Surviving the Holidays: {I'm an OCD Wrapper}

Mornin', beauties. How is everyone in blogland today?

I'm just peachy, sitting here sipping on my coffee and type-type-typing away on blog posts for the rest of this week. I'm excited to be leaving for a mini vacay on Thursday to Nashville, but there's always SO much that has to get done before going out of town.

Luckily, I have some fabulous guest bloggers coming at you tomorrow and Thursday. I'm especially excited about tomorrow's guest writer, Miss Kelly Cooper, a fellow Northwest Arkansan and mega-talented hairdresser. She's going to be talking about hair coloring trends for fall and OH MY JOSH (intentional "josh"...story forthcoming) I've seen the pics of her work and she is brilliant. Lurve her.

Mkay, so I have a confession to make...I, Leslie, am an OCD Wrapper.

Not like Big Pun or Tupac (R.I.P.), but a gift wrapper.

It's a sickness and I should probably get help. But I probably won't. I'm way to attached to my double sided tape, gross grain ribbon, tissue paper and various paper cutting devices to ever seek professional help. And besides, should my career in marketing ever fall through, I could totally get a job in Gift Wrap at the local mall.

Gold Gauze Wrapping Paper, $10 from Urban Outfitters

I take pride in carefully measuring the width/height of the item to be wrapped, cutting the paper in one smooth movement, hiding the tape beneath the paper creases so the gift looks like it's magically held together and making each of my homemade bows with tender loving care.

Gift me some two-sided tape and a roll of paper. I'll give you art.

Anywho, this year I have yet to begin my shopping. However, I have already bought several wrapping supplies. Putting the cart before the horse? Meh.

via Country Living

I love, love, love this wrapping look. It's a shirt folded and tied over a box and adorned with a brooch. Talk about expensive gift wrap....but isn't it presh?

via Country Living

For those with very little time, just box it up. Tie some ribbon and doo dads on said boxes and people will think you spent hours, (or at least more than 2 minutes), wrapping their stuff.

via Country Living
This ain't wrapping, this is high art. Don't ask me how to do this, I just thought it looked neat.

Lamali Gold Polka Dot Paper on Turquoise, $8 and Lamali Gold Metallic Stripe Paper on Turquoise, $8

I love robin's egg blue and gold during Christmas as a fun alternative to red/green. Either of these papers would be beautiful underneath any holiday tree.

Lace Paper, Circle, $11.95 and Lamali Gold Polka Dot Paper on Natural, $8

Boxes: For all the stuff that can't be wrapped neatly.

Custom Made Moroccan Boxes, $6 and Luxury Gift Box, $3

I love little knick knacky things tied onto gifts. They're like little charms that just scream, "You know you wish this gift was yours!"

Curiosities Gift Embellishments from Urban Outfitters, $24.95

Pearl Gray Flower Attachment, $6

Am I the only OCD gift wrapper out there? Are there others living in silence?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. gorgeous!! i've never wanted to spend so much money on wrapping paper in my life!

    and yes, i am TOTALLY an OCD gift wrapper - i worked at Pottery Barn Kids for a year, and learned how to wrap presents so well, that i was deemed the official gift-wrapper. hah!

  2. Carolina City Girl- If we lived closer, we could totally have a gift wrapping party : ) Merry Tuesday, lovely lady!

  3. I'm always wanted to be an OCD gift wrapper. I love it, but it never works out that way in the end. Such pretty ideas!

  4. Nashville - HOW FUN! Enjoy it for me. It's only 2 hours away but it's been ages since I've been there to truly enjoy the city. If you get a chance and like Mexican/Cajun food hit up MoJo's in the city it's SO tasty.

    I wish I was an OCD wrapper - usually by the time I get to wrapping I'm so frazzled from the season I don't give the package it's due. Maybe this year I will change that... try to ZEN myself for the season and make it happen.

    Have a safe and fun trip!!! ox

  5. My name is Amy and I am an OCD wrapper.
    whew - that feels good to get off my chest! There are few things I heart more in this world than pretty packages and bows!! In my next house (or in my next life - ha!) I will totally have a "gift-wrapping-room" instead of cramming all of my paper, boxes, ribbons, and bows in the closet. There is no better compliment than when someone says, "it's too pretty to open!" ;0)
    Have a GREAT time in N'ville!!!!

  6. That country living craft paper wrapping is my favorite. LOVE LOVE!

  7. This post just makes me feel merry and happy! I adore the cute Christmas wrapping knick-knacks from Urban ...like WOAH! Cute alert!

    Thanks for spreading some Christmas cheer in the middle of my week! Enjoy your out-of-town trip!

  8. I have to confess, I am horrible at wrapping! (Rapping too...)

  9. Leslie honey you are too cute! I wish I had it in me to be an adorable OCD wrapper, but I try to do the best I can. Hope you have a wonderful trip! Make sure to check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven't already!


    Kori xoxo

  10. I was SO hoping you'd post some tips, too! hah! I am a HORRID wrapper...and I even used to work in a retail store where I did a LOT of wrapping during the holidays. *sigh* I try, but I just cant make the ends fold all pretty like together. I did, however, learn to make my own bows last year and felt like doing a victory dance. I have seriously contemplated paying someone to wrap a few key gifts this year b/c I feel like I am THAT BAD with the ends of boxes! ha!

    And um.. sidenote, but Eric is amazing at wrapping. He's very much like you and can make all the patterns line up perfectly, no tape showing, etc.. How did he get blessed with that gene and I didnt?! SHEESH! ha!

  11. I am a total OCD wrapper. I am crazy about wrapping details. That Urban Outfitter set has my heart pounding! Love!

  12. I'm Tracy, I just found your blog, and I WISH I was an OCD wrapper ;) I always try, but then I feel like it just ends up being too ribbony or something. My goal this Xmas: make our presents look the best they can. I'll keep you posted on that one ;) So nice to have found your blog - through - The roaring twenties, mine that is - I adore Jax's blog, too!

  13. Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite things about getting gifts for people. I love using all kinds of different paper and bows!

  14. I wish I was a better gift wrapper. But because I travel from Cali to Maryland every holiday I never have enough time to make all the gifts looks pretty. Perhaps one day I can channel your creative energy!

  15. I am an OCD un-wrapper. I can't stand tearing the paper. The worst part? Everyone else wants to see what you got as much as you do so they either heckle or stare at you like you are wasting their lives.


  16. I'm a wannabe OCD gift wrapper. I try really hard, but still fall a bit short of what I'm trying to achieve. Maybe I'll get it this year.

    I love all the ones you chose-great inspiration!


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