Happy, Happy Birthday (well, not quite yet)

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Welcome back from the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend, girls and guys! I don't think I'm alone in saying I could really get used to 4 day weekends...le sigh...

First, a business item:

We beat LSU.
Take that Tigers.
Time for y'all to "geaux" on home now.
(I love to talk smack after a big win. This will come back to bite me in the rear one of these days.)

Next thing's next, today begins the start of...

Leslie's Birthday Week Extravagazna

I decided long ago when I was but a wee little girl that having only one mere day to celebrate one's birthday was hogwash. So I take a week. Self indulgent? You bet.

This doesn't really mean anything other than that when someone says, "Leslie, can you make sure the hall conference room is set up for the 3:00 meeting?" I can say, "Why actually, no I can't. You see, it's the start of my birthday week and therefore, not my problem." I kid, I kid. I would never pull the "birthday trumps all" card at work. But it's fun to imagine saying that sometimes ; )

Anywho, on Friday, December 3 around 8 a.m. CST, I will be turning 26 years young. In honor of this special day, I'll be taking half the day off work and spending a very exciting and romantical evening with my sweet guy. I'll also be indulging in some calorie-laden treat(s) and possibly a savory glass of vino.

I'm sure we'll also end up dancing on tables, taking shots until the wee hours of the morning and gambling our life savings away at the black jack tables, except not really any of that. I'm the oldest 26 year old you'll ever meet and am usually in bed by 11 on a "wild" night. I'm that cool.

I'll probably also buy some new duds for the closet. Can't have a birthday without a birthday suit(s).
Ok, IF I were a shameless person and posted birthday wishlists on blogs for peeps to see and possibly take note of, these would be items on my list:

Bandolino- Iputon boot in black

Big Buddha- Empire bag in Mustard

Juicy Couture- Multi Strand Pastel Flower

Hazel- Sweater Cardigan in Grey

Voluspa Maison Rouge- Arcadia Petite Diffuser

Personalized Self-inking Stamper from Cambria Cove

Tasty Tartan Apron from Anthropologie

Not that I need material things to make my birthday a success. You guys' kind attention to my little blog every morning is gift enough for me (so humble, gracious and down to earth, I am.) But if you absolutely insist, then by all means, gift away. I wouldn't want anyone's feelings to get hurt.

Come back tomorrow for Surviving the Holidays: {I don't have a topic yet}

It will be riveting. That much you can be sure of.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. hah! you crack me up! happy almost birthday :) there is nothing wrong with celebrating early - have a WONDERFUL time doing it!

  2. Woooooo hoo! The birthday countdown begins! So excited for you, sweet friend. And by the way, I was totally calling the Hogs for y'all on Saturday. There's nothing wrong with a little smack talk when your team is as good as Arkansas :) (I don't have any room to talk this year...thanks, Ole Miss. Maybe next year!) Happy Monday, honey!

  3. Happy Birthday Week! You deserve it. GO HOGS! (I'm going to miss SEC football when we move)

  4. LOVE THE LIST! Happy early birthday my friend :)

  5. haha, i love this post. you're hilar. happy happy happy almost birthday!! i love celebrating brithdays! do you mind if i celebrate it here too in kentucky on behalf of you?! yayy!!! xoxoxo

  6. ps... i have my final presentation in my grad school class tonight so please pray that i won't cry or fall or say a bad word in the middle of it!! :) ahhh, i'm beginning to freak out! can ya tell!?

  7. Such a good list!!! Might add a couple to my christmas list!! Happy Birthday Week!!! Yay!

  8. Those cakes look divine, and I love your b-day wish list. Just posted my Christmas list on my blog!


  9. hope you get some of the things on your b day wish list. i'm all for celebrating your b day for a week. might as well!

  10. Happy Happy HAPPY Birth week! A day is truly not enough; I agree!

    And as for surviving the holidays, have you done hostess gifts yet? I need ideas! So yeah, that's being selfish. I have missed some of your posts (head hung in shame) so I'll go see if you've already posted some fabulous ideas that I've missed b/c I need some! I'm thinking one of those Williams Sonoma soap/lotion caddy things b/c they're nice and useful.. but yeah.. ideas welcome. OR... gifts for the whole frustratingly complicated "under $10/$15" work exchanges. *sigh* That is SO hard to find something for the santa exchange at work and parties where you really don't know people that well and the gift isn't necessarily supposed to be funny. I usually end up getting a candle or two. It is what it is.

    Sorry about my rambling..haha!

    Enjoy the start of your fabulous birth week!! XOXO!

  11. Today is my little brother's 20th birthday! What a great kick-off to YOUR birthday week, right? Riiight.

    And girl, I am for sure, by far, the oldest 26 year old. :)

  12. Happy birth week, girl!! Have fun living it up! :)

  13. Hahaha love how your in bed by 11 on a wile night. Happy Birthday week!

  14. Well I hope you have a fabulous week leading up to your Birthday!!

  15. Congrats to your hogs. That was a heckuva game. What a way to start your bday week!! Have a great time celebrating!

  16. How fun! I do the Birthday Week thing too! Why just celebrate one day when you can celebrate a whole week?! :)

  17. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I'm with you on taking the whole week!


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