Surviving the Holidays: {Gifting!}

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It's officially the start of holiday season here at A Blonde Ambition and this is your first Surviving the Holidays post of the series! (If I had one of those "applause" prompter signs, I'd totally be lighting it up right now so ya'll could clap.)

I love Thanksgiving. I love Christmas. I love New Year's. But I have a love/hate relationship with getting ready for it all.

Oh now, don't get me wrong, I get so friggin' into decorating and gift-buying and whatnot, but preparing for all the madness always gets me a wee bit stressed out. Does it have that affect on any of you, too?

Anywho, to help myself and hopefully one or two of you out there, I thought we'd tackle the holiday preparations in small bites with this post series, aptly named Surving the Holidays.

Up first....gifting, baby!

I'm a pro at buying things for both myself and other people. But mostly for myself.

However, since it is the season of giving, I try to put my selfish ways aside and focus more on friends/family.
I'm selfless like that.

I did some online browsing yesterday and put together a few collages of stuff I would want if I were buying gifts for me, (*ahem...*cough...hint, hint*) And because some of us have boyfriends, hubbies or kiddos, I threw some stuff in for them, too.

Up first, stuff for the girls!

The Best is Yet to Come print from Eva Juliet, $25; Juicy Couture Pave Bow Wish Ring, $38; Fox Eraser Set from Oh My Cavalier, $6; Cool Jewels ice tray from Spoon Sisters, $9.95; Grey Ruffle Scarf from Terrain, $38; Linnea's Lights Macintosh Apple Candle, $28

Next, a few items for the guy(s) in your life.

Cedar laptop skin from Karvt, $36; Drumstick pencils from Fred Flare, $12; The Man Can from Amazon, $48; Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Personal Training Unit, $144; Gordon Rush- Grayson shoe, $195

And for the little ones...isn't this stuff just presh?

Side Pocket high top slippers from Wooly Baby, $38; Clare doll from Sophie and Lili, $25; Foodie Face Plates from Delight, $13.50; Wooden Trike from Hazelnut Kids, $126; Art Time Easel from Hazelnut, $150; A-Z Alphabet Memory Game, $25

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have boo-koos of gifting posts between now and December 25th, but this is just a little something to get us inspired. Get our palettes going, if you will.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to add some things to my Christmas wishlist.

P.S.- If you REALLY want something awesome for yourself this holiday season, come back here tomorrow for perhaps my favorite giveaway to date....it's a dandy one and frankly, I'm really sort of ticked I have to give it away. But I lurve y'all, so it's yours if you win. It's valuable and ALMOST sold out in stores!!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Such great gift ideas. You have me inspired. THANKS girl! LOVE this series!

  2. Such great gift ideas!
    Definitely bookmarking this for the upcoming months.
    ps. just stumbled upon your blog and i'm LOVING it.

  3. Great ideas! I was just thinking last night that I want to come up with really thoughtful, perfect gifts this year! This helps. I love that cedar MAC cover..wow! I am so excited about your giveaway...see you tomorrow! Kori xoxo

  4. Thank you so much Jacquelyn! Love meeting new blog friends!

  5. I think I'm going to hire you to do all of my shopping this year :)

    Can't wait for the giveaway...you've peaked my interest so I promise I'll be back to check it out tomorrow! Hope your weekend was fabulous, sweet girl!

  6. These are fabulous ideas! And I cant wait to see what the giveaway is(:

  7. The man can is so great! I am ordering one now for a few guys in my life. :)

  8. I love these ideas! I think I'm going to get the easel and alphabet memory game for my little one! :) She'd love those things! I can't wait to find out what you're giving away! And don't forget, I'm posting my super-special giveaway tomorrow, too! YAY!

    <3 ya!

  9. UGGG! I'm terrible at trying to decide what to get people. Thanks for some ideas.

  10. i'm with you about preparing for the holidays - it always causes a bit of stress for me. thanks for the gift ideas!

  11. What a fun blog!! I'm excited to have found you pretty lady!!! :)

  12. Oh I'm so not ready for the holiday madness either! At least my lists (gifting and getting) are almost done. The faux wood laptop skin is really neat!

  13. as of today, i don't have a man to buy for but i guess that means more me stuff? ...oh bittersweet...

  14. I am a new follower, and I am so happy I found your blog at the beginning of your surviving the holidays. I hope you post a few more of your gifting posts, because I love it! Such good taste. I would have to say my favorite is the the print.


  15. I always have the hardest time buying stuff for my uncles and their wives!

  16. These are all fabulous ideas!!! I am smitten with the mac face cover in cedar. It's so warm and cozy looking. I really think that a great scarf goes a long way. I am anxious to get my shopping started this year!

  17. Leslie! OMGOSH! I just stumbled upon your blog (it was fate, I swear) I'm an Arkansas girl as well :) I attend the UofA and I swear I feel like the only girl blogging here. I'm SOOOO GLAD I found you! I had already clicked the follow button then I realized where you were at and I wanted to jump around with a happy dance. I don't know about your but I always feel a connection to someone when they're in the "same place" in such a huge blogging world. Anyway, I can't wait to keep reading updates from your blog and am just so happy again that I ran across your adorable little bloggy! :)


  18. eeeeek, l-o-v-e the cedar laptop skin!

    anna, www.tuliplouise.com


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