Highlights, Halloween and Everything In-Between

Hellooooo there, friends. Glad to see you back here on this glorious day. First, a positive: It's now the beginning of November, so my Surviving the Holidays post series can resume once again...(please, try to contain your excitement.) More on that extravaganza later...

Now for a negative: Welp, it's Monday...boo and hiss.

But back to the positive!

Yes, I will be doing my infamous Surviving the Holidays post series again this year and, frankly ya'll, I'm stoked. If you're a new reader this year, (which according to my site meter thingy, like 550 of you are), let me tell you what STH is all about. Or "ab-oot", if you're Canadian : )

From now until New Year's Day, I'll do a post once a week on everything holiday-related. We'll cover riveting topics like "How to make a homemade pie crust if you usually buy one from Pillsbury like me" and "How to avoid gaining 30 pounds when indulging in foods like pumpkin pie and candied yams", which I'll probably let the Muscle Maniac handle.

Oh it's exciting, let me tell YOU.

I think since Wednesdays are reserved for Trend Watching (TWW fans, holla!), then I'll pick Tuesday for Surviving the Holidays. That way the other three days of my blogging week with be completely random/most likely fashion-related, to keep you all from going into holiday overload.

Moving on...

I got my hair done Friday. Highlights, per usual. See exhibit A, below.

Last night, the BF and I made delicious chili and hot dogs (YUMMMM!) and watched the Ghost Hunters Live Halloween episode on SyFy. I had not ONE single trick-or-treater, which is kind of the norm at my apartment complex, since the majority of the tenants are 20-something, corporate up-and-comers.

Guess I'll have to eat all that left over trick-or-treat candy by myself : )

I won't feel too bad indulging in a little candy this week, because I've been hightailing it to the gym practically every day lately. Yesterday, I worked out for over an hour with MM in a super-intense cardio sesh and man, am I feeling the burn today! My rear and backs of my thighs are a little sore today, so I guess that means it was a successful workout, huh?

Alrighty, well I'm off to do some real work now. At my real job. Sigh...

Have a terrific, (or at least bearable), Monday!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Loving the hair! :) Also loving the surviving the holidays posts! Bring em on! I love your tips and remember getting some good hostess gift ideas last year! :)

  2. I'm a new follower and I am so excited to read about your STH series!
    And the new hair is SO cute!

  3. woooo holidays! i am actually 85% DONE with my christmas shopping..i am so excited you have no idea..i am owning the holidays this year

  4. That pic of the pumpkins in the back of the truck is so awesome... love the teal and orange together.

    And your hair looks fabulous my friend!!!
    Happy Monday!

  5. I love your hair. Really looking forward to the Surviving the Holidays series. Have a good Monday!

  6. Yay!! I love this season - it's probably my favorite time of the year!! Can't wait to see your tips!! I'm itching to start shopping but my in laws wont give me their lists & they are most of the people I have to buy for! I have my list of people (imagine that!) & nothing by their names! Hope your Monday is going well!! Hope to see you this weekend!!!!

  7. Your hair looks awesome! I'm getting mine done on Thursday (super excited... been too long)! I can't wait for the STH series! Holiday time is my FAVORITE time!

  8. I love the truck/pumpkin picture. Unfortunately there's not really many trick-or-treaters around here anymore either.

  9. Good job on getting to the gym daily! We only got about 8 trick or treaters! I'll be eating a lot of left over candy too.

  10. SO excited for your new series. I cant wait! LOVE your hair also! Gorgeous!

  11. Looking forward to Surviving the Holidays. I think I could use some friendly tips. Love your hair, Miss!

  12. I can't believe it's November!!! The major holidays are full steam ahead!!

  13. we had A trick or treater, which barely even counts!!! ha! i'm slowly eating away at all the extra candy! whoops!


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