Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}


First confession…I’m listening to “Sail Away” by Styx as I type this. (For those of you awesome enough to be familiar with this oldie-but-goodie band, I salute you.)

Alright, alright…let’s get to it, y’all.

1. I confess that I wore a pencil as a hair accessory yesterday. You see, our office A/C is perpetually not working. Made the tragic mistake of not bringing a hair tie to work yesterday. Sticky back of neck + no hair tie= GROSS. So I did what any resourceful working woman does…utilized my office supplies to create a sexy hair ‘do.

2. I confess that I looked in the mirror yesterday afternoon and almost died at the uncontrollable-ness of my eyebrows. (Don’t worry, I made an appointment with my tweezers last night and nipped that little problem in the bud.)

3. I confess that I send my husband photos of random cute animals on Pinterest every morning. I don’t remember how exactly this got started, but the tradition has held strongly. (And yes, he’s a good sport. He pretends to be excited, which makes me endlessly happy. Thanks for that, babe.)

4. I confess that my office is participating in a track and field day to raise money for a local non-profit this afternoon. Did I mention the expected high temp is 97? I know it’s for a good cause, but I’d rather just write a check and call it good-ski. Have I ever told y’all how hilarious it is to watch me attempt any type of sporting event? Yeah…

5. I confess that I’m shamefully addicted to this new app called Trivi.al that a new, local company in Fayetteville just launched! It’s a trivia based game where you can pick your opponent. Look me up and we’ll play! Name is Leslie. (Don’t ask me how I managed to get my first name-only as my username. I suppose I signed up early!)

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I am constantly forgetting hair ties and having to use pencils for 'modified' french twists of sorts while at work! And I have to confess- I send my hubby pics of animals too - I like the Pinterest ones with the funny captions on them:) And I am DYING over your eyebrow confession! Too funny. I pluck mine too, but my eyebrows are so blonde, sometimes I miss the little strays!

  2. Love me some Styx! Bout to link up! :)

  3. Haha! My fiance and I send each other pics of animals all the time! :)

  4. Your hair looks fab. When mine was longer and years ago I would do that at work because I was ALWAYS forgetting my hairties. Now, I keep a stash of that, tampons and a few other items in my desk drawers at all times. The pencil looks great though, well done.

    P.S. I will now be singing "come sail away" all afternoon. :)

  5. amazing song!!! haven't heard that in forever. and I wish my hair was thick enough to stay like that with a pencil!


  6. What a jam!

    And you were rocking that pencil, girl!

  7. haha, I'm so ready to get this game over with tonight too...I love all my SEC teams, but we just CAN'T lose to your Hogs again. The first loss was just devastating...not to mention that terrible one during football season :)

    Love love love your blog!!

  8. I would hate having the A/C out! YUCK! Way to be resourceful, using your office supplies to make a fashion statement... ;)
    Have a lovely weekend, Leslie!

  9. Wow! You're hair looks awesome. I need to start styling with a pen ;)

  10. That eyebrow tragedy has happened too many times than I should admit. I swear they grow out of nowhere!

  11. Love it!

    visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    Have a great weekend! xo

  12. Ohhh Trivi.al is RAD! Thanks for the update! I got my first name too, ame!

    Well, I had to change it to that, bec I missed the line USERNAME and put what I thought would be a password lol

  13. Your pencil hair do looks better than my everyday do!


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