Short 'n Sweet

Malene Birger Acacin Sequin V-Neck Tunic Dress via Planet Blue

In case you live under a rock or don't own a calendar, let me remind you...

Today is Friday!

If you want to do a happy dance, don't hold back. Just don't challenge me to a dance-off because I'll probably embarrass you. My moves are sah-weet.

Let's get this shindig started, shall we?

1) In addition to blogging here, (I love to state the obvious), I'm also guest blogging over at Sarah's place, The Strength of Faith, today. She's one of my greatest bloggy friends and was kind enough to ask for my pearls of wisdom on dressing for church! See me here, see me there...you never know where I might pop up next. I'm like Where's Waldo?, only blonde, female and not as good at pulling off horizontal stripes.

2) Let's all give a big, Blonde Ambition welcome to our newest sponsor, Maude Boutique! It's no secret to y'all that this is my favorite local store and has been since I moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2008. Maude offers the trendiest apparel and accessories for super affordable prices, perfect for every fashionista's budget.

My favorite thing about Maude Boutique?  They only have a maximum of 6 pieces per item so you won't have the same dress as every other girl in town. Check and mark.

Stop by and see them on College Ave. in Fayetteville or visit their FB page or website to see the latest merchandise, learn about sales and stay in touch with their fabulous sales associates. Oh, and they're also on Foursquare, so be sure to check in when you stop by!

3) So the title of today's blog article..."Short-n-Sweet". It's probably apparent by now that it wasn't in reference to the length of this post. Newp. I was talking about the aesthetic appeal of the garment known as "party dress".

Girls, it's about that time of year when you'll need at least a couple of reliable options in your closet for last-minute get togethers and holiday soirees.

Dresses from Maude Boutique

You don't have to spend a small fortune, but you do need to look for frocks that fit you perfectly (this may require tailoring) to compliment your best assets.

This year, look for fun details like sequins, lace, fringe, cut-outs, ruching and beading to add some extra zest to the standard LBD. Or LR(ed)D. Or LW(hite)D. You get the picture.

Mink Pink All Tomorrow Parties Dress via Planet Blue

via Maude Boutique

Also, forget long, ground-grazing gowns. It's all about the mini dress this season.

Since the weather is typically cooler from November-February, (unless you live in AR where it's still in the 70s), you can add a cute pair of lace tights or leggings underneath your dress for added warmth and visual interest.

Looking for a way to show some skin without freezing to death? Try a dress with sheer fabric. It's sexy and offers more coverage than you might think.

Left to right: Dress from Maude Boutique, A Little Bit Spesh Dress from Planet Blue

A cropped leather jacket looks ten kinds of adorable when layered atop a sweet dress. This is also a good way to balance out a frilly look and give it some edge.

via Planet Blue

Finally, don't discount skirts during the cooler months either. A cute skirt and coordinating top can be just as dressy and sometimes even more functional than a dress for holiday parties. 

via Planet Blue
I could ramble on and on about how much I heart dressing up during the holidays....but I won't. Instead, I'll leave you with this short and sweet quote from one of my favorite designers, the brilliant John Galliano:

"Women are women, and hurray for that."

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I love short skirts, dresses, etc, but my thighs don't. Lord, do I have some thighs. I might have to do the tights with mine. Happy Friday!

  2. Oh, girl, this is such an awesome post! I'm really excited because I don't usually get dressed up for the holidays, but my best friend's theme for her annual Christmas party this year is "Silver and White." So, I want to be SPARKLY! And classy, of course. :) I'm on the hunt. If you see anything, let me know! :)

    <3 Kim

  3. I love the black dress with the sheer long sleeves! And the one frilly green one I have to have!!

  4. I LOVE MAUDE!!!!!!! It's my favorite :)

    Have a great weekend lovely!

  5. i LOVE skirts and tops this time of year...well...all year, really. but still. jcrew has a super cute sequin mini-skirt that would be perfect for any holiday parties!

  6. I LOVE Maude ... and I love the black lace dress

  7. these are so fab for nye! happppy friday love! im hosting a 100 shopbop giveaway so stop on by!

  8. Ooo Love the cut of the blue dress on the top..and the black ones on the bottom!


  9. I love that planet blue dress. I need a holiday dress...hmmm! :)

  10. I'm totally heading over to their site right now!

  11. I'm totally loving your new sponsor - such great stuff! Thanks again for posting - it turned into a fun conversation on facebook. :)

  12. That blue cut-out dress is SO FUNKIN CUTE. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Congratulations on your new sponsor Leslie! I'm in love with all of the clothes :) Lots of cute dresses! Also adoring that sparkly sequin tunic from Planet Blue. Have a great weekend!

  14. Booooottiful pics!! They make me feel a bit gross though- wish i could feel that picture perfect at this time of the day!!! Thank you for some amazinnnn outfits XXX


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