Eye on Style: {DVF for Home}

Greetings, amigas! Glad y'all could stop by on this Monday morning for a little Blonde Ambition love : ) I always miss you guys after a couple of days away from blogland during the weekends...

So what say you today? Anything exciting or noteworthy happen to anyone out there over the weekend? Engagements, babys, new jobs, new outfits, new highlights, etc.?

Before we start talking about Ms. Furstenburg, a couple items:

-T-minus 3 days until S and I leave for Nashville for the NeedtoBreathe show at the Ryman. Oh yes, it's finally here! Suggested eateries for Nashvegas? I mean, since food IS the most important part of any proper trip...

-I've apparently been on a Christmas music kick this weekend. I suggest all of you go download "Carol of the Bells" by The Bird and the Bee. It's an uber-modern version of the traditional song, put to some lovely musical stylings and whimsical vocals. Get it while it's hot.

-I'm meeting a style client in Fayetteville this afternoon that I'm ten kinds of thrilled to work with...she's wanting an edgy yet feminine look to carry her into 2011. When I asked her who her style muses were, she called out Alexa Chung, Karen Elson and Georgia May Jagger. All extremely different than one another, but so each so undeniably chic. Oh my Lordy, this will be fun (shrieks!)

Elson, Chung and Jagger

Ok, so today I thought we'd feast our eyes upon the beauty that is the home collection of Ms. Diane von Furstenburg.

DVF is putting her signature of bold, colorul prints and geometrical shapes on a stylish new line for the home. What say we about this line? Why tres chic, of course!

Von Furstenburg's word of advice when setting a table? "Never dress down the table. Even if it's just two of you in the kitchen, make it pretty. If you're eating in the bedroom, make a beautiful tray."- DVF as told to House Beautiful online

MirĂ³ Flowers Tray, 12" × 15", $36

Covered Round Casserole in Black Cumin, $100

Just as with her clothing designs, von Furstenburg used lots of color and pattern with her glassware. Sandstone double old-fashioned and highball glasses, shown here in Erewan blue, Avocado green and Amber, $80 for four.

Powerstone dinner plate in Tamarind Yellow, $20

Do coasters get more glamorous than this? I don't think so. (Clockwise from top left: Shadows, Cheetah Spot, Barcelona Mosaic and Sunstripe Coasters, $25 for four.)

Am I the only one who loves the fabulous Ms. Furstenburg a little bit more now? (As if that were even possible...)

P.S.- The winner of the 4Sisters1Closet Follis Handbag Giveaway is Courtney from Ice Cream and Wine! She was lucky #26!
I'm emailing you right now Miss Courtney to get your shipping info! Thanks to everyone who entered...stay tuned for another amazing giveaway in a couple of weeks!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for this. even more excited that it is a GREAT price point! i love love that first tray and know it will be in my home

  2. I say to this Monday... Man I wish it were still the weekend! Ha. But I DID branch out with a new outfit this weekend :)
    I even liked it so much I posted about it, like a good blogger would haha!

    And yes, I think I love Ms. Furstenburg even more now. I must have those coasters and cups!!!

    Hope you have a great Monday love :)

  3. What great finds. I LOVE that tray :)

  4. I adore DVF and her home line is as chic as her. Much luck with your new client!

  5. She is amazing...look at that gorgeous blue and black leopard print plate!!! Don't forget to check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven't already!


    Kori xoxo

  6. I how I wish I was going to Nashville! It's one of my favorite cities. If you want some really amazing eats check out the stockyard. It's pricey but the desserts and steaks are worth every penny! (They also have a free shuttle if you won't have a car.) Have fun!

  7. All Things Cherish- Thanks for the suggestion! We will definitely check it out!

  8. i looove dvf, she is one smart lady! ...sorry i've been mia for awhie, my life is been so wonderful that it's hard to even take the time to share! but i promise to catch you up soon because i sure do miss ya! and bummer that we missed each other in nashville by just like 2 weeks! xoxo my lady and i hope your monday is wonderful!

  9. Oh my gosh! I had no idea DVF was doing things for the home now! How great!

  10. LOVE DVF, her home collection is beautiful! Even the simple black pot!

  11. as far as Nashville goes, try the Blue Bird Cafe! it's bar food, but you get to see some amazing songwriters sing and play while you munch away!
    also, you're right about that song by The Bird and The Bee - i discovered it a few years ago because it was the free song of the week. it's so fun!

  12. I saw a post about you and your bf this weekend! I didn't know you guys met through Kelly's Show Us Your Life! So sweet! You two are adorable together!


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