Loraine Long Sleeve Tunic Dress by Planet Blue

Happy Black Friday to all!

If you were brave enough to withstand the madness in stores this morning, I hope you got some great deals. I opted to sleep in and enjoy a delicious breakfast with my mom and brother. Besides, I've never been one to shop under extreme conditions or massive crowds.

I did, however, want to tell you guys about a fun sale the girls at Maude are having today...for every $75 you spend today at Maude, you will receive a free Voluspa candle! Also, Maude is participating in the Super Santa Savings hosted by KNWA. You can buy a gift card for $12.50 and get one for the same value for free! Sound too good to be true? Not so, ladies. Check it out here for more info!

Since I opted to forgo Trend Watch Wednesday this week in honor of Thanksgiving, I decided I would post this today.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm all over the tunic + tights + boots combination for fall/winter. Truly one of the most versatile pieces, the tunic can function as a top, a dress or simply an added layer for a multi-dimensional look.

You can belt it, cinch it and hike it up; wear it with leggings, skinny jeans or nothing at all. It just works.

Though it's certainly not a new trend, I'm loving the tunic styles that have emerged this fall. Obviously sequins and embellishments are reigning supreme in all areas of fashion right now, but we're also seeing a surge of T-shirt and shift style tunics, too.

Striped T-shirt Tunic by Planet Blue

I love the horizontal stripes of this tunic paired with the ripped tights. I would definitely be willing to try this on a weekend...I mean, hello sexy...

Pocket Three Quarter Sleeve Tunic by Planet Blue
Certainly a more daring approach to the tunic, this white cotton version paired with Victorian lace tights and knee-high boots make this look appropriate for the Sunset Strip or a music fest in Austin.

Maui Long Sleeve V-neck Tunic by Planet Blue
One of my favorites of the bunch, you can bet your Sam Edelman slingbacks I'll be ordering up this beauty asap. Maybe as an early b-day present for myself? Hmmmm.....

Posh Dress by Planet Blue

Meet the Posh Dress by Blue Life via Planet Blue. I am the recent proud owner of her and cannot wait to bust her out for a night on the town with the boy.

Same tunic as above, just layered with a funky sweater and scarf. Very nomadic.

What say you about the classic tunic? Are you as in lust as I am?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. if i could please have every.single.one of these incredible pieces, i'd be one happy girl!! i am so happy that my entire winter wardrobe consists of these, boots, tights, and jewelry! yay! xo and i hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Great finds! I'm loving the tunic dresses!

  3. I love the tunic dresses paired with chunky tights and winter boots! I love the last one with the scarf- although in Canada you'd have to be wearing a lot more layers right now it's so cold!

    xo Emily

  4. I LOVE this look with tights and boots. CUTE!!

  5. I love this look! In fact, I scooped up two today for fabulous prices. The Maui Long Sleeve V-neck Tunic is adorable!!

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  7. I really love the first and last ones. Nice pic and good choice to stay away from the stores on Black Friday. When I was out in NYC a few years ago I actually saw Beyonce shopping at Bloomingdales with all the masses, crazy....


  8. I love the tunic :) And you just cost me a FORTUNE by posting these pics because i want them all :)

  9. I love all of the tunics, so comfy and stylish at the same time! Love the lace tights too, very cute!


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