Confessional Friday: {Link Up}


There are some days when you just need to get some things off your chest. This day is dedicated to doing just that.

Confess away, my dears.

1. I confess that this is the sort of sexy text messages that Stephen and I send each other during the day. Yes, that is a Sonic menu. And yes, we may or may not fantasize about food.  Somewhere inside us lives a fat kid who occasionally rears his chubby little head. 

Alas, we didn’t give in to our junk food urges. We ended up with grilled chicken and green veggies, per usual during the workweek.

But this pre-holiday weekend, it’s on like Lycra on a Jersey Shore cast member.

Ready or not, here I come, trans-fats.

2. I confess that I laughed so hard I was crying nerdy tears, reading @FakeAPStylebook 's tweets. My friend/co-worker Gina shared this little gem with me yesterday afternoon and I laughed my copywriting  derrière off. For any of the writers, teachers or advertising peeps out there, enjoy.

3. I confess that I am obsessed with this adorable top I purchased from Maude last week. Outfit pics of how I styled it coming Monday!

4. I also confess that I can't wait to bust into a bottle of this with the hubs this weekend! I saw some last weekend and it reminded me of one of patio nights with my friends in college. We plan to share a couple glasses on our porch this weekend.

5. I confess that I'm also terrified of opening champagne. Popping corks scares the mess out of me, so I'll have to leave that to my fearless husband.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Zombies Help with Dieting (and Other Helpful Info for your Life)

Today is Thursday. And you know what that means.

(Actually it really doesn’t hold any meaning on this blog. I just wanted to say that for dramatic effect.)

But it probably got your attention, didn’t it? No?

Well then, how about this?





Kidding. Let’s talk nonsense.

1. We invited our friends Leslie and Carter and their sweet new baby over for dinner last night. (I know, doesn’t my neighbor have the most awesome name?) Anywhoodle, I wanted our house to look nice, so I went to Target on Tuesday and bought these cute rattan chargers.

Sidenote: This will probably be the last time we use those in the S household. It will return to the desk/mail-sorting table/place to plop down random stuff by this weekend, I’m sure of it.

2. Belle Boutique just opened their third location recently and tonight, they’re hosting a Grand Opening Party. Stop by at 1406 S Walton Blvd, Ste 6 in Bentonville tonight for cute merchandise and door prizes, including ten $100 gift cards. Please go support sweet Brittney and the other ladies of Belle this evening and tell them Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition sent ya.

3. Well, moving on to a completely unrelated note...zombies! Stephen and I finished watching the first season of The Walking Dead on Tuesday. We weren't really that shocked that we liked it. After all, we are obsessed with True Blood, which is also really classy and not gross in the least.

In other news, those looking for a good diet might try watching The Walking Dead. Pinky promise you won't have an appetite for a good, long while. 

That's all I've got. Enjoy the rest of your day, ladies and gents (if any gents read this blog.)

Be blessed, lovelies-


Frizz No 'Mo

Wednesdays are usually reserved for trend watching, but alas, I was feeling uninspired.

Know what always leaves me inspired though?


Particularly of the non-frizzy variety. A while back, some sweet readers asked my “southern girl” advice on getting smooth locks during the sweltering months. It’s definitely a challenge no matter where you live, but I think the South and coastal areas are a bit more challenging than, let’s say, Ohio.

I say this because I have a family friend in Ohio who told me that it was 78 degrees there yesterday. (She also offered up her basement for the summer, so Tamara, if you’re reading – sign me up!)

It was 104 here with 72% humidity.

(Insert squeals of delight.)

Let’s pause for a brief aside, shall we? I probably haven’t had a decent hair day in …I dunno, a week? You see, my dear co-workers and I haven’t had A/C since last Wednesday in our office. LAST. WEDNESDAY. So our office feels/smells like an Amazonian rainforest mixed with the pleasant scent of a men’s locker room.

So right now, my hair resembles that of a Treasure Troll’s.

I’m sexy and I know it.


Step One

But if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the monster known as Humidity hasn’t reared its ugly head, read on.

I use approximately fifteen different shampoos and conditioners. Right now, I’m loving Pureology’s Hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Last week it was Victoria’s Secret Color Treating stuff. Next week, who knows? Only the good Lord and the cashier at Ulta.

Step Two

So I start with washing and conditioning. Afterward, I spritz it with Pureology’s Perfect4Platinum, which repairs split ends on color treated hair.

Step Three

Next, I use a nickel-sized amount of Chi Silk Infusion serum and brush it out with a detangling comb.

Step Four

I usually opt for a paddle brush or, if I have oodles of time (which never happens) Ill use a round brush.

The most crucial part of this whole process is a good dryer. You’ll want something with ionic technology and something that will get the job done in less time.

My baby and saving grace, the Chi Rocket Professional Dryer. It's not cheap (around $150), but well worth it. The above has a diffuser attached to it, but I don't use a diffuser.

Step Six

This is what my "after-drying" top knot looks like. My actual "top" is from Savoir-Faire : )

Finally, after she’s dry, I pull my hair into a top knot and let it sit for a few hours. I don’t know why this works on me, but it does. After I take the top knot out, it’s really soft and silky.  I never wash my hair in the morning. I always do it the night before because it really helps it lay better when it's had a few hours to "rest" after it has been washed.

Follow up with a curling iron or flat iron, if you so desire.

Be blessed (and frizz-free), lovelies- 


Savoir-Faire Moment: {Leopard Love- Outfit Pics!}

One of my top picks for trendy pieces and “real girl” prices in Northwest Arkansas, Savoir-Faire, frankly speaking, kicks a lot of derriere.

 In 2011, owner and resident cutie-pie Tess Labeth set out to change style in NWA. She wanted to offer a boutique to the community where chicas of all ages and body types could come to buy presh merchandise for great prices. So after a boatload of work and some long hours spent making a business plan, she opened Savoir-Faire.

Each month, I'll be featuring a new look from Savoir-Faire with tips and tricks on how to style it. The first look I chose was a sheer leopard print button-down, a unique sheer high/low top and a gold collar-style statement necklace. 

Both shirts and the gorgeous necklace were generously gifted by Savoir-Faire.

The sheen of this statement piece is stunning...both in photos and in person! 
My denim shorts (seen above...on me...duh) came from a secondhand store, but Savoir-Faire carries them, too! This photo was the primary reason I Mystic Tanned before this : )

I paired the nude sheer top with my daisy dukes and added the necklace for a pop of sheen at the top. 

It's really cute un-tucked, as well. 

My personal favorite part about this incredible little gem is the personal attention you get from the second your tootsies grace the doorway. Tess can often be seen milling around Savoir, helping customers find the perfect “thing” to complete their wardrobe.

Savoir-Faire also offers exquisite attention to detail. From the doorknob hanger hooks in the dressing rooms to the famous striped tissue paper that adorns the shopping bags, Tess really thought through every detail of her shopper’s experience.

Next, I added the leopard print button-down. And then Ari jumped into the photo shoot. 

All pieces featured here are available for purchase at her store or by visiting Savoir-Faire's Facebook page and creating a shopping account! This option is perfect for those wanting the SF experience that live outside of Arkansas.


Visit Tess at Savoir-Faire today and tell her that Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition sent ya.

P.S.- A BIG Blonde Ambition-sized thank you to my very patient and cooperative husband for taking these pics. He is forced to do this quite often and is such a trooper, never complaining. Thanks love!

Be blessed, lovelies- 


Things That Make You Go "Hmmmm"

You know those times in life when you see or hear something and go, "What the...?" This post is dedicated to those.

1. This outfit Jen sported a couple of weeks ago. Granted, mama still looks hot underneath all that stuff, but still a strange choice.

2. When Teresa Guidice told Jacqueline that she and her brother Joe were going to try "physical therapy" to heal the rift in their relationship.

3. Seeing 102 on the outside thermometer yesterday at 6:30 p.m. That'll really get'cha pumped for summer and the oh-so-pleasant temps it brings to the South.

4. Watching a man drive his boat nearly full force into the dock near J.J.'s - a restaurant near the marina where we park our boat. Who knows? Maybe he was feeling a little Die Hard yesterday and just decided to go with it.

5. Watching The Walking Dead on Netflix and actually liking it. This makes me question our judgment in fine television and, possibly, our maturity level.

6. Spending three hours on the lake yesterday and walking away without a sunburn. Could it be? Could this Irish skin possibly have achieved a base level tan PRIOR to August this summer?

That's about all I've got for today. 

Tomorrow's forecast includes my first outfit post (and PICS!) as one of Savoir-Faire's fashion bloggers! The generous and beautiful (and newly engaged) Tess will be clothing me in stylish threads each month and I'll show you chicas how to style them! 

Be happy, be air conditioned, and most of all...

Be blessed, lovelies-


Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}


First confession…I’m listening to “Sail Away” by Styx as I type this. (For those of you awesome enough to be familiar with this oldie-but-goodie band, I salute you.)

Alright, alright…let’s get to it, y’all.

1. I confess that I wore a pencil as a hair accessory yesterday. You see, our office A/C is perpetually not working. Made the tragic mistake of not bringing a hair tie to work yesterday. Sticky back of neck + no hair tie= GROSS. So I did what any resourceful working woman does…utilized my office supplies to create a sexy hair ‘do.

2. I confess that I looked in the mirror yesterday afternoon and almost died at the uncontrollable-ness of my eyebrows. (Don’t worry, I made an appointment with my tweezers last night and nipped that little problem in the bud.)

3. I confess that I send my husband photos of random cute animals on Pinterest every morning. I don’t remember how exactly this got started, but the tradition has held strongly. (And yes, he’s a good sport. He pretends to be excited, which makes me endlessly happy. Thanks for that, babe.)

4. I confess that my office is participating in a track and field day to raise money for a local non-profit this afternoon. Did I mention the expected high temp is 97? I know it’s for a good cause, but I’d rather just write a check and call it good-ski. Have I ever told y’all how hilarious it is to watch me attempt any type of sporting event? Yeah…

5. I confess that I’m shamefully addicted to this new app called Trivi.al that a new, local company in Fayetteville just launched! It’s a trivia based game where you can pick your opponent. Look me up and we’ll play! Name is Leslie. (Don’t ask me how I managed to get my first name-only as my username. I suppose I signed up early!)

Be blessed, lovelies-


And Leslie was Her Name-Oh

What’s in a name? (Other than consonants and vowels, that is.) 

I actually really like my name, Leslie Paige. It’s not too common, which is nice. It’s also feminine and classic enough to still be relevant when I’m older. More than anything, I appreciate my mom’s subdued approach to choosing a name. Nothing crazy.

No Blue Ivy or Maxwell Whatever. 

Or Morrocan and Monroe.(Cough, cough...Mariah...cough.)

It’s not just movie stars naming their children weird stuff anymore, though. I’ve heard so many ‘real life’ couples coming up with the strangest names lately. It’s almost like expectant parents try to outwit each other through the name game.


“Hmmmm, honey. What can we possibly name our beautiful baby girl that will really be a head-turner?”

“Well, I really liked Sarah or Hannah, but those are far too normal-sounding. I think if we want to make an impact, we're going to have to go big or go home. I’m leaning toward Rainbow Bright.”


Stephen and I were watching the Arkansas Razorback vs. South Carolina baseball game the other night and heard of a player named Joey Pankake. For real. And yes, it's pronounced just like the breakfast food.

Now as much as I love those airy little circles of batter (no pun intended, but get the baseball reference...batter...), I’m not sure I’d appreciate it as my last name. But, I suppose he couldn’t help that.

My grandmother had an aunt named Bertha. And there is a co-worker of mine whose grandmother’s name was Dorcas. I’ve heard a TON of expectant parents reverting back to olden day names for their soon-to-be kiddos, some of which are really beautiful, and some...well...not so much. 

I once dated a guy whose last name was…how do I say this nicely? REALLY ATROCIOUS. I always wondered what the heck I’d do if we got married. But that didn’t happen (by the grace of God) and then I met Stephen and thankfully, he has a lovely last name.

I’ve also seen chronic misspellings of names lately, too. Again, it’s as if parents want to one-up each other. For instance, let’s take my name – Leslie.

27 years ago, you’d probably spell it L-E-S-L-I-E or L-E-S-L-E-Y.

But now, it might look a little something like this: L-E-S-S-L-E-I-G-H

Because we can’t have a nice, normal spelling in this new millennium, now can we? I have a friend that’s a teacher and this name spelling issue is the bain of her existence at the start of each new school year. It takes her a month to learn how to pronounce some of the craziness that graces her classroom roster.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post, but I’ve been thinking about poor Joey Pankake these past few days and needed to put pen to paper.

Or cursor to screen.

What’s the worst/craziest name you’ve heard of recently? Ready…and…go!

P.S.- Speaking of names, we have the name of a winner for the FB giveaway! Her name is Baili M. and she won the Spike the Punch necklace set! Baili - just shoot me an email at askblondeambition{at}gmail{dot}com and include your shipping address!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Trend Watch Wednesday: {Nautically Yours}

I feel like this week's posts have been so stinkin' lengthy. Apparently, I've been feeling long-winded. Anywhoodle, today's post is a nod to the nautical.

Whether you're taking to the high seas or Beaver Lake (that would be S and me), any of these should suit your fancy.

Adorbs, right? Here.

Too presh for words. Here.

I've never cared much for wearing starfish...until now. 'Ello, lovely!

Get on my ears, why don't ya?!

(Sand) dollar make ya holler!

It's a rope. For your wrist. Here.

That's it. All she wrote. 

Or all I wrote. 

Be blessed, lovelies-


The "To Do"s Before the "I Do"s: {Part II}

I was thrilled that y’all enjoyed the wedding “to do” post last week. Let’s talk about colors, flowers and bridesmaid dresses!


The colors you choose for your wedding should be feminine yet with a masculine edge. It should be chosen by both the bride and the groom and should be carried throughout the entire wedding, from the ceremony to the reception venue.

I wanted a soft, muted color palette for our wedding. I knew I didn’t want anything garish or colors that would keep the natural beauty of our venues from coming through.

I’ve always thought that cream and slate gray look beautiful together, so that was a done deal. I threw in blush/nude pink tones as a complimentary hue and to add a feminine touch.

We tied the gray into the rose-spread table cloth for the cake room. And yes...we had a cake room : )

My only advice for choosing a color palette is to ask yourself: “Is my color palette seasonal or non-specific to a certain time of year?” For instance, a lot of people that get married in fall use burnt oranges and reds. I didn’t want our wedding to look so quintessentially fall (although I do think that can look really pretty), so we went with a non-specific palette. Make sense?

Either way is totally fine, just decide if you want it to echo the time of year of your wedding…or not.



I loved hydrangeas and our florist, Lisa Bobell, knew exactly which variety would look best in a cream/ivory shade.

I really didn’t know what I wanted for my bouquet, but I’ve always loved flowers with a plush feel and round shape. She steered me toward English Garden roses, which look like a hybrid between a standard rose and a peony.

The bridesmaids carried hydrangeas in ivory.

She threw in a few peonies, as well, just to mix up the textures. The end result was stunning.

When choosing flowers, consider:
What is “in season” when our wedding rolls around?
Will these flowers put off a scent? If so, am I okay with that?
Are these flowers hearty or temperamental?

We focused primarily on the English Garden roses, brought the ivory hydrangeas in with the table arrangements and the bridesmaid and mothers' bouquets and tied in a few peonies for an unexpected texture. 

Lisa also suggested Lily of the Valley as our filler element. A filler element is what florists use to break up the look of an arrangement. Lilly of the Valley is commonly used in royal weddings, as well as Southern weddings, so I knew I wanted it in ours.



I wanted the dresses for the girls to be pale pink, since it’s pretty universally flattering. I knew I wanted a tea-length dress and an A-line cut, since it’s one of the most complimentary to a woman’s shape.

I thought the end result was beautiful.

One idea that I love is to do all different styles of dresses, but keep them in the same color. I think that can look so pretty!

Questions to consider:
Will each girl feel comfortable in this?
What size are my bridesmaids? What body shape do my bridesmaids have?
What color will flatter all of the girls?


As far as shoes, I went online to Piperlime and found a shoe in a nude color with a heel that would go nicely with the girls' dress style. 

Next week, we’ll go over bridal hair and make-up, food and music!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Men are from Home Depot. Women are from Sephora.

Or Mars and Venus. Whatevs.

Every single day, without fail, I find myself mystified at the differences between guys and gals. Last weekend, S and I were sitting on the couch watching three various sporting events on TV. (Okay, he was watching sports. I was Pinterest-ing.)

He flipped between all three channels, (ABC, NBC and ESPN), making sure to avoid commercials. It was an impressive exercise, his flipping between channels with the precision of an air traffic controller. He landed on NBC just in time to catch Tiger’s Par 4 and skipped gracefully over to ESPN just as the ninth inning of the Hogs/Kent State game concluded.

My head was spinning.

“How in the world can you keep all three of those games straight? Is that even fun?”

He paused and a pensive look spread across his face, “Well, how do you keep up with fifteen different Twitter conversations while you answer emails?”

Touche, Mr. S...touche.


Here are a few of the things that have happened recently, which lead me to believe that men really are from Mars:

1. I like the covers neatly tucked in around my legs and feet. Never fails, I can ever-so-carefully arrange the sheets and covers right before we get into bed and he will immediately throw them off and stick his feet out the bottom so they can “breathe”.

Apparently this sort of need to let one’s feet breathe is common among male species.

2. I have a plethora of different shampoos, soaps, conditioners, facial cleansers and exfoliating scrubs in our shower. He has a bottle of shower gel and a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner.

3. When asked how his day went, he replies “fine” and I know it was a perfectly pleasant day.

When asked how my day went, I reply “fine” and he knows something catastrophic happened.

4. He dislikes humidity because it makes the grass clump together, yielding a messy lawn-mowing experience.

I dislike humidity because it turns my hair into a hot mess.

5. He works out so he can eat 10,000 calories in one sitting. I work out so I can fit into my skinny jeans.

6. I make my meal decisions based on how “good” I’ve been all week. He makes his meal decisions based on what contains the most cheese.

7. To me, the most important part of our wedding reception was the décor. To him, the varieties of beer that would be served.

8. His current “wishlist” item on Amazon is a meat smoker. My current “wishlist” item on Amazon is a rose-gold Michael Kors watch.

9. I think seersucker on a man is dapper. He wouldn’t be caught dead in the stuff.

10. He wanted to host Thanksgiving at our house last year to try out the new turkey fryer. I wanted to host Thanksgiving at our house last year to show off the cornucopia I had constructed from wine corks via Pinterest.


But oh, how I love our distinct differences.

-He calms me down when situations seem like the end of the world.

-He makes me laugh, often at myself. He has definitely taught me to take things less seriously.

-He makes me feel really pretty every day. 

-He encourages me to let loose and eat trans fats and starches and sugar.

-He watches all the Real Housewives shows with me, just so we can spend quality time together.

-He lets me have my ugly cry now and then and doesn’t ask any questions.

-He understands that I will never like my Kindle as much as I like having smelly old books.

-He understands that at some point, as much as I love our German Shepard, I am going to need a lap dog at some point.

-He’s totally cool with my clothes and shoes making up 80% of our master closet.


 So wherever they're from, let's celebrate them - the men in our lives. For their stinky gym clothes and their big hearts.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

Friday is upon us once again, ladies. Let's confess, shall we?

1) I confess that I seriously love each and every one of the amazing local merchants with which I'm blessed to get to work. So many of them have been extraordinarily supportive of this little blog. There are so many exciting things coming down the pipe, including a special Shop Local post series I'll be doing. Shopping locally is one of the finest ways to give back to your community, so get on it girls!

2) I confess that I'm beside myself for NCAA football season! It's coming, y'all. Can you feel it?! Gooooooo Hogs and Woo Pig Sooie!

3) I confess that I've found myself on Team Chloe on Dance Moms lately. Not embarrassed about that, so much as I'm embarrassed that I'm taking sides in a competition between two nine-year-old girls. #NeedToFindANewHobby

4) I confess that I made a pact with myself last weekend that each week, Monday through Friday, I'd only eat healthy food. Know what tomorrow is? Saturday. And I'll be treating myself to a gigantic piece of cheesecake (or five) from Fred's Hickory Inn in Bentonville.

5) I confess that when I changed into my jammies last night, I found half of a Cheeze-It stuck in my bra. How it got there, I'll never know. Heavens to Brenda.

Now, your turn.

Y'all do me a favor and have yourselves a great weekend, m'kay?

Be blessed, lovelies-