for more info!

Since I opted to forgo Trend Watch Wednesday this week in honor of Thanksgiving, I decided I would post this today.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm all over the tunic + tights + boots combination for fall/winter. Truly one of the most versatile pieces, the tunic can function as a top, a dress or simply an added layer for a multi-dimensional look.

You can belt it, cinch it and hike it up; wear it with leggings, skinny jeans or nothing at all. It just works.

Though it's certainly not a new trend, I'm loving the tunic styles that have emerged this fall. Obviously sequins and embellishments are reigning supreme in all areas of fashion right now, but we're also seeing a surge of T-shirt and shift style tunics, too.

Striped T-shirt Tunic by Planet Blue

I love the horizontal stripes of this tunic paired with the ripped tights. I would definitely be willing to try this on a weekend...I mean, hello sexy...

Pocket Three Quarter Sleeve Tunic by Planet Blue
Certainly a more daring approach to the tunic, this white cotton version paired with Victorian lace tights and knee-high boots make this look appropriate for the Sunset Strip or a music fest in Austin.

Maui Long Sleeve V-neck Tunic by Planet Blue
One of my favorites of the bunch, you can bet your Sam Edelman slingbacks I'll be ordering up this beauty asap. Maybe as an early b-day present for myself? Hmmmm.....

Posh Dress by Planet Blue

Meet the Posh Dress by Blue Life via Planet Blue. I am the recent proud owner of her and cannot wait to bust her out for a night on the town with the boy.

Same tunic as above, just layered with a funky sweater and scarf. Very nomadic.

What say you about the classic tunic? Are you as in lust as I am?

Be blessed, lovelies-



image via

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.
Psalms 9:1

First thing's first, I'm guest blogging over at StyleBy.Me today for the first time, so come on over and visit! StyleBy.Me is this fabulous online lookbook, exclusive to residents of Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley! I'll be a regular contributor each Wednesday, so be sure to stop by and catch the latest on the fashion front from some of Northwest Arkansas's finest bloggers and style extraordinaires! Many thanks to Anna and Josh (the geniuses behind StyleBy.Me) for this cool opportunity!

Today we'll be taking a break from Trend Watch Wednesday in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. There's so much focus on trivial and material things here and I think that's totally ok, since this is a lighthearted blog and oftentimes life can be far too serious.

The recurring theme of fashion and style isn't going anywhere on this blog anytime soon, (let's face it, sappy and heartfelt just aren't my forte). However, God has blessed me tremendously this year, so I wanted to give a little "I'm thankful for..." recap.

In no particular order, here are the things/people/etc. that I'm endlessly grateful for this year:

1) My family.
They would support me to the ends of the earth and back. My mom is my best friend, my brother is the funniest person I know and my dad has always set such an outstanding example of what a good, Christian man is supposed to be. I'm fortunate enough to also have both sets of grandparents still thriving and even one great grandmother.

2) My sweet guy.
A semi-recent addition to my life, S was the most unexpected, yet wonderful thing to happen this year. I often call him my "sweet" boy, but the words "smart", "hilarious", "kind", "genuine", "selfless" and "way hot" also come to mind : ) So very thankful for my man and his heart of gold.

3) This blog.
It sounds ridiculous, but really, I am so grateful for this little blog. I have formed some pretty incredible friendships over the past year from blogging and have made connections with some very cool people from all walks of life. I never dreamed it would have any success or semi-large readership, so for it to have taken off the way it has...well, I'm humbled. Thank you.

4) My health.
I recently found out that a dear friend of mine from high school was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 26.

To be able to get out of bed in the morning, to breathe in and out deeply, to run, to sweat ridiculously after a spin class, to laugh til my stomach aches, to dance around like a fool in my bathroom with Lady Gaga blaring over the iPod dock- these are things I'm grateful for, things that a healthy girl can do.

5) Ruined plans.
Let me explain...a couple years ago, I had everything planned out. Or so I thought.

I wasn't happy, but from the outside things looked picture perfect. The reality of the situation was anything but picturesque, but flying without a net (or in my case, living life without some sort of plan or itinerary) scares the Prada out of me.

You see, I've always been an obsessive planner and I had set up this ridiculous timeline for myself, things I needed to accomplish by a certain date or age, figurative mile markers (life events) that were supposed to occur in a certain order or at a specific time.

God certainly does have a sense of humor. Not one thing I planned came to fruition. And I've never been happier. I thank Him everyday for "ruining" my plans : )

6) Dee
I've known Dee for 2 and a half years now (we worked in cubicles across from each other when I first started my job) and she has become one of my best friends. I have several friends that I love dearly, but she keeps me laughing both inside and outside of work. She's that good girl friend to whom you can divulge hypersensitive information and rest assured it will remain under lock and key. She was, coincidentally, one of my rocks during that time when all of my plans were being ruined, too.

7) My car
I was going to avoid putting material things on this list, but I am so thankful for my car. I noticed a prayer request on another blog I follow for a couple who is needing a car so they can transport their daughter to and from the hospital for dialysis treatments. I don't drive a luxury sports car, but my Altima runs well and looks nice. It gets me to and from work and I've come to depend on that car like another limb. Sounds trivial, but it is what it is.

8) My (real) job
I get emails from time to time from readers asking if blogging is my full time job. This always makes me laugh because if I depended on my blog earnings to support myself, I'd be living in the poor house! : ) My job in financial marketing however does pay the bills and it's such a blessing, especially in this economy, to have a stable job when so many others do not.

I'm curious to know some of the things y'all are thankful for this year, so leave your list in the comments thread below!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Surviving the Holidays: {She Likes to Party}

First of all, I need to say thank you for all of the sweet comments on yesterday's post! I'm glad everyone enjoyed the pics and that y'all think S and I aren't a completely hideous couple. The things you said made this Southern girl blush : )

I've gotten several of the same questions via email in the past couple of days, so I thought I'd get those knocked out first:

1) Where did you get the brown coat in the pic from yesterday? Where did you get the top you wore to the Ryman?

The coat came from Victoria's Secret's fall catalog last year and I love it! I would love to provide a link to it online, but I think it has been retired : ( Tweed is super durable and the style is classic, so I have a feeling I'll be wearing it for several years to come.

The top came from Francesca's (Rise of the Venus blouse in Burgundy, $38) and I purchased it last week at their Pinnacle Hills Promenade location.

2) I need a great leather moto-style jacket and don't want to spend a fortune, (i.e. under $150)...any tips on where I might look?

I'm in the market for one myself, so I did a little digging for ya. I love the BB Dakota Avery Washed Leather Moto Jacket ($119.99) from Piperlime and also the Fleece Collar PU Biker Jacket ($125) from Topshop.


Now for holiday survival...

I'm not sure about you chicas, but my social calendar is positively bursting with exclusive and very fancy party invitations for the next 30 days, (insert sarcasm here.)

I mean, I have friends and all, but the attire for our get-togethers usually consists of cute jeans/heels (dressy) or maybe even tacky Christmas sweaters (not dressy) when the mood strikes, and doesn't typically involve party dresses or ball gowns.

There's always that one holiday function that calls for a little extra effort in the wardrobe department and when that invite arrives, I want to be prepared.

I usually advise my style clients to keep one to two complete dressier holiday looks on hand during November-January for more formal parties. No matter where you're going, one of these looks is bound to work for wow-ing your friends and co-workers, (and maybe even your main squeeze), during the holidays:

Diamante Trim Shift Dress, Cream and Pearl ring, Embellished Box Bag, Brighten in Moonlight all from TopShop

Grid Beaded Neckline Dress, Ronnie Twist Sandals, Stone Embossed Ring, Liquid Eyeliner in Rook all from Topshop

Tibi Sequin Dress, Nine West Verbenia, Steven by Steve Madden Hard Case Clutch, Essie polish in Velvet Voyeur

City of Lights Dress,  Fireworks at Midnight Heel, Street Level 103 clutch, Mac Creamsheen Glass in Just Superb

Do you have a go-to dress or ensemble for holiday parties? If so, submit your winning looks to StyleBy.Me and maybe you'll be featured on the site!

P.S.- The skirt at the top of the post comes from ModCloth, the Un-tulle You Skirt. Thanks for asking, Meg!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Nashville, Memphis and Back Again

Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN (via)

9= Number of Pumpkin Spice Lattes consumed during 4 days of road tripping

279= Approximate number of mullets seen during 4 days of road tripping through AR/TN

45,690= Grams of trans-fats ingested at various southern eateries in Nashville/Memphis

Priceless= Seeing an amazing band at a world famous venue, visiting the grave of one Johnny Cash and laughing so hard every day that our stomachs hurt.

In case y'all haven't figured it out by now, I'm back from the Nashville road trip extravaganza. Oh, it was so bittersweet having to come back to work today...if only every week consisted of 3 days of actual working and 2 days of roadtripping through the deep South with my sweet guy. Le sigh.

Today, a little recap of the past 4 days:

We headed out from Northwest Arkansas around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday morning. We grabbed the first of several Pumpkin Spice Lattes, packed our stuff in the car and hit the road, iPod and appropriate playlists set and ready to go.

We got to Nashville around 3:30 Thursday afternoon and went straight to our hotel room to get ready for the NeedToBreathe show.

Before the show, we walked around downtown and took pics and ate dinner. We stumbled upon this beauteous beaver statue outside of a restaurant and an impromptu photo sesh ensued.

We got to the Ryman around 7 for NeedToBreathe, which was AMAZING. Seriously guys, if you ever get a chance to see these boys in person, please go. They truly have a God-given gift.

S and I at the Ryman...so fun!
They played several of our fav songs and a couple of new ones too! One of my fav moments of the show was when they came out on stage and played a completely acoustic/unplugged version of "Valley of Tomorrow"; no mics, no speakers, just their voices and instruments. Literally gave me goosebumps...

Artsy looking picture of S

Friday morning, we got up and went to breakfast at this little bitty diner, 417 Union in downtown Nashville. So good!

Next, we hopped in the car and drove 20 minutes away to Hendersonville, TN to visit the grave of Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash. You see, S and I are HUGE fans of the "Man in Black", so we figured this was the perfect opportunity to pay our respects to (in our opinion) one of the greatest musicians/songwriters that ever lived.

In true Johnny Cash style, the gravesite was simple and modest; nothing flashy or crazy. Just the humble resting place of a legend and the lady he loved.

Next, we hopped back in the car and headed toward Memphis.

S and me at Sun Studio in Memphis

We started our afternoon in the Birthplace of Blues at Sun Studio, the sacred recording studio where legends like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins began their careers.

Sun Studio, Memphis, TN

Later that night, we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Memphis, Blues City Cafe. Listen folks, if you go to Memphis and don't eat here, then really you haven't gone to Memphis. Located right on Beale Street, it's truly in the heart of the city.

We devoured the stuffed mushrooms, fried catfish, tamales and homemade chili, french fries and buttery toast in true Memphian style.

Holy yum.

On that note, I'm going to go back to my desk and resume fantasizing about catfish and mushrooms. We're heading to Chicago for a pre-Christmas mini-vacay next month, so until then...

Peace, love and cholesterol.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Look of the Week by Maude Boutique:
Velvet floral blazer by Mink Pink ($137), Skinny boyfriend jeans by Mavi ($88), Beige tunic (lace cutout in back) by Collective Concepts ($58), Army green booties by Seychelles ($115), Recycled leather handbag by DeDe ($140)

Oh my, does it ever feel great to NOT be at work on a Friday! As we speak, I'm sitting in a lovely hotel room, sipping my coffee and writing randomness for the blog world to read.

The show last night was amazing! Just like I remember them the first time, the guys from NeedToBreathe put on such a great show. Bear's voice is unlike any I've heard and you can tell that he genuinely believes the lyrics that he writes.

Today, we're driving on down to Memphis for a day in the Blues City and a night on Beale! We'll likely be dining here. Excited? You have no idea. Anywho, I'll share the riveting tales of our fall 2010 road trip next week, but until then, here's your weekly dose of randomness containing, yes, you guessed it- everything but the kitchen sink:

-Let's begin with....a coupon! From our friends at Maude Boutique in Fayetteville, comes this 20% off coupon for any regular priced sweater or jacket.

I can tell you right now what I'll be using mine for....(that is if y'all don't beat me down there and get these first!)

-I wanted to let you guys know about StyleBy.Me, a super cool new online lookbook, founded by Anna (contributor from yesterday) and her site partner Josh. With gorgeous photos sure to inspire your inner Rachel Zoe, this site needs to be bookmarked ASAP. Yours truly will be contributing each Wednesday (in addition to holding down the fort here, of course), so come visit me and the other fabulous contributors of Northwest Arkansas. Get on it, fashion lovers!

-I have a new lover. And his name is Pretzel M & M. Not that S could ever be replaced by a candy : ) Oh my word, these are heavenly though. Salty. Sweet. Crunchy. Darn flippin' good.

-I'm kind of ridiculously excited about Burlesque, which kind of cracks me up. (I crack myself up pretty frequently.) I mean, I swore off movies starring musicians way back when Mariah Carey did that trainwreck of a movie Glitter a few years ago. But I've never met a campy flick I didn't love.

Excessive fringe + obsene amounts of sequins + a bevy of atrocious wigs (x) Stanley Tucci = My rear will be in that theater.

Plus, hello! Cher. Nuff said.

 -And finally, because I promised her I'd rap for her earlier in the week, I'd like to dedicate a song to my good friend Miss Donna Lynn Harper, who has been kind enough to keep an eye on the place while I'm gone.

You see, Dee and I have a mutual love for the Run DMC holiday classic, Christmas in Hollis.

Here goes (just be glad I'm not video blogging this):

It's Christmas time in Hollis Queens

Mom's cooking chicken and collard greens

Rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese

And Santa put gifts under Christmas trees

Decorate the house with lights at night

Snow's on the ground, snow white so bright

In the fireplace is the yule log

Beneath the mistle toe as we drink egg nog

The rhymes you hear are the rhymes of Darryl's

But each and every year we bust Chrsitmas carrols
Rhymes so loud and proud you hear it

It's Christmas time and we got the spirit

Jack Frost chillin, the orchas out?

And that's what Christmas is all about

The time is now, the place is here

And the whole wide world is filled with cheer

...and to all, a good night. Er, day.

Be blessed, lovelies-


A Style of Her Own

Anna C.'s look featured on her new site, StyleBy.Me

Hey guys and dolls! As you've probably gathered by now, (probably because I've been pounding into your brains every day for the past 2 weeks), I'm on my way to Nashville today for the NeedToBreathe show at the Ryman! I can't wait to share all the pics and stories of my little road trip with y'all next week.

Did you guys enjoy Kelly's post yesterday? Oh Lordy, after reading that, I'm so game to get my hair highlighted using the ombre technique! The girl has skillz and I can't wait for her to get ahold of my crazy strands...

Today, I wanted to introduce you to a new friend of mine, Anna E. Chatelain. Anna is a fellow NWA girl and a lover of all things fashion and style related. Obviously, we have a lot in common : )

Anna also has her own styling business, Tulip Louise, where she offers MANY styling options, including ones for Wardrobe Revamp, Seasonal and Events & Travel Planning. If that doesn't keep her busy enough, just yesterday she launched a brand new website StyleBy.Me, an exclusive online look book for Northwest Arkansas.

I recently had a chance to pick Anna's brain about her style, her inspiration and her thoughts on fashion at the moment. Enjoy.


*italics= Anna

1. What inspired you to start a personal styling business?

I’ve always been aware of the demand for one-on-one styling, but I really woke up to the need when I became a bride last year! There are so many events throughout the engagement period when women need assistance; such as engagement parties, e-sessions {engagement photos}, bridal showers, bridesmaids dresses, grooms’ attire and not to forget your wedding gown… just to name a few! I remember times that I was so exhausted, the last thing I had the energy to think about was… “what am I going to wear for engagement photos” OR “how do I want to pose for engagement photos?” There just aren’t enough hours in the day. At times, the planning becomes overwhelming and that’s where I step in to take some of the pressure off. Ring Ring Ring “Hi, I need to make an appointment with Tulip Louise please!” Done.

Once I started styling brides, word of mouth spread and I expanded the scope of my business to helping all women. So often, clients ask that I rework their closets to gear them up for the upcoming season and this is how it works - once we schedule a convenient time, we meet to discuss their specific needs {work apparel, packing assistance, casual outfit building, first date, etc.}… then I get to work! The beauty of this is that we are working with what is already in the closet, yet bringing new life to the items!!

2. Who are your favorite designers?

Oscar de la Renta = dreamy.

3. Favorite stores/places you like to shop? (Both locally and otherwise)

TJ Maxx and Neiman Marcus.

4. What are some staple items that every girl needs in her closet?

Dark denim, classic black pumps, black pencil skirt, neutral heels, black fitted blazer, some sparkle.

5. How would you describe your own personal style?

Romantic chic? I’m all about dresses and wide skirts, with the focus on the waistline, feminine blouses, tailored jackets and blazers, shirts and obvious classics such as denim and T-shirts.

6. What trends are you loving this fall?

1. layered leather bracelets
2. antique lace, especially in daring winter white
3. stacked wedges
4. zippered driving gloves
5. ‘80s color block
6. tight leather pants
7. sequins
8. thigh-highs
9. leopard {consider it a neutral}
10. thick strappy camel heels + tights

7. Building a wardrobe can sometimes be an expensive and daunting task. What advice would you have for young women just starting to build their wardrobes?

-Start with the basics {refer to Q4} and keep it simple, with a dash of fabulous. Two pros to this method: a. not going to break the bank b. not going to look like you’re trying too hard.

-Never pick something you’re not comfortable in. Only buy what you absolutely adore or it will hang in your wardrobe f-o-r-e-v-e-r. {questionable? sleep on it!}.

-Build up a few key accessories that are your staples, every day. Soon, you will have a “signature” which is undeniably cool.

-Take the time to research - the few extra minutes it takes to google, you may find a drastically better deal! Trust me.

8. What was the best fashion advice you’ve ever been given?

“Just try it” – mom

"Fashion is nothing permanent and at the end of the day, if it didn’t “work” you’re not committed… so just experiment and have fun!"

9. Who are your personal style icons?

{Now} : Alexa Chung.

{Forever} SJP.

{Always} Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. May seem cliché, but revisit her photos… just brilliant.

10. If you could raid any one woman’s closet, (celebrity or otherwise), who would it be and why?

Jenna Lyons, Ashley Olsen, Jane Aldridge, Alexa Chung.


Thanks again to Anna for holding down the fort here today! I'll actually be blogging from Nashville tomorrow (or at least attempting) so come back for seconds.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Trend Watch Wednesday: {Melted Color}

Kelly Cooper consults with a client at Studio 8 Salon in Fayetteville

My stars, do I have a fabulous Trend Watch Wednesday post lined up for y'all today!

Lately, I've been working with Kelly Cooper, Marketing/Advertising Manager for Maude Boutique, on some post ideas and discovered that she's not only a full fledged fashionista, but a hair guru, as well! Kelly graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Arkansas and, in addition to her duties at Maude, is now a stylist at Studio 8 Salon in Fayetteville, AR.

When I approached Kelly about doing a guest post for A Blonde Ambition, she proposed the topic of melted color, or ombre color in hair trends for fall. A topic like this is definitely best left to the pros, so without further adieu, here's Kelly:


The new trend in hair color.. Melted Color!

Fall is right around the corner, and I've seen a lot of clients lately wondering "Should go dark or richen up for fall?" My suggestion is a little bit of both!
Say bye, bye to summer’s platinum blonde and highlights! This season, it’s all about the natural look with subtle, lowlight-ed colors.

One of Cooper's clients models her handiwork...love!

Celeb example: SJP

We've all seen the sexy locks of Gisele, Carrie Bradshaw and Whitney Port where their natural root shade smoothly transitions into brighter highlights around the face and sun-kissed tips. It's also a wonderful color technique for any lady on a budget these days because you do not have the high maintenance of traditional highlighting.

Cooper's version of the ombre color technique on darker hair...gorgeous!
The ombre technique is also a very easy transition for those who would like to try on a darker shade for fall, but still like to see some lightness around the face. I've done a couple people lately who were not ready for a full-blown root shade, so we kept a little more highlights throughout the top.

Some blonde beauties rock the melted color trend, courtesy of Kelly C. We say, "Tres chic!"
The best part? You have options! We also have clients who experiment with this technique through the use of lighter colored extensions bonded throughout their hair. Whether you have a full head of Socap bonded extensions for additional volume and length, or just a few bonded in for highlights, it is an alternative to the stress lightening puts on your hair. I am in LOVE with this technique!
More About Kelly

Kelly specializes in services ranging from hair color, cutting, styling special event hair, Socap keratin bonded hair extensions, Keratin Complex smoothing treatments, waxing and custom airbrush tanning. Being a stylist is Cooper's lifelong passion, and she is honored to work in such a professional cutting edge salon. 

If you're a resident of Northwest Arkansas, you'd better make your appointment with Miss Cooper NOW. She is currently accepting new clients, so call today for a consultation or appointment, 479-442-2611.

Special Deal

Save your skin some stress with custom airbrush tanning! Your first visit is 1/2 price! Regular price is $30 or save with a package of 5 for $100!

Thanks again, Kelly for stopping by to talk "hair" with us at A Blonde Ambition today!

Come back tomorrow to hear from another stylish NWA resident, who's doing her part to make the world a more trendy place : )

Be blessed, lovelies-