Men are from Home Depot. Women are from Sephora.

Or Mars and Venus. Whatevs.

Every single day, without fail, I find myself mystified at the differences between guys and gals. Last weekend, S and I were sitting on the couch watching three various sporting events on TV. (Okay, he was watching sports. I was Pinterest-ing.)

He flipped between all three channels, (ABC, NBC and ESPN), making sure to avoid commercials. It was an impressive exercise, his flipping between channels with the precision of an air traffic controller. He landed on NBC just in time to catch Tiger’s Par 4 and skipped gracefully over to ESPN just as the ninth inning of the Hogs/Kent State game concluded.

My head was spinning.

“How in the world can you keep all three of those games straight? Is that even fun?”

He paused and a pensive look spread across his face, “Well, how do you keep up with fifteen different Twitter conversations while you answer emails?”

Touche, Mr. S...touche.


Here are a few of the things that have happened recently, which lead me to believe that men really are from Mars:

1. I like the covers neatly tucked in around my legs and feet. Never fails, I can ever-so-carefully arrange the sheets and covers right before we get into bed and he will immediately throw them off and stick his feet out the bottom so they can “breathe”.

Apparently this sort of need to let one’s feet breathe is common among male species.

2. I have a plethora of different shampoos, soaps, conditioners, facial cleansers and exfoliating scrubs in our shower. He has a bottle of shower gel and a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner.

3. When asked how his day went, he replies “fine” and I know it was a perfectly pleasant day.

When asked how my day went, I reply “fine” and he knows something catastrophic happened.

4. He dislikes humidity because it makes the grass clump together, yielding a messy lawn-mowing experience.

I dislike humidity because it turns my hair into a hot mess.

5. He works out so he can eat 10,000 calories in one sitting. I work out so I can fit into my skinny jeans.

6. I make my meal decisions based on how “good” I’ve been all week. He makes his meal decisions based on what contains the most cheese.

7. To me, the most important part of our wedding reception was the d├ęcor. To him, the varieties of beer that would be served.

8. His current “wishlist” item on Amazon is a meat smoker. My current “wishlist” item on Amazon is a rose-gold Michael Kors watch.

9. I think seersucker on a man is dapper. He wouldn’t be caught dead in the stuff.

10. He wanted to host Thanksgiving at our house last year to try out the new turkey fryer. I wanted to host Thanksgiving at our house last year to show off the cornucopia I had constructed from wine corks via Pinterest.


But oh, how I love our distinct differences.

-He calms me down when situations seem like the end of the world.

-He makes me laugh, often at myself. He has definitely taught me to take things less seriously.

-He makes me feel really pretty every day. 

-He encourages me to let loose and eat trans fats and starches and sugar.

-He watches all the Real Housewives shows with me, just so we can spend quality time together.

-He lets me have my ugly cry now and then and doesn’t ask any questions.

-He understands that I will never like my Kindle as much as I like having smelly old books.

-He understands that at some point, as much as I love our German Shepard, I am going to need a lap dog at some point.

-He’s totally cool with my clothes and shoes making up 80% of our master closet.


 So wherever they're from, let's celebrate them - the men in our lives. For their stinky gym clothes and their big hearts.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Well said and perfectly on point! I thought it was just my man that was like this glad to see all are born on Mars:)

  2. This is such a cute post, and the first half is too funny!. The differences are what make me love my fiance :)


  3. this post is great! i often wonder how my hubby can flip through channels {or even the on-screen guide} so quickly...i'm like, how did you even see what was on!

  4. CRACKING me up!

    Yes, amen to massive differences between us and our manfriends. The things they do and say amazes me! So simple and straightforward.

    And a big heck yes to the "fine" comment. To get a "fine" after asking Adam how his day went would be like he had the best day ever. If I say "fine", I'm PMSing, grumpy, and need ice cream STAT!


  5. This is fantastic. My best friend, a guy who has 3 brothers, had to shower in my shower last week...he didn't know what to do with my 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioners...

    What is shower gel??

  6. that is so adorable. what a great post !

    Alexandra Maris

  7. I love this list and it's SO true. I have to say though. I'm siding with S on the Seersucker deal... I think it's adorable on little boys and women but I don't want my man wearing it at all.

    Our shower is also taken over by my products where as his little cubby has the shower gel, and the 2 in 1, sometimes it all comes in the same bottle. But frankly, as a lady I don't want to use the same soap on my booty as I do for my hair? Am I wrong?

    "Fine" Is totally the perfect example!

  8. Love this!! My fiance has no idea why I need all the products. But I don't get why he needs 527 baseball caps all for the same team. Oh well-- it's the beauty of being different. :)

  9. love this post! I have to let my feet "breathe" sometimes too! haha.

    You are too cute!

  10. I love this post! Totally reminds me of my fiance and I :) Very sweet!

  11. This is awesome. and so very true! I personally like the one about the replies to "how was your day?" it is SO true. I do that all the time and notice it with my husband! Us women are so complex ;)

  12. Such a sweet post! Makes me laugh becaue my husband does the very same "surfing" of channels watching like 3 sporting events and never seeing a commercial. Hilarious.

    Lindsay @

  13. What an adorable post - and SO true! It is those differences that truly balance the relationship out. So glad that people take the time to take note :)

  14. Such a cute post, I love it. :)

  15. This sounds just like the book called Men are Like Waffles,Women are Like Spaghetti. We are so different than men and (usually!) it cracks me up!

  16. You just described my life :).

  17. Love, love this! We are so different but couldn't live without the other! God made us fit perfectly together. ;)

  18. Oh man, I just had this same realization last week! I'm so tired of re-tucking in our sheets and adjusting our comforter just right - just for him to yank it all out. Men are definitely all the same. :)


  19. Awwww... so true! And very cute!
    Lovely post, Leslie!

  20. this is the cutest post... it sounds like s and my hubs are carbon copies. haha

  21. Very well said!! Love the post!

  22. Love this, so so true! I get a headache from all the channel switching and often say "can't you just choose 1 thing to watch?"

  23. Part of why we love 'em so much is because they are different. We have our girlfriends who are more like us and our men who are from mars.

  24. I love this post! Every little bit of it is so true, and I love that you ended with all those sweeties!

  25. What a great post! So true, and such a great thing to remember! Despite our differences the men in our life really are sent there for a reason.

    Have a great week!

  26. best blog post title ever!

    you had me cracking up girl. #3 and #10 were the truest things that have ever been written.

    reminds me how much i love my hubs :)

  27. Oh my gosh men are from mars! i knew it. love your posts there so true makes me laugh everytime!

    Xo; Amanda

  28. I swear you two sound exactly like me and my husband. After every single one of those I thought "omg she is so right". Especially the "fine" response to how your day was haha!

  29. This is so funny/accurate! I literally laughed out loud at the part about smelly old books because my boyfriend recently bought me a kindle and I STILL love going to the used book store to get the real thing.

  30. I love this post! I totally agree with point #1 and for the differences the first two points. Opposites attract!


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